New Planned Parenthood mega-mill in St. Paul will be eco-friendly!

Bad news, via Jill Stanek, from my native place.

She noticed something very interesting in the STrib story.

I hope the sisters who supported "health-care" are reeeaaaly prooooud of themselves.  Good work, sisters!

I’ve reported previously on the massive pro-life protests and prayer vigils at a St. Paul, MN, Planned Parenthood abortion mill as well as PP’s annual "Good Friday solidarity event."

Well, PP of MN, ND, and SD is closing that mill and building a 46,000 sq. ft., 3-story mega-mill in an industrial park.

Why now? According to

[Sarah] Stoesz [president and CEO of PP in MN], said PP is preparing for a possible increase in demand because of the [NB:] new federal health care bill, which will add millions of people to insurance rolls starting in 2014. Many will be the lower-income and young adults that PP serves, she said. "We don’t know exactly what health care reform will mean for our patients," she said. "But I anticipate that more people will access health care."

The new location was chosen [NB:] "after a zip code analysis of where PP’s patients come from," according to, i.e., a "low-income minority community," writes our MN pro-life friend Sandy.

PP also chose the new spot to "provide more privacy for patients who now routinely have to walk past abortion foes who try to persuade them not to go into the clinic," according to, i.e., ditch pro-life protesters.

PP’s new mega-mill falls mid-range in size compared to other mega-mills built by PP in recent years:

Aurora, IL (2007): 22,000 sq ft
Sarasota, FL (2009): 23,000 sq ft
Portland, OR (February 2010): 40,000 sq ft
St. Paul, MN (to open December 2011): 46,000 sq ft
Denver, CO (2008): 50,000 sq ft
Houston, TX (to open fall 2010): 78,000 sq ft

[Have read about but can’t confirm mega-mills in Worcester, PA (33,000 sq ft) and Seattle, WA (31,500 sq ft). If you have links to corroborate these or any others I haven’t listed, please alert me in comments section and I’ll add to the list.]

Environmentalists will be happy to learn PP is going green! Buildings used to kill babies to save the planet will be eco-friendly! PP of MN’s new chop shop will be LEED-certified, as was the Sarasota PP, eco-friendly video below…

I hope the sisters are proud of themselves.

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  1. Fr. Steve says:

    “Environmentalists will be happy to learn PP is going green!”

    Yeah, all the Enviornmentalists except those that they are going to slaughter before they’re born.
    Good job sisters:(

  2. For the past forty-some years women apostolic religious have been “going crazy”…how is this a surprise with the leadership’s Femi-Nazi ‘agenda’ (which, unfortunately does not include the elderly sisters, as well as those sisters who did not believe in this agenda, but were silenced.)
    These orders are dead, they’re dying, they’re over.
    The ‘death rattle’ is going on now in these orders from the “ever-so-alive” contingent of 70 and 80 year olds.
    Sorry, but the communities like “Mother, Mary of the Eucharist” (Ann Arbor), the Nashville Dominicans, the Franciscans (of the Martyr St. George, Alton; the Sisters of the Renewal (New York), and many of the contemplative cloistered Nuns (Dominican, Poor Clares, Carmelites, Franciscan Nuns of Adoration, etc.) are going to continue to thrive.

  3. bookworm says:

    PP also is planning a new abortion mill in the Detroit area… and of course, they cite the. ahem, opportunity created by the healthcare bill as one of the reasons they are building it. See this post at Thomas Peters’ American Papist:

    Off topic, but speaking of the Nashville Dominicans… anyone know if they were affected by the flooding down there?

  4. TundraMN says:

    Lord, have mercy on our city! This is very sad, especially in light of those who supported the “health care” reform. Although, it is not entirely surprising that they would pick one of the Twin Cities for their emporium of slaughter, being that the Twin Cities has a large pro-abort population.

  5. There will be a lot more red than green.

  6. irishgirl says:

    Fr. Marie-Paul: Yes, there will be a lot more ‘red than green’…the blood of aborted children.

    bookworm: I’m thinking the same thing about the Nashville Dominicans!

  7. wanda says:

    ‘A voice was heard in Ramah, sobbing and loud lamentation;
    Rachel weeping for her children, and she would not be consoled,
    since they were no more.’

    Matt. 2:18

  8. JosephMary says:

    I was praying at a planned (banned) parenthood mill this morning. It is conveniently located across from a campus. The police are there to protect the killing. When an elderly pro-life rosary pray-er was pushed into the busy street, the city policeman did nothing. When asked why, he said he was only hired by PP.

    I have prayed at the Denver abortion factory. It is a two story fortress surrounded by cameras and high walls. I was there along with many families who walked around the ediface with our rosaries. There were 6 police cars there to make sure our babies did not get out of hand, or anything spoken to the mothers as they go through the iron jaws of the gates to take the lives of their babies.

    Yes, these demonic places will always be more red than green.

  9. Jenny says:

    bookworm and irishgirl,

    I think the Dominican campus is alright. I work about a mile or two from them and, although I haven’t driven by, I haven’t heard they had much flooding. Most of the flooding is in other areas of town. I’m sure they got really wet, like the rest of us, but this week has been very warm and dry, so they are probably pretty dry by now.

  10. You’d think somebody would catch on by now: Kmiec, Notre Dame, Georgetown, Stupak, various eco-nuns, ….

    It’ll continue as long as most Americans believe it’s better to kill their children than place them for adoption. Lots of love out there waiting for children, folks. You’d think the supply-demand folks would’ve figured this out by now.

    Praying, praying, praying…

  11. momoften says:

    “An early sign of health care reform’s impact is Planned Parenthood’s decision to open a new Oakland County clinic within the next 18 months, adding to 15 locations, including Detroit, Warren and Livonia. Unlike other Detroit area centers, the new location is likely to include abortion services.” And this healthcare plan was NOT going to provide abortion services….I am sure there are many other places that have done the same ….sad, very sad.

  12. catholicmidwest says:

    The gas chambers, American style.

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