17 May – Turin, Italy – Solemn TLM, monks and Abbot of Le Barroux

From Romualdica I learn that, for the occasion of the display of the Shroud of Turin, monks and the Abbot from the traditional Benedictine Abbey of Sainte-Madaleine at Le Barroux, France, will have a Solemn Abbatial (Extraordinary Use) Mass in Turin at the Church of the Santi Martiri (Via Garibaldi 25).

The Mass will be on 17 May at 10:15.

Those of you traveling in or near Turin (Torino, Italy) will want to participate in this.  The monks from Le Barroux sing chant as well as any choir I have ever heard.

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  1. Sigh. Wish I could be there. I would like to see the Shroud, too. I believe it’s the real deal and no forgery.

    Hopefully, someone will be recording this Mass for DVD.

  2. Virgil says:

    It would be nice to assist at an EF mass in a bigger church. Our normal EF church here in Turin, Chiesa della Misericordia, is just up the street from Santi Martiri. Misericordia is always packed, standing room only, because it is so small.

    Just wish that the Abbot would come a day early and do Mass on Sunday, instead of 10:15 Monday morning when we’re all busy in the office! *rats*

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