After writing…

… I am on my way to meet a friend for supper. it’s a very pleasant evening.

My favorite tall building in Manhattan.

The top is actually stylized hubcaps!

This is a nice plate of skate, with lemon and capers.

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  1. The building in the first photo looks like the Daily Bugle!

  2. The Digital MC says:


    I looked at the first picture and thought the EXACT same thing!!

  3. Ah… getting close to the Village?
    Beware of Idiots. [More like beware of deviants and the physically mutilated.]

  4. cblanch says:

    I believe the first building is the “Flat Iron” building. I’ve stood in front of it before. I miss New York.

  5. Father Z., enjoy the ‘beautimous’ weather there… in the Midwest it is crap-ta-cious…although we need the rain…but the humidity is just, well,,,anyway…enjoy NY, NY!!:<)!

  6. cblanch says:

    Wow, Fr. Thompson, that’s cool! I was on a tour of this area about 7 years ago and we stopped at a restaurant that isn’t far from the Flatiron building. They had the BEST mashed potatos ever! It was famed for being a hangout of JFK Jr. apparently (don’t know why that stuck in my head.) Anyway, if anyone knows which restaurant I”m talking about and can give me the name, I’d be very grateful. My husband and I are planning a NYC trip this fall and I’d love to take him there. The potatos were THAT good.

  7. Animadversor says:

    There’s an interesting article on the Flatiron building in Hell’s Bible at And it has been indeed very pleasant today.

  8. The Chrysler’s my favorite New York skyscraper, too. The very Queen of the Skyline.
    Lucky you, Father.

  9. I read in Hell’s Bible that the Flat Iron Building was designed by Daniel Burnham who was the famous urban planner of the capital city of the Philippines, Manila. He also designed our famous parks here in the Philippines one of which is named after him.

  10. torch621 says:

    Skate for supper?

    Here in Virginia Beach, we used to catch these guys all the time when we were surf fishing. I never knew they were edible.

  11. Charivari Rob says:

    Flatiron and Chrysler do have their charm.

    I’ve always had a fondness for the Woolworth Building, though.

  12. ignatius51 says:

    Father, is that a shout out to Radical Orthodoxy?

  13. ignatius: Someone recognized the reference!

  14. irishgirl says:

    I didn’t know that the top of the Chrysler Building was ‘stylized hubcaps’-very cool!

    Ah, the way they made buildings back then-all different! Not the ‘cookie-cutter’ sameness of today!

    You sure lucked out on the weather, Father Z! NYC can be a real ‘hot-box’ at times!

  15. M Heller says:

    I notice that the Empire State building is lighted in purple and blue for United Nations ocean awareness. However, lighting it in blue and white for Mother Teresa’s 100th birthday anniversary continues to be a problem. It seems that caring for the sick and dying is controversial.

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