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Any good news to report?

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  1. I love my 5 kids who I get to homeschool every day. I also get to teach 8 hours at the local community college and my husband is a full-timer there. We just did our taxes and got a nice refund to help with the bills. We will soon have a new TLM church built in Oklahoma–it has just been named St. Damien of Molokai–it’s about an hour from our house. We are healthy and love our Lord and His church!

  2. DavidJ says:

    My 5 month old son is undergoing surgery tomorrow, but my wife and I managed to get to Mass this morning and got him Anointed. Yay Sacraments!

  3. Tom A. says:

    Had my throat blessed (early). Thank you St. Blaise. Went to a High Mass at the Basillica of the Immaculate Conception in Waterbury, CT on Sunday night and Father gave a great lesson on the new calendar versus the old one and how this time used to be dedicated to preparing ourselves for Lent.

  4. medievalist says:

    Successfully defended my doctoral thesis. Deo gratias!

  5. FrCharles says:

    My sister-in-law safely delivered my parents’ first grandchild into the world this past Saturday night. That someone else gave theme a grandchild absolves me a little of their shame in regard to my celibacy. ;)

  6. My wife and I are finally settling into a new parish after having moved a couple months ago, a Polish-American one, St. Hedwig’s. (And right across the street are two competing Polish bakeries/delicatessens!)

    My book is on the cover of a national (and international!) Catholic goods catalog.

    I’m the confirmation sponsor for a niece who lives down in Virginia, and I’ll be visiting her at the end of the month for a meeting.

  7. Blessing of Candles, Procession and Solemn High Mass tonight at 7:00 in Toronto at St. Brigid’s Catholic Church as part of the Toronto FSSP Apostolate…that’s good news…my first Missa Solemnis as Schola Master.

    The better news?

    The Deacon and Subdeacon are transitional Archdiocese of Toronto Deacons scheduled to be ordained this spring and the Acolytes, and other clerics are all Seminarians from St. Augustine’s Seminary in Toronto!!!

  8. Dauphin says:

    Not specifically Catholic, but we hosted a great speech entitled “Abortion: Canada’s National Shame” by Michael Coren at Queen’s University:


  9. Michaelus says:

    We had a beautiful Candlemass procession this morning in Danbury, CT – including a chanted Nunc Dimittis…

  10. Father G says:

    This is my first Presentation of the Lord/Candlemas as a priest.
    I celebrated Mass this morning with the blessing of candles and procession, which had not been done for many years.
    Looking forward to tomorrow, the blessing of throats in honor of Saint Blaise.

  11. admoni says:

    Saw my two month old niece this past weekend. A beautiful little baby.

  12. Melania says:

    An infant in Virginia we were all praying for has been cured. He had a very severe infection, had been airlifted to Children’s Hospital in Richmond and was in Ped ICU. The doctors had given up on him and he was taken off life support and not expected to live through the night. He was baptized, annointed and his grandfather prayed for JPII’ intercession.

    The next morning all signs of the infection were gone. The baby is home now, recovered and developing normally. His neonatalogist said that in his 35 years of practice, he had seen 105 babies with similar infections, 104 of them died. Only this baby survived. Amazing. God is good.

    On a much more prosaic level, my late father’s house was inspected yesterday and found to be structurally sound. We had greatly feared a damaged foundation Big relief.

  13. robtbrown says:

    Successfully defended my doctoral thesis. Deo gratias!
    Comment by medievalist

    IME, finishing the thesis and having a successful defense is a bit like getting over the flu. No sense of accomplishment, merely relief.

  14. chandlercatholic says:

    We celebrated the Feast of the Presentation properly, with procession, and sung English propers for the first time since my parish’s inception in the early eighties.

  15. Cristero says:

    At Mission San Juan Bautista, we had the Deposito or Burial of the Alleluia on Sunday before Mass. The children of the Latin Mass Community helped with the Burial. Pictures can be found at http://monterey-tlm.blogspot.com/2010/02/deposito-burying-of-alleluia-at-mission.html

  16. dcs says:

    Solemn Mass for the Feast of the Presentation tonight at Mater Ecclesiae.

