What I do on airplanes

If I don’t go to sleep immediately, or listen to an audio book, this is what I do on airplanes.

For example: I drill into Anscar Chupungco’s dreadful talk he delivered in Australia.

Anscar Chupungco

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  1. Ioannes Andreades says:

    Pretty dreadful indeed! I read it at the praytell blog. Almost not worth spending time on it, except the progressivists seem to like it.

  2. Ioannes: It needs to be addressed, I think.

  3. Jana says:

    The feast of St. Ansgar is on the 3rd of February. Perhaps the readers of this blog could pray for the confused liturgist of the same name? And his followers…
    One can actually find this priest on the internet by typing “Anscar the Great”.

  4. EnoughRope says:

    Will you be posting a review? It would be really helpful- please do! My campus Catholic center’s “liturgy” committee is meeting tonight. Grumbles of reform have been coming from the students for months. The staff and associates can’t ignore us anymore- we want a more traditional OF. We have a very good pastor, but unfortunately these days, priest’s hands are often tied on a number of levels. I have been bringing up issue after issue to the community and staff and am always given excuses on why we don’t follow the GIRM on a number of points. I was actually told that I need to “educate myself on what the Mass is all about.” Being orthodox isn’t “cool” to a hippie. In my opinion, the progressive staff is running scared and knows the days of wacky, banal, and heterodox liturgy are numbered. Viva the Papa of Christian Unity!!! Please say a prayer for us today.

  5. Enough: I will write something, but not today. Chupungco’s talk is deeply flawed and it will take a little time for me to get it into black on white.

  6. Henry Edwards says:

    Father Z: Chupungco’s talk is deeply flawed and it will take a little time for me to get it into black on white.

    It must be! Somehow I can’t see it being your usual mode of operation with a merely typically flawed article to print out a hard copy and do your fisking in red with an actual hand-held pen. Am I right?

  7. Henry: You are absolutely right. But this talk by Chupungco needs special attention. I don’t think the blog is my best way to approach it.

  8. quovadis7 says:

    “…this talk by Chupungco needs special attention. I don’t think the blog is my best way to approach it.”

    Fr. Z – PLEASE keep us apprised on where & how you do plan on critiquing Fr. Chupungco’s “dreadful talk”.

    I’m sure that I represent MANY of your regular WDTPRS visitors who are KEENLY interested what you have to say, especially since this gives me the uneasy feeling of an impending clash of two liturgical camps….

    I, myself, posted a comment on this topic over at the PrayTell blog (post #22). I’m hoping that some of what I had to say over there will resonate with what you plan to say soon.

    Pax et benedictiones tibi, per Christum Dominum nostrum,

    Steve B
    Plano, TX

  9. Oh thank God!

    Can’t wait for your comment Father.

    Was this the one I sent?

  10. catholicmidwest says:

    Look at all that red ink!!!! Fr Z, have you ever been a teacher? Hmmmm?

  11. Hans says:

    Indeed, catholicmidwest. Even I don’t often put that much red on a page, and my students joke about me running out of red pens.

    I don’t know much about Anscar Chupungco, though.

  12. Here is an interesting article about the liturgical background of Anscar Chupungco.


  13. ruadhri says:

    Glad you’re getting your teeth into Fr Anscar. That talk was given in the Parramatta diocese in Sydney, which has just acquired a new bishop, Anthony Fisher OP, one of (few) good Australian bishops, so hopefully Fr Anscar won’t be invited back.

  14. Hans says:

    Interesting reading. Thanks thepinoycatholic.

  15. In case anyone’s interested, here’s my take on some of Fr. Chupungco’s statements.

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