Anti-Catholic blasphemous Hyundai commercial

A reader alerted me to this.


Hyundai Motor America
P.O. Box 20850
Fountain Valley, CA 92728 – 0850

(800) 633-5151
Mon – Fri, 5:00 am – 6:00 pm PST

UPDATE 14 June 2103 GMT:


I received an notice from a reader about a response he received from HYUNDAI:

From: Hyundai Consumer Affairs
To: ___
Sent: Monday, June 14, 2010 3:22 PM
Subject: Anti-catholic ad
Hello and thank you for your feedback regarding Hyundai advertising.

Hyundai Motor America would like to thank you and other consumers for sharing concerns about a new ad titled "Wedding" which aired during the opening games of the FIFA World Cup broadcast last week. We take comments of this nature very seriously. Because of feedback like yours, we have removed the ad from all Hyundai communications and stopped airing it.

We credit the passionate World Cup viewers and Hyundai owners for raising this issue to us. The unexpected response created by the ad, which combined both soccer and religious motifs to speak to the passion of international soccer fans, prompted us to take a more critical and informed look at the spot. Though unintentional, we now see it was insensitive. We appreciate your feedback and hope you will accept our sincere apologies.

With appreciation,

Hyundai Motor America


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  1. Athelstan says:

    I admit to some confusion.

    Part of me is appalled by the blasphemy at work. But another part of me is impressed that they bothered to do it in the original Latin. [It’s blasphemous.]

    But perhaps even heathens know there just isn’t much more you can do to mock modern improvised rubrics.

  2. JeffLiss says:

    Hyundai Motor America
    P.O. Box 20850
    Fountain Valley, CA 92728-0850

    (800) 633-5151
    Mon – Fri, 5:00 am – 6:00 pm PST

  3. TundraMN says:

    There would be death threats and bombings from the Mohammedans if Hyundai had set the commercial in a mosque!

  4. Supertradmum says:

    Am I understanding that this is in a real church in Argentina? Or is that part of this sick commercial? I shall write to the company.

  5. Supertradmum says:

    I just wrote an e-mail to the company, as listed by JeffLiss. I also wrote to many friends of mine to boycott the company and not buy Hyudais. In addition, I asked the company for an apology to the Catholic, world-wide community. I think all of us commentators should do this immediately.

  6. Ceile De says:

    I wasn’t going to buy a Hyundai anyway but I have written to them to ask if they really put out this commercial. The Crown of Thorns on the soccer ball offended me most.

  7. Ulrich says:

    Obviously there is a real Church of Maradona
    in Argentina

  8. jenambrose says:

    Hi, Fr. Z.
    I hate the ad, but it is a real thing in Argentina. [It’s blasphemous.]

  9. John 6:54 says:

    Galations 6:7-9
    Make no mistake: God is not mocked, for a person will reap only what he sows, because the one who sows for his flesh will reap corruption from the flesh, but the one who sows for the spirit will reap eternal life from the spirit. Let us not grow tired of doing good, for in due time we shall reap our harvest, if we do not give up.

  10. Supertradmum says:

    If Catholics were as sensitive as other religions, and more courageous, we would not have to tolerate such ads. Where is the outcry?

  11. I really don’t care if there’s a real “church” that does this, nonetheless it’s blasphemous…though I am impressed they kept the Latin.

  12. Diego F. C. says:

    With shame, I must say that in Argentina exists a Maradonian Church and is common to refer to Maradona as “god”.
    Obviously, that isn’t religious, but it is blasphemous.

  13. Supertradmum says:

    I am sending this to as many people and blogs as possible. Please, let us start a united Catholic front against this and other such horrible ads.

  14. Mike says:

    What the hell is that? I will call tomorrow and politely but FIRMLY protest.

  15. TNCath says:

    Blasphemous, indeed. It’s also very dumb.

    That said, the commercial does make a valid point about how sports and the entertainment industry in general have become a religion for many and is a pretty good commentary on the modern world in general. Professional sports events are a substitute, secular liturgy, where “congregants” attend to attempt fill that void that makes their lives empty. While it is soccer in most of the world, it’s the NFL or the NBA or the NCAA or major league baseball. Of course, they never find what they are looking for but keep coming back because it “feels good.”