  17. gloriainexcelsis says:

    At St. Stephen the First Martyr in Sacramento, CA, we are having a Solemn High Mass this evening at 7 pm, beginnng with the blessing of the candles and procession into church. After the sermon we will have the medal ceremoy for the Choristers, ages 8-12. Under the auspices of the Royal School of Church Music, they will receive their “promotions” to junior or senior chorister status. After Mass, in celebration, there will be an ice cream social in the hall.

  18. Henry Edwards says:

    Candles blessed in narthex before Mass this morning. After procession into our circular church led by crucifer and adult male servers in surplice and cassocks, priest removed gold cope and donned traditional Roman vestments. Lots of incense — of altar at beginning, of Gospel, of gifts, of people, and (most significant) of Host and Chalice at elevation. Mass mostly sung — other than quietly spoken Canon (EP I, of course, this being a feast) — Sanctus and Agnus Dei in Latin. Beautiful and reverent OF.

  19. The Egyptian says:

    After the grandchild coming first we finally have a wedding on our hands, May the 29th, they sure chose the rocky road but are doing the right thing, soon after the wedding he will be enlisting in the US Army, may St Michael and his guardian angels protect him, and look over his child and wife.

  20. Kristin G says:

    I am preparing to leave on Friday for a semester in Rome after a year of Divine Providence giving me the means and desire to get there. Praise the Lord!

  21. Jbuntin says:

    Septuagesima Sunday, I attended the EF for the second time. Made my decision to join the Latin Mass Apostolate. No more whining about having to drive 45 minutes on Sunday evening for EF Mass. This decision has brought me much peace. I Purchased a Daily Missal according to the 1962 Rite; and I am impatiently waiting for it to arrive in the mailbox!

  22. wanda says:

    My elder brother came safely through a heart attack and successful implanting of a stent in a blocked artery. My Mother celebrated her 89th birthday in good health, surrounded by her 5 living children, many grandchildren and two great-grandchildren. (There are many more, but not all were able to join in the day.)

    The Lord has done great things for us, we are filled with joy.

  23. Agnes says:

    Got me some new candles today for protection from all life’s little storms.

    My son will be Confirmed next Thursday along with about forty other Aggies, home schoolers, and CCD kids – keep them, their families, and sponsors in prayer. We start a Novena to the Holy Spirit today if any would like to join us.

    There, Fr Z – self help!

    Congrats, midevalist, on your defense! Is that Fr. Dr. midevalist now? By mid-summer, I’ll be a housewife/catechist who walks quietly and carries a big BAT. Huzzah!

  24. Unfinished says:

    I am going to Florida tomorrow and getting away from the snow!

    And I just ordered a Liber Cantualis for personal devotion to help me say the Office.

  25. Nan says:

    Anticipating another pilgrimage to the Shrine of St. Paul; aka Cathedral. Archbishop Neinstedt is celebrating 5:15 Mass.

  26. Cathy Dawson says:

    My husband found a job after six months of unemployment. We had just exhausted our savings and were looking into selling our house, car, etc. when it came through. It’s a great job that my husband will enjoy and only a few minutes from home. We will probably be able to keep our house. Getting this job is especially appreciated because he had been commuting an hour and a half one way to a job that was very stressful. He was so thankful that he even went to an EF Mass with me.

    I slept normally 4 nights in a row – first time in about 10 years. The world seems like a much different place.

  27. Augustine Terra Mariae says:

    I’ll be attending:
    Blessing of Candles, Procession and Solemn High Mass (EF)
    tonight at 7:30 in Silver Spring, Maryland (Archdiocese of Washington) at
    Saint Bernadette Church (Monsignor K. Bartholomew Smith, pastor).
    Propers from Byrd’s Gradualia, and Byrd’s Mass for four voices, sung by the professional Washington-area chamber choir Chantry.

    (This would never be allowed in the diocese in which I actually [and regrettably] live.)

  28. Father Bartoloma says:

    I’ll be the celebrant at Mater Ecclesiae for Candlemas tonight. I’m grateful for the opportunity and looking forward to it!

  29. kat says:

    Just got home from Candlemas TLM sung High Mass and procession with candles, sung by the high school boys. My 8 year old son served his first Low Mass last Friday morning with his 11 year old brother. My husband got to go to Mass with us today because his car broke down so he couldn’t go to work. Car is fixed now.

