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Iced Tea Break

It is about 90°F and high humidity.  Sooooo…. thirstyyyyy….. It’s time for a glass of iced tea! Refresh your Mystic Monk Tea or Coffee supply HERE. In the meantime, I made new editions of the Catholic and Faithful – American … Read More

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A new batch

I have ticked a few things off my To Do List for the day and can now settle down to read a bit. I need, inter alia, to make some more notes about Augustine’s commentary on 1 John, which we … Read More

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20th Anniversary Supper: chicken

I have been trying to recapture some verve for cooking.  The kitchen hasn’t been very interesting lately. But yesterday, with the help of a couple donations which came in for my 20th anniversary of ordination, I picked up some groceries … Read More

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The Feeder Feed and Penjing Report

Another dimension of the feeder…. Mr. Grosbeak paying attention to junior. Please help feed the birds.  They are on short commons right now. PENJING REPORT Some first aid followed by benign neglect have served to bring Penjing back from the … Read More

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Again.. just some prayer.  I just turned on the mic and read.  Not a single frill. Sometimes that is what we are left with. I reduced the bit-rate on this recording. If there is enough interest reflected in the stats … Read More

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Social networking toolZ reminder and thanks to readers

I am on Twitter: fatherzand Facebook: fatherz and Plurk: fatherz There is a Google thingy in the left sidebar…. not sure what that is all about but sign up anyway and help SkyNet… er.. um… sorry… don’t want to make … Read More

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The Feeder Feed and thanks to readers

I am remiss in sending out shouts and thanks to those of you who have sent things from the wishlist or have made donations through the donation button.   The list is long, but among you are BP of NC, KA, … Read More

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Late summer evening

I don’t think there will be many more evenings like this. The three bonsai trees. Can you believe this is the same Japanese maple as a few weeks back? Quite a contrast to what I was dealing with last week. … Read More

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Both old and new

PENJING REPORT Penjing has been outside and is doing very well.. lots of new growth. "But Father! But Father!", some of you are saying… gesticulating at the screen.  "Wasn’t there another tree?  It had a funny name…  Did you … … Read More

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Sunday afternoon

It was a nearly perfect afternoon at the Sabine Farm today. I had a friend over to enjoy a leisurely late lunch of trouts, a fennel au gratin, sweet corn with a little garish of roasted red peppers. I prepared … Read More

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The Bird Feed

As I was sitting at my desk, minding my own business, I heard the not unfamiliar sound of a bird flapping against my window pane, trying to get in.  This one, however, was the first Oriole of the season, a … Read More

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