  16. Supertradmum says:


    This ad actually makes me feel physically ill. Dumb is too nice a word.

  17. wanda says:

    Disgusting and blasphemous. This elevation of sports to that of a religion is most pitiable. If they only knew who is is they are blaspheming. Have mercy on us, O Lord.

  18. nadine says:

    I only had to see the first picture to send an email of polite protest- how horrific. I’m in the “family way”– otherwise I may be able to stomach watching the entire commercial.

  19. wanda says:

    JeffLiss, Thank you for the link. I’ve e-mailed and will share this with friends and family.
    Thank you for the story, Fr. Z.

    I think I may send a note to Mr. Bill Donohue at The Catholic League.

  20. TJerome says:

    wanda, great idea. They deserve to hear from Mr. Donohue!

  21. Athelstan says:

    Hello Fr. Z,

    It’s blasphemous.

    Your point is taken – at the end of the day, that is all that really need be said.

    And I have registered that point with Hyundai, and have urged fellow Catholics I know to do the same.

  22. TJerome says:

    I’d also be outraged if I were an Argentinian. It places them in a poor light. I’m going to ask Hundai if they would please convert this to a commercial in a Mosque setting.

  23. Athelstan says:

    wanda, great idea. They deserve to hear from Mr. Donohue!

    If the Catholic League does not exist to protest THIS kind of thing, I don’t know what they exist for.

    I expect they’ll hit it by tomorrow.

  24. Interesting that they parody reception of communion kneeling, not in the hand, and of things like thuribles. They’re not parodying the typical post-Vatican II church or the way the OF is most often celebrated. Like Hollywood, comedians and the blasphemous still want that image of the olden days, for the most part.

    A sickening commercial. I bet the South Korean parent company ain’t happy, because there’s a lot of Catholics there.

  25. JosephMary says:

    I have a brother and a sister who drive hyumdais and I sent this note to them.

    Also emailed the company. Mockery of the Blessed Sacrament does not sit well with me. Yes, heads would roll if they did this mockery directed to islam and there would be an ourcry if directed against judaism too.

    Shame on the former Catholic that put this thing together.

  26. susanna says:

    email sent.

  27. Gail F says:

    I sent an email saying that I thought the commercial was pretty funny, but I draw the line at actually mocking God. They could have toned it way down and been funny. I am not sure about what is real and not real about the place in Argentina, so for the sake the letter I just went on the assumption that they made the whole thing up. I said that there is a difference between poking fun at Catholics and mocking God.

  28. wanda says:

    I did email all the particulars about this commercial to The Catholic League. I refered them to your web-site to see the video, Father, I hope that is ok. We have to stop putting up with this anti-Catholic bias, we’ve got to stop being silent when God is mocked and when Christianity in general and Catholicism in particular are under-attack, especially in the lame-stream media.

  29. viennaguy says:

    I am appalled. I’m also a little shocked at those who are ‘impressed’ by use of Latin. They say ‘Agnus Dei, ora pro nobis” – they clearly just cut and pasted two phrases they could find.

    This is indeed blasphemous and disgusting, and I too will be writing to Hyundai. I may ask them if they plan to make a sequel in a mosque.

  30. wanda says:

    They say ‘Lamb of God, who takes away the sins of the world, pray for us.’ Which if they were sincere, would be a good prayer for them to actually pray. Right after they tell God how sorry they are for mocking him. (On their knees.)

  31. Utterly appalling. The way they mocked the Eucharist was the worst part for me. Whether the ad agency was ignorant or malicious in their intent, this is something which has to be opposed.

    As Fr. Z said, “it’s blasphemous.”

  32. Latter-day Guy says:

    As far as I can tell, the ad basically depicts “La Iglesia Maradoniana.” Here you can see a picture of the same “reliquary” (I guess? Perhaps I’m using the wrong term) that appears in the ad. Apparently they have their own adaptation of the tetragrammaton, changing the word “DIOS” to “D10S,” because 10 was Maradona’s number. So, though it is blasphemous and offensive, the blame cannot be put entirely on Hyundai’s shoulders––they didn’t make it up.

  33. Fr. Richard says:

    Fr. Z. Thanks for the alert. E-mail sent.

