Super Bowl Commercials

Okay… favs?

(Tebow commercial stuff here.)

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  1. I can’t find the Tim Tebow commercial online. I found stuff ABOUT the ad. I found stuff AGAINST the ad. I saw the ad once, and somebody who wasn’t paying attention wanted to see it again. For those who didn’t see it, it was most endearing, but no one would have guessed it was a “pro-life” ad. What a lotta hulabaloo over nothing!!!

  2. manwithblackhat: You might check this entry


    for discussion of the Tebow commercial.

  3. wanda says:

    SAINTS!!! Longstanding resentment towards Colts here in the Baltimore vicinity!! Go Saints!
    Go Tim Tebow & Mom! God bless you both. Thanks CBS for not backin’ down!

  4. benyanke says:

    Almost All of the Duridos (excuse the spelling) commercials are pretty good.

  5. benyanke says:

    Did anybody just see that Brett Farve 2020 commercial? HILARIOUS!

  6. Jackie L says:

    Seeing Letterman and Leno on the couch together did get my attention. Can’t figure out why Leno appeared on a Late Show add, so I’ll be talking about that one.

  7. Franciscanmd says:

    The dorito dog commercial and the Bachelor Party and the Whale (bridgestone). Good clean fun!

  8. dallas says:

    so far: Bring back the Clydesdales!

  9. wanda says:

    I thought FAVS meant which team are we rooting for.
    I’ll have to get back to you if we’re talking commercials…

  10. Jackie: That Leno, Oprah, Letterman ad was a surprise. Wonder what that cost!

  11. Francis: Yah… dorito dog was pretty good.

  12. This thing is getting visibility. Interesting commercial, with The Who (also playing at half time, right?).

  13. kab63 says:

    Betty White and Abe Vigoda getting “tackled” for Snickers. Classy and clever.

  14. I am wondering about a possible over arching trend in commercials… about men not being pushed around by strong women anymore.

    I remember years and years ago, when the decade of the SNAG (Sensitive New Age Guy) was ending. There was a BRUT commercial: a guy shaving doesn’t have any time for the girl. She reacts: “Men. Where have you guys been?”

    Are we coming out of another Age of the SNAG?

  15. Makemeaspar says:

    I DO miss the Clydesdales too! They were some of the best Bud ads.

    So Far on Plurk we are talking a lot about the Dodge Charger ad and a certain cow incident!

  16. Jillian says:

    I had to stop watching, the commercials are lame this year. Who wants to see a bunch of men not wearing pants?

  17. Super Bowl? What’s that? Is it on now? Today?
    This is from a totally out of it monastic:<)!

  18. Makemeaspar says:

    There was a scary trend in one commercial seg that had an awful lot of exposed underwear…

  19. wanda says:

    OK, I’m back. I liked the beaver playing the fiddle. He works his way up from the swamp to a broadway stage performance, apparently due to

  20. Makemeaspark, thanks a lot! ;)

  21. Girgadis says:

    One more windmill and Townsend is going to have a wardrobe malfunction. Geaux Saints!

  22. Makemeaspar says:

    Man, The WHO should be on a digital delay so they can correct the off key vocal parts and spare our ears!!

  23. Makemeaspar says:

    no Problem Father, I did not name names….Or Bird killers…

  24. Tim Ferguson says:

    thank goodness there wasn’t a wardrobe malfunction during this halftime show. Anyone else think two sexagenarians singing about a teenage wasteland was surreal? [Good word for it.]

  25. Frank H says:

    Hmmm. Wasn’t it Townshend who wrote, and Daltry who sang, “Hope I die before I get old” ?

    After that performance I bet they still wish they had!

  26. Was there a connection of whodat and The Who?

  27. Lot’s of fantasy movies coming up.

  28. smallone says:

    VW commercial: great, now my kids aren’t just going to do the “punch buggy” thing, they’ve got 12 other VWs they can do it for??