    Deo Gratias!

  30. MargaretMN says:

    After being unemployed since the end of October, I start a new job tomorrow. Thank you St. Joseph!

  31. MrsHall says:

    Mass tonight, followed by Adoration. Also three ladies who have been studying the Faith as candidates will celebrate their First Holy Communion at Mass. Sunday my husband and I will be confirmed. Got to spend last weekend with the friends who first turned our hearts toward Catholicism 5 years ago. So much to be thankful for.

  32. JohnMa says:

    Due to this thread I will get to attend a Solemn High TLM tonight! Thanks Augustine Terra Mariae!

  33. Antioch_2013 says:

    Preached my first sermon at Mass for Septuagesima. It was well received by all accounts and my family was able to be there as well which was very nice since I don’t often see them.

    Tonight is my parish’s first Candlemas and we’ll be having the blessing of candles, procession, and Sung Mass with Incense. Deo gratias!

  34. Cath says:

    We get a new priest this weekend who has a degree in canon law and a friend of mine who knows him says he will be great. Very excited

  35. EnoughRope says:

    I am shaking things up at Church and trying to bring the focus of the Mass back to Christ. Its nothing “big”, but the hippies haven’t been challenged this way in years… possibly EVER. All praise and glory to God.

  36. mdillon says:

    I have been without hot water in my house for the last 22 days. Finally the plumbers fixed it today!

  37. EnoughRope says:

    Mdillon- WOW! That is forever. I hope you don’t live anywhere in the northern hemisphere.

  38. Dr. Eric says:

    I have a meeting with a local hospital to get a better job on the 11th. I started my Novena to St. Joseph for his help today- and Father gave me a blessed candle from Candlemas.

  39. Rose in NE says:

    Our daughter was in a car accident last week, but thanks be to God, no one was hurt!

    Looking forward to High Mass this evening with blessing of candles/procession–Immaculate Conception Church, Omaha, NE 5:15 p.m. Latinmassomaha.org

  40. capchoirgirl says:

    My grandfather’s leukemia is in remission
    A college friend of mine just had her first child–a boy–last night.

  41. Christina says:

    At four months, my nephew’s father consented to have him baptized!
    After having an incomplete since May, I now officially have my BA!

  42. Our twins, Ingebjorg and Benjamin, were born (by c-section) healthy and screeching on January 21st. Now we’re back home on the farm and getting happily settled in with Elspeth our 15 month old daughter. God has been so good to us!!

  43. Joan M says:

    I was on retreat last week – Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. It was wonderful and I made some good resolutions. There were 14 of us and we had 4 meditations given by the priest and two talks by a lay person each day, along with Mass, Rosary, Stations of the Cross, and Benediction daily.

  44. A beautiful Extraordinary Form Mass with blessing candles, procession, Sung Mass at dawn.
    Thanks be to God!

  45. Paul M says:

    Thanks be to God that our business has really picked up and we have been able to keep both our home and office. My oldest son is in final preparation for his first confession and first Holy Communion and is really enjoying learning his catechism.

  46. Magpie says:

    I had all my sins forgiven today in Confession. Increasingly I am realising what a truly amazing, good God we have.

  47. Mike says:

    I asked in prayer the other day for help with a particular virtue. Then, a day or later, it felt like I was sailing along, the virtue came to me easily. I realized a bit later: he hears all our prayers, every word.

  48. Phil_NL says:

    Successfully defended my doctoral thesis. Deo gratias!
    Comment by medievalist

    Congratulations, medievalist!

    IME, finishing the thesis and having a successful defense is a bit like getting over the flu. No sense of accomplishment, merely relief.
    Comment by robtbrown

    And yes, the relief definately takes center stage. The DVD of my defense ends with a very big, very audible sigh of relief in the microphone ;)

  49. AngelineOH says:

    My newest grandchild was born on Friday. Her mother had some complications but is now healing well.

    And next week I begin my first term in culinary school!

