16-18 July – Detroit – Latin Liturgy Association Convention

From a reader in Detroit:

The Latin Liturgy Association will be having their convention this summer (July 16-18) in Detroit – in part at St. Josaphat Catholic Church.
There’s some info up at the parish blogsite: http://stjosaphat.wordpress.com/
a Scribd document here: http://www.scribd.com/doc/30938242/Detroit-LLA-Conference
and the dread .pdf file here: http://www.detroitlatinmass.org/latin/llabig.pdf
This will be held the weekend after the National Pastoral Musicians conference takes place here, and though we will probably not have the hundreds they’re expecting for that, we’re hoping to have a good showing.

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  1. It is really great that the Detroit Catholic Community is going to have this event this summer. The churches in the area, and the Community that celebrates the usus antiquior is outstanding there.

    I was blessed enough to be able to have my Daughter baptized in the older form of the Baptism Rite this winter at St. Josaphat’s and it really was an awesome experience.

    Not only is the community growing support and following of the Mass in the usus antiquior, but also the priests that are learning to use the Extraordinary Form. In fact, the “Novus Ordo Parish” that we also attended had two newer priests that were frequently saying the Mass at St. Josaphat’s. On top of that, there are 4 or 5 other Churches in the area that celebrated Mass in the usus antiquior.

    If I wasn’t living in Alaska, I would definitely be there for the experience of this. If you have the ability to go, the community, the churches, and the overall “spirit” of the area are worth the trip.

  2. Tim Ferguson says:

    We in Detroit are thrilled to be able to have this event here. Aidan Nichols will be the keynote speaker, and Bishop Perry from Chicago will be here for a Pontifical High Mass. With all of the bad press that Detroit usually gets, this should be a much-needed shot in the arm, and a chance for us to show off some of the positive things that happen here, and some of the green shoots of growth that are taking place, both in our parishes and in the city as a whole, along with our great neighbor to the south, Windsor, Canada.

  3. david andrew says:

    Two of the presenters are known to me; Dr. Steven Ball is a friend and colleague (an organ studio mate at the University of Michigan in the studio of the venerable Marilyn Mason). His knowledge of bells (of all shapes and sizes) and their role in culture, society and the Church is really quite encyclopedic. Alex Begin will be serving as MC for the first Solemn High Mass in the EF to be celebrated in over 40 years at the church where I serve as Music Director. His support and encouragement in this endeavor has been invaluable.

    I know it’s premature, but Fr. Z, if you’re coming, will there be a blognic in the plans?

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