Supper: Chinese!

Tonight before heading tovthe library I am taking in an early supper at a very good Chinese spot on the east side if St Paul.

Shanghai juicy dumplings.

As you can see before even thinking about a photo I ate one. These are sensational… better than any I have had anywhere else.

Hunan Beef

The last two times I had been here they had slipped. This time it was back to it’s previous standards.

Hao chi!

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  1. ANevskyUSA says:

    Are you sure you can be eating XiaoLongBao during Lent? There is meat in it.

  2. Flambeaux says:


    I’m sure FrZ is permitted a break from melted snow and rhubarb once in a while, even in Lent.

    Father, that looks wonderful. We did Spaghetti Bolognese last night for Chair of Peter.

  3. J Kusske says:

    Must be the Tea House off of I-94 and White Bear Avenue. I hear lots of rave reviews for it though I’ve only tried it once–I hear the chef used to be at Little Sichuan on University so that’s why the food is so excellent (though it’s a mini-chain and the main Tea Houses are over in Minneapolis I think). I’m still hoping to see some good Northern Chinese restaurants pop up in the Twin Cities, like Shanxi noodles, Mongolian hotpot, or (dare I ask?) Northeastern soul cooking! Some Guo Bao Rou is just the thing to make you feel good after a tough day.

  4. It is pretty easy to make these chinese dumplings. I make one when I crave for them. I make my own chilly garlic dipping sauce too. YUM!

  5. Timbot2000 says:

    The Twin Cities have some pretty good Chinese, but where Mnpls/St. Paul really shine is in Vietnamese.

  6. J Kusske: You are right. I like getting there before the rush: they are always busy.

    I have also eaten at the Little Sichuan, which is quite good. I liked their Dan Dan. I understand the Tea House opened a place in Stadium Village.

  7. ANevsky: Can you point to the canon in the 1983 Code that says that people can’t eat Xiao Long Bao during Lent? Or Hunan Beef for that matter?

  8. Rachel says:

    Ohhhhh, juicy dumplings…. The Din Tai Fung Dumpling House in Arcadia, CA is well known for them. Just in case you ever do a blognic here, Father. :)

  9. smallone says:

    Are those what are also known as Shanghai soup dumplings?!?

    The last time I had any was several years ago in NY and now I want some for breakfast. Not happenin’. :(

  10. caite says:

    I have severe dumpling envy. Is that a sin? ;-)

  11. wanda says:

    caite: Me, too. I wonder what the penance is for that.

  12. I think the solution for dumpling envy is to eat dumplings (not on Friday).

  13. ANevskyUSA says:

    You are right, Father. The 1983 Code seems to make Lent only an amorphous “penitential time.” But if we are going to go all legalist about Lent, I still think that you should have requested the XiaoLongBao made with Capybara meat. Gotta love those tricky Jesuits. :-)

  14. ANevsky: “if we are going to go all legalist about Lent”

    Then we can eat Xaio Long Bao.

    Could they be made from platypus, I wonder.

  15. ANevskyUSA says:

    Fr. Z: “Could they be made from platypus.” No. By the time the Jesuits made it to Australia, the Vatican had caught on to their fishy mammal tactics.

  16. Tim Ferguson says:

    Downriver, here in the Archdiocese of Detroit, we have the storied muskrat indult (of which no one can seem to find written evidence, but a centenary – at least – custom supplies legality where documenation fails). A number of parishes serve muskrat along with their fish fries in Lent. I suppose muskrat Xiao Long Bao could be wonderful… if accompanied by a lot of rice vinegar, soy sauce and several bottles of Tsing Tao.

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