Tarragon of virtue

My tarragon is coming along very nicely!

Strong, virtuous tarragon!


I sense Bearnaise sauce in my near future.

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  1. Anne C. says:

    As PDQ Bach says, “a tarragon of virtue . . .” (Cute!)

  2. DdC says:

    Ya think? It looks fabulous. I have more than one type but I must say yours looks great. If it really fills out you can also make vinegar with it.

    Get some good white wine or champagne vinegar. Bring it to a boil and pour it into a a sterilized bottle and than let it cool down to warm (little warmer than lukewarm) place the stems of rinsed and hand dried tarragon in it. Hand tighten top after cooling and store in cool dark place for a few days. Replace herbs after a couple of weeks (reheat vinegar just until warm and then do same steps)so that the herbs do not get bitter and vinegar retains its’ acidity.


    I have English and French lavender this year but I’m keeping my fingers crossed. Tough to get it right so you can really get the scent throughout the garden.Really depends on the weather. Lemongrass is extremely prolific and is so great if you like to fool around w/Asian/Vietnamese/Thai cuisine at all.

    Good luck with the herb garden!


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