UPDATE from Mater Ecclesiae

Interesting place, Mater Ecclesiae in Berlin, NJ! Thereis always something interesting going on here.

I reported earlier that abundant snow was inexorably caving in the roof of part of the rectory.

Last night, just as I was settling in to watch some curling, I heard a rather louder than one might expect crunching rumble. 

"Hmmm…", quoth I.  "That’s a sound I haven’t heard here in this house before!"

Scant minutes thereafter Fr. Pasley knocked my door to announce the final caving of the roof.

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  1. TNCath says:

    I bet Catholic Mutual (or whoever their insurancer provder is) is having a fit over the Winter 2009-2010. My sympathies.

  2. wanda says:

    Oh, no. Father, I’m sure this trip will be etched in your memory. My sympathy to Fr. Pasley and parishioners. Let us know if they start a ‘my roof has fallen in and we need to fix it’

    Prayers for dry weather and speedy repair. Also, prayers for Fr. Pasley’s speedy recovery.

  3. The Mater Ecclesiae parish website includes a donation button. I suggest we use it early and often….


  4. DdC says:

    Thank you Father and readers for your support in our time of need. We do have a donation button out website and I am a parishioner and used it yesterday.
    If those who love a truly Catholic place that is so special please pitch in and help us raise our roof so Father Pasley can continue his work here. I ask those who haven’t been here and desire a great place of pilgrimage, this is it.

    Out Triduum is glorious with some of the worlds best liturgical music. The Forty Hours Devotion in which Father Z has been such an important part of and of course, The Assumption Mass ans Procession which every TRADITIONAL CATHOLIC should experience. Father Z has been the guest homilist and he can attest to this also.

    There are many affordable chain hotels within 15 minutes of Mater Ecclesiae. A family could spend time in pilgrimage and a time visiting our great American historical sites in Philadelphia.

    There is a wonderful blogpiece from a man who has had the honor of serving a Mass for Father Pasley when he came to visit fron Washington D.C.

    He was so moved by Father Pasley and the parishioners of our fine parish that he wrote about us on his blog yesterday asking all to come to Berlin and if we only could spiritually to donate on our parish’s website.

    Go to: http://manwithblackhat.blogspot.com/2010/02/ich-bin-ein-berliner.html
    to read about Mater Ecclesiae from one who made such a pilgrimage.

    May Our Lord and His Most Blessed Mother honor you Father Zuhlsdorf and all your readers for you unending generosity.

    Ad Iesum per Mariam,

    Deborah deCesare
    Mater Ecclesiae parishioner

    Ps. We have a fantastic Gift Shop named after Saint Pio. In additon , we have Craft Fairs that would please the most demanding of crafters, a Chicken Barbeque that people conme from miles around to attend. Check out the happenings at Mater Ecclesiae on http:www.materecclesiae.org and click on our Bulletin to see when would be a great time to plan your trip. Hope to see you at Mass!

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