  34. New Sister says:

    disgusting. I’ve never been partial to hyundai cars anyway; now I hate them

  35. DT says:

    Thanks for the notice, Fr Z. E-mail sent to Hyundai.

  36. RichR says:

    How in the world did this get past screening?

    Email sent….

  37. revs96 says:

    Most people here seem to seriously believe that Hyundai made up an anti-Catholic ad. You have to realize that Catholicism and Maradonaism are the two largest religions in Argentina. Now, worship of football is fairly common in some countries, but very few football-worshippers synchretize their worship of football with any other religion (in this case Catholicism), the people in the commercial being an exception.

    The fact of the matter is, this is an actual religious sect, and are not small either. Don’t get mad at Hyundai (not too much anyway) since they are simply reporting what happens. Hyundai is NOT making this up. Get mad at the fans instead for mixing two religions (Catholicism & the worship of football). This stuff is real, although only soccer fans have ever seen this before (we usually ignore such people & consider them crackpots). Stuff like this is NOT made up, although it is completely foreign to fans of other sports, since no other sport is worshiped.

    In short, get mad at the fans, not Hyundai, because the contents of this commercial are real and more common than you think.

  38. Maryla says:

    After seeing this outrageous advert, my son set up an online petition, condemning such blasphemy. If you are able to sign it and spread the word, then who knows what might be achieved… Here is the link: .

    Many thanks.

  39. Clinton says:

    Right now, the Hallmark greeting card company is tangling with the NAACP. The NAACP is outraged because H. produced a greeting
    card that spoke of exploring outer space and referred to ‘black holes’. We live in a day when companies spend fortunes on so-called
    ‘sensitivity training’ and scrub from their ads anything that might offend. Ordinarily, the soul of an ad executive has the hyper-delicate
    sensibilities of a Victorian schoolmarm when it comes to the chance of making a gaffe that will damage the brand.

    So what gives with Hyundai?

    This ad was produced by the efforts of a very large number of people, working over an extended time. It’s impossible for me to believe
    that from the moment the idea was first floated to the day the final version was screened for that last focus group no one at Hyundai
    or the ad company they’d hired had an inkling that anyone could find this commercial offensive. If those responsible for making this
    commercial are truly so clueless, then they should be fired simply because Hyundai cannot afford to have such a crowd of incompetents
    making ads representing their company. If they aren’t fired, I assume it is because the company agrees that blasphemy conveys all that
    is best about Hyundai.

    JeffLiss, thank you for that e-mail address for Hyundai. Believe me, I will be writing a note to Hyundai explaining how this commercial
    has convinced me to never purchase any of their products in the future. I will also mention that I will be telling others I know about
    this ad in an effort to convince them to do likewise. If there are enough such letters, then perhaps the Hyundai overlords will reward
    their ad department as it deserves.

  40. marypatricia says:

    e mail sent. This is totally appalling and not even remotely funny.

  41. joanofarcfan says:

    JeffLiss, thanks. I, too ,emailed and will be sending this to many Catholics I know.

  42. teaguytom says:

    Needless to say, lets do this involving some Muslim prayer ritual. They would probably riot and murder people. How about the Jews? Oh right, they would probably declare everyone racists. Catholicism, the last remaining discriminated group. This commercial really pushed it as far as insulting a religious group. they attacked the very heart of what we celebrate.

  43. Stu says:


    Hyundai may not have created this blasphemy, but they don’t have to profit on it either. They don’t get a pass.

  44. Patikins says:


    I realize that this is a real sect, a syncretic one that blasphemes the true Church. As such, Hyundai shouldn’t use it to promote their cars.

    I was considering a Hyundai for my next car but not any more.

    I’m going to inform Hyundai fo that decision right now.


  45. memoriadei says:

    In the USA, this constitutes a hate crime. Interesting they use Latin but seem to be using a more Eastern chanting as they enter. Hyundai is a Korean car. My guess is that the corporate headquarters of Korean speaking Korean Board of Directors did not know this was coming out. I have written my email. Probably just a matter of time before the Catholic League jumps on this. Right now, Donohue is working tooth and nail on behalf of Blessed Mother Teresa.

  46. Tradster says:

    The critical point that makes the commercial so very wrong is that perhaps 90-some percent of the viewers never heard of that blasphemous “church”. So they were unable to understand that it was not referring to the Roman Catholic Church in general. That’s why Hyundai needs to apologize for it.

