Z mug sighting!

There has been another coffee mug sighting…. in the wild climes of Iowa!

From a reader:

Ave Zedissime pater!  Thought you might be amused to add to your collection this sighting of a "Say the black…" mug standing watch over a slice of homemade blueberry pie.  If blueberries weren’t so healthy, or the snow here less deep, I’m sure this would be a sinful way to break one’s fast.
Really enjoyed the post this morning on your trip to WCC.  As my own alma mater becomes increasingly irrelevant to the Church’s true needs, it is heartening to know that such places not only exist, but are starting up and thriving.  If my bishop ever gave me leave to do so, I would love to teach there for a time, and I have already recommended to high schoolers I know to consider applying there.  What was the subject of your talk, if one may ask?  ["Holy Mass and Western Civilization: our warmth in our winter."  I was given a "thesis" to reflect on from a work by the late John Senior.  I think the talk was recorded and can be found on their site.]
Keep up the good work with your blog and your reforming vision.  You’re in our prayers, and we commend ourselves also to yours.

You can get your mug here.

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  1. Tim Ferguson says:

    mmmm antioxidants and orthodoxy, what a great combo!

  2. Thomas G. says:

    That piece of pie looks pretty good . . . mmmm.

  3. irishgirl says:

    Oooo, that looks good…though perhaps a bit messy.

    I never saw a blueberry pie without a crust over it!

  4. arotron theou says:

    St. Ignatius of Antiox would agree!

    It has no top crust because of how I prefer to make my pies. I cook the filling on the stovetop and pour into a prebaked crust. It allows greater control over the hardness of the set, but it does make a top crust more difficult.

    If ever I am able to attend a blognic, I shall endeavor to bring such a pie.

  5. DanW says:

    Where in Iowa is that pie?

  6. Supertradmom says:

    Frequently, in blueberry pie making, the crust dissolves into the mixture, which is so liquid. We had blueberry pancakes this week. But, sadly, no Z mugs, just our boring, useful ones…

  7. a catechist says:

    Liturgical rose! Maybe we could suggest as the permanent standard that liturgical rose is the color on blueberry pie where the shell is visible throught the filling. In the photo, the lower crust has an admirable example.

  8. An American Mother says:

    If you weave a lattice and pre-bake it on a piece of foil until it’s just done, you can slide it gently onto the completed pie. A solid crust doesn’t work so well, it tends to fall apart while sliding.

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