Prayer request: seminarian with cancer

WDTPRSers… perhaps in your goodness, you would again think to ask God for a miracle in this concrete case of urgent need.

In your charity will you please pray for a blogger, naval officer, seminarian Philip Gerard Johnson.  He has been battling brain cancer, which has begun to assert itself again.

His blog is Caritate non ficta.  You can read his update there.

Pray to Ven. Pauline Jaricot for a swift, full and enduring recovery from this malady.

May I suggest that you ask this miracle through the intercession of Ven. Pauline Jaricot?

    Almighty God, who knew us all from before creation
    called us into being according to Your plan,
    we humbly beseech You,
    through the intercession of Venerable Pauline Jaricot,
    who cared for the sick during her earthly life,
    that the seminarian Philip Gerard be swiftly and completely cured of his cancer
    so that God’s glory and mercy may be manifest.

    Venerable Pauline, we ask you in this urgent need,
    pray now before God’s throne
    that Philip Gerard be completely and swiftly healed by God’s miraculous act,
    that God be glorified in the working of this miracle,
    that we be edified by His mercy.
    Holy Trinity, Father, Son and Holy Spirit, we thank you for all your gifts and mercy.
    In Jesus’ Name we beg that this be done according to God’s will.


May we have ALL WDTPRSers do this?

Those of you who are registered, chime in.

Also, remember that praying to many saints and angels, while praiseworthy, makes the authentication of the miracle for more difficult.

If we do not ask for miracles they will not be granted.  Ask for miracles!

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Fr. Z is the guy who runs this blog. o{]:¬)
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  1. Steve K. says:


  2. Flambeaux says:


  3. Theodorus says:

    Lord, hear our prayer.

  4. my kidz mom says:


  5. Patrick50 says:

    Printing the prayer out and going to pray it before mass this week!

  6. Rose in NE says:


  7. wanda says:

    Prayed, asked.

  8. The Digital MC says:


  9. Sacristymaiden says:


  10. A. J. D. S. says:


  11. William of the Old says:


  12. Tiber89 says:

    Prayer said and I will continue praying…I will take this prayer with me to our Men’s group tomorrow morning…

  13. TrueLiturgy says:


  14. Jack Hughes says:


  15. shadowlands says:

    Have just prayed, I believe in miracles! Thank you Lord, for hearing our prayers, and we offer you our mustard seeds of faith, in order to move the mountain, as you promised in your word, which does not return to you empty. Amen.

  16. teomatteo says:

    St. Joseph pray with us…

  17. Done. And thank you for asking.

  18. Servant of the Liturgy says:


  19. DebbieInCT says:


  20. Roman says:


  21. kat says:


  22. ipadre says:

    Most High God, pour fourth your Holy Spirit to heal our brother through the grace of Pentecost. My prayers are with Philip!

  23. Shepherdess says:

    Done. Also added this prayer to my daily Outlook reminder for the Prayer for the Pope you wrote for us Fr. Z. This has turned out to be a good way to keep track of it.

  24. smad0142 says:


  25. gmaskell says:


  26. Cath says:


  27. ivan_the_mad says:

    factum est

  28. Ulrich says:


  29. annina says:


  30. Pater OSB says:


  31. Amerikaner says:


  32. CarpeNoctem says:


  33. liberanos says:


  34. AnAmericanMother says:

    Prayers for a miracle.

  35. Ttony says:

    Prayer prayed as printed.

  36. Agnes of Prague says:

    Cosi sia.

  37. rhetoric57 says:

    Prayed and cross-patched to my iPhone for further use.

  38. juxta crucem says:

    I’m praying, too.

  39. Ralph says:

    Done. May Christ’s peace be with you in this difficult time.

  40. mgalexander says:


  41. New Sister says:

    May we commend him to the prayers of Saint Rocco, OL of Lourdes, Ste Bernadette – may God have mercy and leave us a good and faithful priest in Philip Gerard Johnson.

  42. Rick says:

    I will be praying daily for his recovery.

  43. cirrus says:

    Done, and will continue to do.

  44. SGCOLC says:

    Done. Amen.

  45. patergary says:

    Prayers coming.

  46. rakesvines says:

    I prayed using the recommended intercession.

  47. marniebcn says:

    Will include Philip Gerard in my daily prayers.

  48. Ung Foy says:


  49. IsabellaofSpain says:

    Done. I will send this to my friends.

  50. JohnE says:

    Done, through the intercession of Ven. Pauline Jaricot.

  51. frater says:


  52. JosephMary says:


  53. DavidJ says:


  54. marthawrites says:

    Yes, indeed. I am happy to be asked to pray for two of my favorite intentions–the sick and religious vocations. This gentleman will be remembered in my daily Litany of Compassion for the Sick for as long as he needs my prayers. Venerable Pauline has never heard from me before, but now she has…and will continue to.

  55. Sieber says:


  56. Janine says:


  57. lucy says:

    My two daughters and I just prayed for this man to Ven. Pauline. May she make swift, and beg Almighty God to heal him. Amen.

  58. pattif says:


  59. Art says:


  60. QMJ says:

    Done and passing it on. Great was Ven. Pauline’s healing, through her intercession may Philip Gerard’s be too.