  29. MAJ Tony says:

    Missed most of the commercials, including the Tebow, but I was waiting for the Dodge Charger commercial, since my Mopar website indicated that it was at the first half 2 minute warning. That dude’s eyes were glazed over. Kinda reminds me of an uncle of mine.

  30. wanda says:

    Are there different commercials in different parts of the country? I have yet to see the dorito dog…just askin’

  31. Okay… see that “your tires or your life/wife” thing? Followed by a third commercial about men without pants.

  32. Frank H says:

    Nice Google ad.

  33. That “life on Google” commercial was interesting. Told a story.

  34. Makemeaspar says:

    Wanda, If you are on Twitter or Plurk I posted the Dog ad I am Makemeaspark. it was on near the very beginning, might have been right before the game started even.

  35. Girgadis says:

    I liked the ad that had the NASA launch countdown being played as the Saints scored a TD on Miami.

    Wanda, the Dorito dog was on fairly early.

  36. dallas says:

    That’s what I’m talking about! I was afraid InBev did away with the stables….

  37. smallone says:

    Dante’s Inferno – who is the girl in the white dress? Can’t be Beatrice?

  38. Jaybirdnbham says:

    I thought that human bridge beer commercial was the lamest thing I’ve ever seen! Budweiser should have stuck with the clydesdale commercials.

  39. wanda says:

    Thank you for the tips on dorito dog. There are too many commercials featuring men with no pants. I liked the NASA countdown ad, as well. Shows what we can’t see in real time.

    I don’t know about the strong men idea. There was a commercial early on featuring a guy following his girlfriend around a shopping mall while the ‘big game’ was on.

  40. MAJ Tony says:

    dallas, InBev isn’t stupid. The Clydesdales SCREAM Budweiser, and nobody with half a brain would liquidate your most famous marketing tool.

  41. That Audi & Green Police commercial… lot’s of irony there.

  42. smallone says:

    Yep, the Green Police kind of gave me the willies!

  43. I think the commercials are degenerating… only men are still watching.

  44. wanda says:

    Yay, the Clyesdales haven’t been left out, cute. I love the e trade babies, too! Ever seen the shank-a-potamus one? Good stuff.

  45. wanda says:

    Ooooh, looking good for The Saints!!

  46. dallas says:

    e trade – saved the best for last!

  47. An American Mother says:

    My Labs want to know how that yellow boy got his bark collar off.

    Lab with head in Dorito bag looks just like mine nomming on something they shouldn’t have.

    I’m a real sucker for anything with a Lab in it or on it (and yes I buy Cottonelle tissue).

  48. dallas says:

    flotv – saved the best for last too!

  49. wanda says:

    Yay, Saints!! Good for them!!

  50. MAJ Tony says:

    Brees post-game interview quote: “God is great.”

    Can’t get much classier than “Hurricane Drew.” Who saw his pre-game interview where he talked about mistakenly ending up in the 9th Ward when he came to N.O.? That was apparently the impetus for the foundation he and his wife started. I remember when he was in his Sr. year at Purdue, and we were playing Ohio State at home. I was assisting the Jumbo-tron crew with the post-game interview. Brees is in the South Endzone with his little sister on his shoulders. I wish I had more film in my camera that day. I was about 2 feet from him.

  51. wanda says:

    The picture of Drew holding his baby son, kissing him..priceless.

  52. kat says:

    The Green Police was kind of scary. I told the kids they shouldn’t laugh…one day their life could be like that if this country and world keep heading in the downward direction! There were several commercials, and of course tv show promo’s, where we had to tell the kids to turn away until the game was back on. So sick of the immodesty on tv. Guess the men think it’s okay if they run around in their underwear…the women always do.

    And The Who cracked me up. Looked like a bunch of grandpas trying to act like teenagers!!! Even though I did like some of those songs in my “past life” LOL

  53. An American Mother says:

    Makemeaspark, I was just thinking how much better Daltrey and Townsend were singing than in the bad old days. Their Live at Leeds album would corrugate your ears. And you know what they say, “OK for jazz, not for classical.”