  50. Maltese says:

    FrCharles: “That someone else gave theme a grandchild absolves me a little of their shame in regard to my celibacy. ;)”

    Of course, as you already know, through your pastoral career, you will be father to hundreds, giving them guidance, love, life in and through the Sacraments. Your hands do something no others can: turning ordinary bread into the Body and Blood of Christ. It’s easy to forget that in this workaday world, but your hands do perform a miracle, in Persona Christi. I know you know this, and were joking, supra, but I just wanted you to know that I, and many others, appreciate your ilk, and the perseverance of priests in these times. But that is great news, indeed, btw!

  51. Carolyn says:

    My good news… That I have continued with rcia, even though when I began I wasn’t sure if it was the right time or not…. and now less than 9 weeks till the Easter Vigil!

  52. Jane says:

    My son is autistic. He is 25 years of age. He lost a large amount of weight and we were very concerned about his health.

    Our prayers are being answered and he has gained over 14 lbs in weight. There is still a fair way to go. He is not out of the woods yet, but I am confident that my son will gain the weight that he needs for good health.

    I prayed for the Holy Souls in Purgatory and asked for their intercession regarding this matter. They certainly are helping.

    Pray for the Holy Souls in Purgatory and ask for their help in all your needs.
    They are great intercessors for their benefactors.

  53. DominiSumus says:

    I’m a great-aunt. My niece gave birth to a healthy little girl last week and her husband was there to see the baby before he gets redeployed to Afghanistan.

  54. Maltese: Your comment reminds me that I, an oldest son of a family of three younger daughters, with my vow of chastity/celibacy in the religious life as a priest has ended this family name.
    But I have more spiritual children than I could ever hope for as a father of a family. My parents struggle with this, I am sure, but I know that in the Kingdom of God, this is the “better half.”
    Thanks for the reminder!

  55. beez says:

    My good friend was ordained a transitional Deacon for the Archdiocese this past Saturday. He will be ordained a priest in May and I will serve as thurifer at his first Mass of Thanksgiving.

  56. Flambeaux says:

    Wife safely delivered another baby yesterday. Deo gratias.

  57. joan ellen says:

    Our Bishop (Diocese of Kalamazoo) is visiting a parish nearby on March 9th. He has asked for a day of Adoration. The Pastor has scheduled it from 9:00 am until 7:00 pm.

  58. JaneC says:

    Congrats to all the people with new babies in their lives!

    Medievalist–a hearty congratulations on your successful defense. I am at the beginning of the dissertation process myself, and every time I hear of a successfully-completed dissertation, it gives me hope that I will be able to do it too.

    Our good news is that a dear friend has just begun preparation to enter the Church at Easter, and that she and her fiancé will be married in the Church in June. We are very happy for them.

  59. Gwen says:

    After Mass this a.m., I went skiing (Squaw Valley CA, about an hour away). I learned first-hand that it’s not wise to listen to a Father Z podcazt while trying to ski a black diamond. I was quite moved by the 19 Apr 09 podcazt with the Low Sunday sermon of St Augustine to neophytes (which I’ll be in just two months!!!); nearly missed a mogul and went off into the trees.

    I listened to Fr Z describe the rites for these newly-minted Christians of 400 A.D., and I’m really regretting that our parish doesn’t do the RCIA rites. This would surely add some of the “mystery” that Fr Z talks about, and would connect us in a special way to our counterparts over the past 2000 years.

    On the lighter side, I didn’t even try to explain to my lift-chair mates why I was spitting up water in laughter, listening to the hippy rap podcazt of a few days ago.

    How does one find a non-hippy, non-guitar, traditional parish that respects the liturgy and traditions of the Church? Just shop around and attend? (obviously, I’m stuck where I am until Easter Vigil). I think the nearest TLM is two hours away :(

  60. Margaret says:

    My father-in-law’s blood ox level was low following surgery, and the doctor’s fear was a clot in the lungs. Testing today revealed no clot (yipee!) AND his blood ex went back up to normal after the priest brought him Holy Communion today. God is amazing.

  61. Margaret says:

    And congratulations, Flambeaux!

  62. Maltese says:

    Nazareth Priest: “I, an oldest son of a family of three younger daughters, with my vow of chastity/celibacy in the religious life as a priest has ended this family name.”

    Too much importance is attached to “family name,” certainly Christ didn’t think much of it since he told the many-marrying woman that there is no marriage in heaven!

    So, those you are helping into heaven are your family!