    That said, I’d bet more than a few liberals enjoyed that it was the TLM that was being mocked.

  47. email sent. asked why they didn’t chose an Islamic wedding to mock.

  48. Clinton says:

    revs96, I had no idea that such a thing as ‘Maradonaiam’ existed.

    Yet Hyundai wasn’t producing a documentary about the strange, syncretistic sects of Argentina. They were producing a commercial
    with imagery that no one in their right mind would think would not be deeply offensive to Catholics. They were shilling for their cars,
    not making an educational film.

    I’m sure that there are still people who see nothing wrong with the vaudeville genre of blackface. A few years ago the actor Ted Danson
    appeared in blackface at a roast for Whoopi Goldberg. However, ask yourself if any sane ad exec would greenlight an ad featuring a
    crowd in blackface with the subtext “aren’t these folks silly/cute/funny?” Such a commercial would never be made, and for good reason.

    Revs96, I agree that Hyundai didn’t manufacture Maradonaism. But they didn’t invent blackface, either. The anti-Catholic aspect of the
    ad stems from the company choosing to use the offensive imagery to promote their product. They cannot be so obtuse that they
    didn’t know that Catholics would find the commercial blasphemous. Evidently, they just didn’t care.

  49. Tradster says:

    Another thing: this mockery of Catholicism has supposedly been in existence for two or three years. So why in all that time haven’t our bishops in Argentina defended the Church by condemning the blasphemy and having it stopped before it got an international audience? Or is that a rhetorical question?

  50. AnnaTrad51 says:

    e-mail sent and forwarded to all I have on my list. A good old fashion boycott is not a bad idea if we do not get a public apology.

  51. spock says:

    Will have to email Hyundai as well. Outrageous.

    This seems like the Argentine equivalent of “The Church of Elvis” or something.

    Also concur that a Muslim equivalent would never have been made.

  52. RichardT says:

    Oh dear. That’s not good.

    But why am I also worried that some fashion-chasing priests will copy bits of it in real Masses, trying to look “relevant” during the World Cup?

  53. WBBritton says:

    I do not understand people being impressed with the use of Latin. These are sacred texts which are being mocked! These are the prayers of the Church being mocked! Don’t be impressed with their use of Latin!

  54. JohnMa says:

    I have to agree with revs on this one.

  55. AndyMo says:

    In the USA, this constitutes a hate crime.

    No, it doesn’t. Thank God our speech laws are much more permissive than in most countries here. Surely, this commercial is blasphemous and should be protested, but it is not nor should it be illegal. Hate crime legislation is a slippery slope that will only end in Catholics being persecuted for standing up for their faith principles, for example, the sinfulness of homosexual acts.

    Now in Canada such things would constitute hate crime or something like it.

  56. greg the beachcomber says:

    Remember, the same people we’re complaining to are the same people who, as another poster mentioned, spent a great deal of time pondering this ad before deciding it was OK to run. I know from personal experience that every word, every frame, every shot angle would’ve been scrutinized ad nauseum by the ad agency and Hyundai before getting the green light, and in the end they thought it was fine. Let’s not leave the parent company out of this. After you’ve written to the US email address, copy and paste your email here to let the big boys in Korea know what their representatives in America are up to, and what we think of it.

  57. It’s blasphemous, but take it as a back-handed compliment. There is nothing in the Protestant “religions” worth blaspheming.

  58. greg the beachcomber says:

    Last night my wife and I saw an ad showing a kid standing on the roof of a moving car playing guitar on his shirt. I said to my wife, “I can’t believe they’re showing this.” Yes, there was a fairly small disclaimer on the bottom of the screen stating something like “Don’t even THINK about doing this,” but what millions of kids saw was some idiot standing on a moving car playing guitar on his shirt. A certain number of them will think it’s a good idea.

    Revs96 and JohnMa: To paraphrase the great philosopher Dr. Ian Malcom (who gets all the best lines in Jurassic Park), “simply because you can say something doesn’t mean you should.” Yes, the original blasphemy was committed by the soccer fans in Argentina, but Hyundai has multiplied it greatly by giving it an international audience, just to make their thirty pieces of silver.