    But if you want to see something truly weird, catch Daltrey singing the role of Macheath in the BBC production of John Gay’s Beggars’ Opera. Gardiner and the English Baroque Soloists do a bang-up job, but Daltrey is clearly WAY out of his league, and his element as well.

    I guess they needed him for the sales, but my goodness it spoils an otherwise very good production.

  54. Antioch_2013 says:

    We had our seminary’s annual Superbowl party and the favorites were the Dorito dog and the VW “punch-buggy” I think. There was a bit of an awkward silence when a visiting bishop walked in, but luckily he dozed off before the Go-Daddy commercial…

  55. mvhcpa says:

    The Green Police one had me really annoyed. In this one, the Green Police are cast as the GOOD GUYS–I kept waiting for this to turn into an ad by conservatives or libertarians or something to show how MESSED UP this situation was.

    Well, I also didn’t like the false ideas of MANHOOD vs. WIMPINESS that were on display–I think it was the Charger ad that had the narration over the glassy-eyed men saying they’ll do all the things the women want them to do, but they will reclaim their “masculinity” by driving THIS CAR. Defining wimpiness by that list of things, and then defining masculinity by driving the car is just freaking false.

    I also don’t like the concept that Bud Light is SO GOOD that you can rip up a person’s house or do other ridiculous things (heck, like crashing a gal’s book club).

    But the one my bride (who is a teacher) found most disturbing was the Doritos ad where the kid slaps the adult in the face–boy, that really teaches respect for elders, doesn’t it? There was also so much else wrong about that ad–the gal’s “family” situation, the guy checking out the gal’s “booty” (which was good looking, don’t get me wrong)–that I think reflects on our society as a whole (I guess single motherhood is just the norm now, and it’s just normal AND expected for a guy to try and “get some” on a first date).

    Beaver fiddling was great–Clydesdale was cute, if a bit derivative (remember the Budweiser Dalmatian-friend and Donkey-friend ads a few years ago).

    Michael Val
    (who apologizes for being so negative, but he’s spotting several disturbing trends in ads these days!)

  56. BenFischer says:

    My favorite commercial was the Doritos locker commercial. The fiddling beaver was pretty cool, too.

  57. Supertradmom says:

    Uh, I think the point of the Green Police was to make fun of such carbon foot printing nonsense. I thought the green police looked ridiculous and sad, as they were supposed to …

    I like the Clydesdale and Friend one the best, which was derivative.

    My all-time favorite ad was the “cat-herding” one many years ago.

    On the whole, I think the ads are not funny and rather boring now. We talked through most of them.

    At least the Who were modest in their clothing…

    And, I hate the game and game-movie ads, as some of those are very anti-Catholic and therefore yet another thing to explain to the kids why bad…

  58. marthawrites says:

    Only saw the first half of the game, because the last episode of Masterpiece Classic’s Emma was airing from 9: to 10: and I couldn’t wait to see that. Ads I did see were quite often offensive. The dog collar ad reminded me of that terrible incident in which the bank robber was blown up because no one could get his bomb-collar off; the little boy slapping and smart-mouthing his mom’s new boyfriend was just ugly–rude child, leering man, provocative woman–what’s to like? All those men in underwear were unpleasant to watch. I liked the first Bud ad wherein the house built of Bud bottles (“they’re not empty”) was funny, and I love the baby diversifying his portfolio on e-trade. We were reminded that Leno is back at his former time slot by having him on the sofa with Letterman and Oprah, so that worked for both of those guys, not just for Letterman. I liked the subtlety of that. I did the dishes during The Who’s performance knowing I wouldn’t recognize them or their songs.

  59. Re: the Dante’s Inferno videogame ad —

    The girl in the white dress is a medieval Eurydice, except that the game calls her Beatrice. The knight is clearly Sir Orfeo, except that the game calls him Dante. (To be fair, Orpheus and Dante were both poets.) There is no Virgil, AFAIK.

    However, the architecture of Hell is apparently that of the actual poem, instead of being a classical Hades or medieval fairy otherworld.

    I think it’s most kindly described as “Dante Alighieri has a daydream of knights and ladies”.