  61. Agellius says:


  62. Joel says:


  63. Jacques-Antoine Fierz says:


  64. q7swallows says:


  65. annejeffries says:

    Philip’s name is now posted on my prayer list on the sidebar of my blog. God be with him, Annie

  66. Gaz says:


  67. AngelineOH says:


  68. DanielKane says:

    Philip is a “Millennial” seminarian – our future – and has the makings of a great priest. May our Lord hear our prayers through the intercession of Ven. Pauline Jaricot and heal him to serve the people of God in North Carolina.

  69. Kaneohe says:

    Philip you’re on my daily prayer list. May God watch over you.

  70. Joan M says:


  71. Rellis says:

    By your command.

  72. Sandy says:

    Doing so. I follow Philip’s blog and have felt deeply touched by his story.

  73. MarkJ says:

    Done. I will forward this request and this prayer to others. Thank you for alerting us to this.

  74. anthtan says:


  75. Supertradmum says:

    I had a cancer operation last year and have just got the “all clear” results yesterday. One faces death and the reality of facing God in these times. I pray for him now, and through the intercession of Gianna Molla as well as your saint, Father Z, Venerable Pauline.

  76. SuzieQ says:

    praying for him

  77. Gregg the Obscure says:

    As asked, so done.

  78. kwooding says:


  79. Done as specified.

  80. cregduff says:

    Done. It’s in His hands. His will be done.

  81. pfhawkins says:

    Prayed for the intercession of Ven. Pauline Jaricot in this matter.

  82. Girgadis says:

    Done, as you have asked.

  83. Reginald Pole says:

    Done, imploring the intercession of Ven. Pauline Jaricot.

  84. bruno says:


  85. Melody Faith says:


  86. jade says:

    Done, imploring the intercession of Ven. pauline Jaricot. And will continue and share with others!

  87. Traductora says:

    Just added mine!

  88. doctordrew says:

    Done. Amen.

  89. Mike says:



    fiat voluntas tua…Amen.

  90. Nerinab says:

    Miracle asked for.

  91. ejcmartin says:


  92. bnaasko says:


  93. Vincentius says:


  94. Kate says:


  95. JenB says:

    Done! And thank you for such a timely request. My step-mother is also battling brain cancer, and has been told she has left than a month left.

  96. Thomas in MD says:


  97. bourne says:


  98. Gail F says:


  99. ckdexterhaven says:

    Just sent a prayer up from North Carolina.

  100. JCP says:

    Praying for you, my friend. God bless.

  101. Warren says:


  102. Random Friar says:


  103. B.C.M. says:


  104. Gwen says:

    Done as requested.

  105. TKS says:


  106. Frank H says:

    Done and will continue!

  107. Mary Bruno says:

    Done as requested

  108. Nora says:

    Done with pleasure.

  109. Templar says:

    Done, through the intercession of Ven. Pauline Jaricot.

  110. Norah says:


  111. Dr. Eric says:

    I offered the prayer through the intercession of Venerable Pauline Jaricot. I am now going to research her life.

  112. nzcatholic says:

    done through the prayers of Ven. Pauline Jaricot

  113. Agnes says:


  114. coletmary says:


  115. janek3615 says:

    Prayers said. Thank you for asking.

  116. California Girl 21 says:

    Venerable Pauline Jaricot, OPN.

  117. thebigweave says:


  118. basenji says:


  119. frdgss says:

    I’m in Lourdes on the International Military Pilgrimage.
    I’ll light a candle for Philip today.

  120. marypatricia says:


  121. Jane says:

    Praying for Philip.

  122. RCOkie says:

    Done and will continue daily. Thank you for letting us know so we can pray for a miracle.

  123. Mr. Graves says:

    Ven. Pauline Jaricot, ora pro nobis!

  124. jmtcmkb says:

    If we do not ask for miracles they will not be granted. Ask for miracles!

    Amen!! praying for a miracle.

  125. sawdustmick says:

    On it boss – printing it now for use.

  126. irishgirl says:

    Done….from the daughter of a Navy veteran of World War II!

    Hoping for a miracle!

    Deus Veult! [hope that’s the right Latin translation!]

  127. Mashenka says:

    Done, with thanks to God for the Communion of Saints!

  128. fairkaye says:

    I have prayed and will continue to do so. Also contacted my parish prayer chain and several others with prayer requests for Philip and included the prayer with requests.

  129. dimsum says:


  130. yatzer says:


  131. moconnor says:

    Done in Florida

  132. Grateful Catholic says:


  133. kelleyb says:


  134. JoyfulMom7 says:

    Just saw this and have prayed the way you have asked – now I will add this prayer intention to my daily Rosary

  135. jenne says:


  136. avecrux says:

    I have prayed for a miracle. God bless.

  137. Thank you all for your prayers! Be assured of mine for you as well!

  138. irishgirl says:

    Dr Eric-Venerable Pauline was a friend of the Cure of Ars, so she’s a very appropriate holy woman to pray to in this Year for Priests!

    Philip-I also placed your name in a notebook of intentions at the Perpetual Adoration chapel I go to!

  139. kalless says:


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