  59. motheroften says:

    I won’t watch the ad. I trust you Fr Z. if you say it is blasphemous. I will pass it along to and see if they can get something done.

  60. C. says:

    What if Hyundai portrayed a Satanist ceremony, or human sacrifice?

    Two words: Global Boycott.

  61. Hoanyeon says:

    I think we should all chill. This commercial did a good job doing Catholic liturgy than most of the Suburban parishes around my area!

    [I think your priorities are confused.]

  62. jmvbxx says:

    Can someone please explain to me why I should care about this ad?

    The rules of the Bible are not expected to be followed by non-believers. In fact, the ad actually is quite accurate in its depiction of the near-religious status that sports has attained in some parts of the world.

  63. jesuitschooled says:

    I won’t lie and say I didn’t hate the commercial…I think it’s stupid and has nothing to do with cars, therein lies some irony, but I honestly think we’re talking about a mountain out of a molehill here. [I honestly think its blasphemy.] It’s a commercial which is advertised for a specific event that lasts a short time and will be forgotten. Saying things like boycott and freaking out about it isn’t going to do anything. If Hyundai cared what we thought about them they wouldn’t have run an ad that was controversial or blasphemous. Christ said to offer them the other cheek. Shouldn’t we not? And also, for all those boycotting, I would ask if you boycott every single company that supports Planned Parenthood in any way, shape or form, because if you look at the entire list and then go through your house, you’ll probably find something and Abortion is far worse than this commercial. Just some food for thought. It’s blasphemous, I get it. [John 2:13:16]

  64. C. says:

    No, jesuitschooled, sins against religion are graver than all other sins. As St. Thomas Aquinas writes:

    If we compare murder and blasphemy as regards the objects of those sins, it is clear that blasphemy, which is a sin committed directly against God, is more grave than murder, which is a sin against one’s neighbor. On the other hand, if we compare them in respect of the harm wrought by them, murder is the graver sin, for murder does more harm to one’s neighbor, than blasphemy does to God. Since, however, the gravity of a sin depends on the intention of the evil will, rather than on the effect of the deed, as was shown above (I-II, 73, 8), it follows that, as the blasphemer intends to do harm to God’s honor, absolutely speaking, he sins more grievously that the murderer. Nevertheless murder takes precedence, as to punishment, among sins committed against our neighbor.

  65. jesuitschooled says:

    I would have to respectfully disagree in regards to this commercial, which is the issue. The commercial is only documenting a “religion” that exists and therefore it is those in the commercial that are actually blaspheming rather than Hyundai who merely is showing it. If you want to get angry, go after those members of that religion, but Hyundai is only showing them to illustrate the point that people actually equate sports with religion in some parts of the world, and since it is clear by the post and the comments that people are upset at Hyundai and this commercial rather than the people in the actual blaspheming religion, your point is misdirected. It is correct, but not in this context I would argue. [It’s blasphemy.]

  66. C. says:

    Hyundai spent tens of millions of dollars to film and promote this “religion”. Get a clue.

  67. Hoanyeon says:

    I do not think that my priorities are confused. How many average Catholics would seriously recognize this commercial as blasphemy? Would they recognize “Agnus Dei, qui tollis peccata mundi” as the beginning line from the Lamb of God? Would they recognize that they are parodying a procession of relics? Or communion on the tongue kneeling (I’ve seriously had a Catholic priest ask me if I was Catholic when I did this one time)? When was the last time you saw incense at an average American Catholic parish?

    It’s truly sad that Catholics would not recognize such Catholic things! The only thing that might have recognized is the liturgical dancing in that commercial. This is why I would like to point the finger at us, not at Hyundai.

  68. QMJ says:

    These are the saddest people I have ever seen. I have never seen a clearer example of a lost and superficial people. This makes me want to cry. Thanks for bringing this to our attention, Fr. Z. I wrote Hyundai and will be passing this on.

  69. jmvbxx says:

    @QMJ .. Who are the saddest people you’ve ever seen? Hyundai? The actors? The ad agency?

    I mean no disrespect .. but there is real sadness in this world and I don’t see this ad coming even close!!!

  70. doanli says:

    I am sure Mr Donohue of the Catholic League has been informed about this.

    God and His Church are mocked and people wonder why there is so much tragedy and evil allowed to happen in the world?