  60. Dr. Eric says:

    I did think the doritos ad with the new boyfriend was funny and it kind of shows where we are in the culture. Here is a single mom who is trying to find love. The man, who is portrayed as a dog, checks out the mom and then tries to settle in to take over. The kid is having none of it. He slaps the guy and tells him to keep his hands off his doritos AND his mom. Many times, the oldest son has to be the man of the house as the dad is already gone.

  61. An American Mother says:

    There’s been a text-only computer game out for a long time, based on Dante’s Inferno.

    It’s called “Where in Hell is Carmen Sandiego?” It’s actually pretty good, I’ve played it.

  62. Father Totton says:

    Supertradmom seems to be the only one here, besides myself, who saw the ONE Clydesdale Commercial – it was a good one too. And I, for one, am going to lobby the local beer man to start making deliveries in the old fashioned way! Knowing that we were probably watching the same CBS affiliate, I wonder if this was not local.

    [BTW, Supertradmom – I did offer a Mass (EF) last Monday for your intentions.]

    Another commercial, which I suspect was local, was for QT which is a regional chain of gas stations/convenience stores. It was hilarious, as this woman returns from vacation relishing mementoes from her recent trip to Hawaii, and another woman shows up with a forklift carrying a pallet-full of mail and, with a wicked smile, says: “welcome back!” I know how she feels. The ad was for a QT grab and go salad!

  63. An American Mother says:

    marthawrites, I think that’s a bit of a stretch on the collar. I never even thought of the pizza man, and I was familiar with that case.

    Of course that may be because we are covered up with bark collars and training collars here, no invisible fence collars though (they don’t work on field type Labs). But my daughter’s best friend’s little brother put on their invisible fence collar and ran through the fence line “to see what would happen”. What happened looked pretty much like the commercial — they had to drag him out of range because he couldn’t stand up. The sort of thing little brothers do (OUR little brother never did that but probably just because it never occurred to him.)

    My oldest Lab will sneak up next to the middle Lab when she has her bark collar on and bark in her ear. Meany.

  64. Father Totton says:

    OOPS! It looks like MVHCPA also saw the Clydesdale commercial. Are you in the Kansas City Market?

  65. momravet says:

    Loved the fiddling beaver, the e-trade babies, and the guy in the coffin (doritos).

    Not so much: the car ads (exaggerated stereotypes) and the galloping underwear guys (yuck).

    Did anyone see the ad to M. Night Shyamalan’s “Last Airbender” movie?

  66. irishgirl says:

    I didn’t watch the Who-I put the TV on mute and took my shower. I was staying overnight in a hotel because my house had no heating oil in the tank! Yeah, it’s kind of weird, aging rockers….heck, I remembered them from my pre-adolescent years in the ‘British Invasion’!

    Liked the Betty White/Abe Vigoda commercial for Snickers. That was creative.

    I miss the Clydesdales!

    I watched ‘Puppy Bowl VI’ on Animal Planet-the little fellows were adorable!

    Yay Saints! Yes, wanda-Drew Brees with his little son was priceless! My eyes had tears in them!

  67. Gail F says:

    I liked the Samurai Doritos commercial (and assorted other Doritos commercials), the scientists Budweiser commercial, the Google commercial, the fiddling beaver, the screaming chickens, and the “Punxatawny Polamalu” commercial — which my 13-year-old watched online about 30 times this morning. Luckily there’s a full-page ad from it in the WSJ today, which we’ll hang up for a poster. That was HILARIOUS. “Six more weeks of football!” Yes, I’m giggling again now.

    Can’t stand those etrade babies — what is the fun in making a baby into a leering, creepy man with sleazy baby girlfriends? Did see the Clydsedale commercial (just okay, but I do like the Clydesdales). Green Police was funny, and ironic way for the company to pretty much admit the whole thing is stupid and STILL advertise their “green” car. Escape the stupid Green Police with our car! I thought the one with the boy slapping his mom’s date was disturbing because it was too true, too many kids had to deal with rotten dates (and live-in boyfriends), it’s too true to be funny. There certainly was a weird focus on men being men, though not an unwelcome one, and on men without pants (less welcome). I wonder if the Dove men’s soap is the same thing in a different package? If I ran Dove, it would be. The Coke commercials were bad. The GoDaddy ones seemed tamer than usual but just as lame.

