PRAYERCazT: Vespers and Compline (BrevRom)

I will have company for supper – the Boeuf Bourguignon I prepared yesterday – and so I have done Vespers and Compline a bit early, also as a help to the tired brethren out there who might want either to follow or listen.

No frills… just me reading the hours at a clip.



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  1. greasemonkey says:

    Where do the different part of the office (Lauds/Vespers) come from in a day that is 4th class in the ordo, BUT isn’t just an ordinary week day? Example would be last Thursday “St. John before the Latin Gate” or yesterday “Apparition of St. Michael”. These are days of the 4th class according to the Ordo. IF one treats it as a “Ferial Office” and everything comes from the Psalter than what’s the point of having such and such a feast?

    I guess the confusion is that once we move beyond a 3rd class feast then the rubrics speak of “Ferial” office and every thing coming from the Psalter and previous Sunday.

  2. Rellis says:

    Thanks, Father. A little Sunday gift for me. Compline was never so easy. Now if only I can muster the will to do anticipated Matins and Lauds for tomorrow. I’ll wish I had…

  3. Rellis: Thanks for that.

  4. jasoncpetty says:

    The monk’s bed in that picture is fascinating.

  5. Thomas in MD says:


    I didn’t have a chance to thank you when I met you briefly in the sacristy after the DC Mass, but I wanted to say how useful your recordings of the Office are. I use the Angelus layman’s Office and have always found it a bit of a chore, but with you on my ipod praying along with me, I have really begun to enjoy my prayer and and am benefitting from it too. Thank you and please keep them coming; it would be great to have the whole week covered! Also, it was nice to meet you and I do regret I couldn’t make the blognic.

  6. Thomas in MD: Maybe next time! And thanks for the comment.

  7. greasemonkey says:

    Thought someone might be able to point me in the right direction?!

    Thanks for all your help guys. Ha!

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