The battles of the curling ice sheets go on.

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  1. jt83 says:

    I’ve been following the Curling competition in the Olympics with great interest! Prior to these games, I had never really watched a curling match but now I’m hooked! My interest has increased to the point where last weekend I attended an “open house” event at my local curling club in Seattle and tried my hand at throwing, sweeping, and the like. It was great fun! I recommend all who might be interested to try it out.

    A blessed Lent to all WDTPRS-ers!

  2. Rob Cartusciello says:

    I found the two few curling clubs in New Jersey & Philadelphia. They both have open houses this weekend for people to try out curling.

    For some strange reason, there’s an interest in the sport every four years or so. Can’t imagine why….

  3. J Kusske says:

    China’s women’s team is in to the playoffs! Go China! Over here curling has really caught fire with the recent success of the women’s team. If they can win a medal in the Olympics it would only continue that. China’s winter sports are still in their infancy, but they seem to be starting to take off. I still remember the year I was living up in Shenyang in Northeastern China’s Liaoning Province in 2002-2003 and the poor kind of zamboni they had to use at Liaoning University’s outdoors skating rink–just a little boiler on skids to slide over the ice. Now if only the Chinese could learn how to play hockey…

  4. Luce says:

    Oh my, I’ll have to see if there are any curling clubs in the SF Bay Area. That would be a blast. It was hard to watch the American mens’ team lose, they had some great opportunities, but missed some clear shots. Sports; nothing is for certain.

  5. Emilio III says:

    If there is a curling club in Dallas, there’s bound to be at least one in SF. The local one has changed rinks a few times (at least Addison to Duncanville to Farmers Branch) probably due to the weird local licensing laws. It is apparently impossible to play the game without an open bar (loser buys next round) so most teams include five players and a designated driver.

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