  63. Torpedo1 says:

    It’s nice to see this post pop up again. It forces me to pick out the good news from a lot of not so good news in my life. Most importantly, I’ve started daily rosaries again, and through that, I’ve learned to place more hope and trust in God. The man I love is moving up here soon. I’m so very proud of him for finding direction in his life and for being determined to take it. Please pray for us. Rosaries… anything. Congratulations on everyone’s good news.

  64. kelleyb says:

    We met a good friend for dinner tonight. Very nice to see him again. Son-in-law in Iraq continues to be safe…and we have snow…Thank you, Lord.

  65. Maltese: Absolutely! Thank you!
    Jane: I pray for your son and you and your family. Autism is a heavy cross. I understand. God love and keep you. Never give up hope. Our Lady and good Saint Joseph, as well as the Holy Souls (who love us more than we can know) will always be with you.

  66. Geometricus says:

    Fr. Z,
    At the parish where you were formerly the associate, a new pastor (another former associate) has begun changing things. All the music directors were summoned for a meeting Saturday morning and told that henceforth the music was to be more noble and sacred. All groups would soon be singing and playing from the choir loft, no groups would be singing from the sanctuary. Occasional chant is encouraged, even in Latin! Renaissance polyphony is welcomed. Four “big feasts” would have a bit of Mozart or Haydn complete with strings (Easter, Xmas, Corpus Christi, and the patronal feast of the parish in late Sept/early Oct.).

    I myself have been working hard with my choir trying to sing the occasional proper. Last weekend we tackled the communion antiphon “Illumina” complete with two verses of the psalm. They grumbled a bit learning it, but they did a smooth, beautiful job, and you could hear a pin drop when we finished. All the crying kids stopped to listen!

    Brick by brick.

  67. Nan says:

    Adoration, followed by Confession, waited in line after two boys, in suits and ties, who were making their first confessions. Heard Benediction while I was waiting. Mass. Blessed candles.

  68. bookworm says:

    A possible big upset in the making in the Illinois GOP primary for governor… with 98 percent of the vote in, a strongly PRO-LIFE, Catholic, downstate resident, Bill Brady, is winning, by just a few hundred votes, over Kirk Dillard, a candidate from the Chicago suburbs who has a generally pro-life and conservative voting record but endorsed Obama in the ’08 primaries.

    It is still way too close to call — probably won’t know the winner until morning — but Brady has done far better than expected. There were 6 candidates running and he was behind in the pre-election polls.

    Should Brady pull this off it will be another upset, maybe not quite of Scott Brown proportions, but close, and a significant blow to the Obamessiah’s prestige and to the Chicago political/media machine in his home state. (And even if he doesn’t win, he came close enough to put the fear of God into the winner!) I consider that very good news!

  69. Peggy R says:

    BW posted above what I was going to post! We’re thrilled by Brady cutting through the machine. He’s the real deal: pro-life Catholic not of Chicago machine politics. Presuming he is the victor, he will go up against pro-abort Dem Catholic of Chicago, Quinn, who’s damaged goods. It was a sleeper victory. Dare we credit the Holy Spirit at work?

    On the personal side, we’re making great progress with our kids who have various developmental concerns. Lots of prayer and trusting God going on here.

  70. Philothea says:

    A family member just returned to Confession after several years. (Was it the prayer or the gentle nagging that helped? Or a little of both?) God is good!

  71. Golatin5048 says:

    Our church just striped off the ugly cream-color wallpaper/paint off the background of our stations to beautiful painting’s still intact after 25+ years! all its cost was $14 and 4 men!

  72. Geometricus: That is good news!

  73. coeyannie says:

    I was in a car accident yesterday and didn’t die. That’s good news.

  74. MAJ Tony says:

    My cousin, Fr. Paul Nord, OSB of the Archabbey of St. Meinrad (St. Meinrad, IN, about 60 miles west of Louisville, KY) just celebrated the Holy Mass at the tomb of our Lord in Jerusalem. Monday, he is to celebrate Mass at the other main altar at the site of our Lord’s crucifixion. On Tuesday, he leaves Jerusalem and Hebrew U for Rome and continued studies at Pont. Biblical Institute. Prayers appreciated.

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