    As far as the Last Airbender goes, I know it’s a cartoon but that’s all I know. I read that M. Night made the movie because it was his daughter’s favorite show. Now that’s what I call a dad!

  68. Eric says:

    I liked the “Bring it on Fat man” commercial. I have no idea what they were hawking but I laughed.

  69. priest up north says:

    Aware that you need to be at least in your 30’s to have gotten the joke (or said another way, you need to remember the Jordan/Bird ad from the ’80s), by far the LeBron James/Dwight Howard ad with the cameo by Larry Bird that aired before the game even started was the best one…

    As for the rest, I guess this year’s theme for ads was people in underwear and wimpy men…

  70. JoyfulMom7 says:

    The best (pro-life) ad was the Google commercial.

    With the popular Google search engine as the sole backdrop to the story, a man looks to Paris as place to go to school, and by way of an Internet search, he finds a café near the famous Louvre. A French girl tells him he is cute, but of course the expression of amore must first be sent through Google for the English conversion. But the language of love is not lost in translation.

    After a quick Internet search for chocolates and poetry, the long distance relationship culminates with wedding in a French church – yes church!

    After a proper courtship, and a Christian wedding, the Internet surfer looks for a way to assemble a baby crib, and the commercial ends with the quick cooing of a newborn baby.

    After a proper courtship, and a Christian wedding, the Internet surfer looks for a way to assemble a baby crib, and the commercial ends with the quick cooing of a newborn baby.

    Two kids fall in love, get married, and have a baby.

    What could be more pro-life than that?!

  71. Jason C. says:

    But the one my bride (who is a teacher) found most disturbing was the Doritos ad where the kid slaps the adult in the face—boy, that really teaches respect for elders, doesn’t it? There was also so much else wrong about that ad—the gal’s “family” situation, the guy checking out the gal’s “booty” (which was good looking, don’t get me wrong)—that I think reflects on our society as a whole (I guess single motherhood is just the norm now, and it’s just normal AND expected for a guy to try and “get some” on a first date).

    That was my favorite commercial! And I think it was an indirectly pro-life commercial. Not only does it show a woman who kept her child, even though the father is not around. It shows a child who has obviously been raised by a good mother, and who respects his mother (and is protective of her). And by slapping the man who was leering at his mother, the boy was slapping sense into him. “Out of the mouths of babes…”

  72. Jason C. says:

    *I said that the father of the boy in the commercial is “not around,” but obviously we don’t know that. He may be in the boy’s life…he may just be separated from the mother.

  73. irishgirl says:

    Momof7-I forgot all about the Google commercial! Thanks for reminding me! That was cute too!

    No voices, just typing and finding! Very clever!

  74. Supertradmom says:

    Are there different commercials for different areas? We did not see the Dorito Dog and saw the Clydesdale friend one…we were watching an Omaha station…perhaps the advertisements are particular to an area?

  75. wanda says:

    Supertradmom, I was finally able to find the Dorito dog today..if you google Super Bowl Ads 2010 you can see all the commercials. It is very funny.

    The young man who made the commercial, along with a group of friends, was on Fox News today.
    It was a CONTEST to make a commercial, I guess for Doritos, they spent a grand total of 200.00 to make their film! I believe the Prize they won for their efforts was 600,000.00!
    Not bad for a bunch of smart young film-makers with a great (wholesome) sense of humor.

  76. Supertradmom says:

    Thanks, Wanda. Father Z has it on another thread. I am glad it only cost two hundred dollars.

  77. Father Totton says:

    Supertradmom, some commercials may be local, but the Doritos dog was national and it WAS aired on Kansas City’s CBS affiliate, which is where I assume you watched the game! I think it was probably in the first segment of commercials.

  78. cl00bie says:


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