Time to search the stacks of the good theological library at St Paul Seminary in St Paul.

In my day this seminary was pretty dreadful, but HUGE improvements have been made.

And so…


A nice surprise. One of the seminarians had apparently read my comment in another entry that I was going to the library. He correctly guessed I was coming here and walked. over to greet me. It is encouraging to meet these guys!

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  1. Maltese says:

    Hello (and welcome back) Good Men!

  2. One of the joys that I miss from the seminary is having a well-stocked library close at hand. It was always nice to take an afternoon and “hit the stacks” to do some research or work on a paper.

  3. Mat Lu says:

    Fr. Z, if you’re on campus someday and feel the need to stretch your legs I’d love to buy you a cup of coffee.

    M. Lu
    Asst. Professor
    Dept of Philosophy
    Univ of St. Thomas
    Office: JRC 240

  4. Mitchell NY says:

    It would be interesting from your perspective Father how things have changed in Seminaries and perhaps a post about it so lay people, like myself who are not familiar with Seminary life can get an inside look into how development is playing a key role in the future of the Priesthood. Afterall, this is where it all begins and what a boost to young seminarians who read your blog and realize they are part of a new generation that will help return Holy Church to her rightful roots and respect. Also a chance for lay people to comment and give support to seminarians that too often do not get enough praise.

  5. Prof. Lu: Thanks for that! Perhaps next time.

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