  71. doanli says:

    I’ve lived in the Southeast all my life and I know we’re generally pretty conservative down here, but I’ve been to plenty of Masses in my life with incense being used (all post V2). So, I don’t understand the statement about the average Catholic parish not having incense.

    As far as the Agnus Dei, I think there is a growing movement to include some Latin in the Norvos Ordo. (My 8 o’clock Sunday Mass includes it now, as well as the daily Masses)

  72. Sandra_in_Severn says:

    I’ve sent a couple emails, to Hyundai-USA and the link to the parent company that someone else posted. I also posted this on a discussion site I frequent (too often maybe) as well as sent a link to this piece to several friends.

    I am outraged.

  73. C. says:

    @jmvbxx, the saddest people I’ve ever seen are the so-called Catholics who can’t bring themselves to condemn even this.

  74. mr. crouchback says:


    I know we live in an age of hyperbole; *everything* is the best, the worst, the biggest, the fastest, etc., etc. But if it’s *really* the case that the “saddest people” you’ve ever seen are Catholics who won’t condemn this TV ad, then I envy you.

  75. C. says:

    You know of something sadder than a Catholic who defends blasphemy against the Holy Eucharist? By all means, do tell.

  76. jmvbxx says:

    @C You’re putting yourself into a difficult position by attempting to pass judgement on other Catholics. We also have very different standards on what constitutes true sadness.

    This brings me back to my original point that no one has clearly answered with simple logic or explanation.

    Why should we concern ourselves with those (from outside our fold and therefore not subject to our standard) and how they choose to view us or represent our imagery? Especially in this case because the ad really can be interpreted as an attack on idolaters.

  77. david andrew says:

    My email, just sent:

    “To whom it may concern,

    I have just seen your highly blasphemous and offensive ad.

    If you had portrayed a mosque with a dome in the shape of a soccer ball and other such nonsense, you would find yourselves in a heap of trouble. Apparently religious tolerance doesn’t include Roman Catholicism, and you have little respect for those of us who take our faith seriously.

    I hope, and am quite sure that you’re being inundated with emails and telephone calls for the wholesale removal of the ad and a formal apology to faithful, serious-minded Roman Catholics all over the world. Your decision to produce and air this ad is beyond the pale.

    If you remove the ad, you might regain some of your lost profit base. Otherwise, you can pretty much count on many Catholics like myself in the market to purchase their vehicles elsewhere.”

  78. jmvbxx says:

    @C .. I read through the posts here again and I cannot find one example of anyone defending blasphemy against the Holy Eucharist.

    Can you please paste here so it is clear what you are referring to.

  79. C. says:

    @jmvbxx – Sounds like relativism to me. All Creation must worship the Holy Eucharist, because it is objectively God, and there is no other God.

    So if they view the Eucharist as bread, and our worship of it as silly, and they make fun of it, they are still objectively committing material blasphemy, and it is still very sad. It is sadder still when those who know the truth do nothing to correct the ignorant, and saddest when they even stoop to defend it.

    I don’t think the idolaters will view it as an attack.

  80. C. says:

    @jmvbxx: “I would like to thank and applaud Hyundai for showing Catholic culture to such a wide audience, and reminding us Catholics what it means to be Catholic in a hilarious manner in these sad times.” -Hoanyeon’s blog

  81. C. says:

    @jmvbxx: “there is real sadness in this world and I don’t see this ad coming even close” – that’s a defense, sorry.

  82. JonM says:


    Totally blasphemous, mocking, and evil.

    Father, look at this past week:
    ‘Xtina’ Aguilera just came out with a music video that shows a black mass with an orgy at the place of the altar, Lady Gaga freshly minted her intensely horrific short film of one section of hell. But a mainstream car company showing up at the party?

    Hey I got an idea for a slogan to go along with this…

    Hyundai: Another reason to buy American.

  83. SPWang says:

    The pizza part has made me furious.
    I’m appalled. Shocked. Etc.

  84. jmvbxx says:

    @C .. The issue is not whether or not the ad is blasphemous .. The issue is whether or not we should care.

    If someone is actually offended by the ad, or if they feel that they are prepared to withhold their purchase then they are free to write a letter or complaint. Realistically, it is not possible to always “correct the ignorant”.

    Again, please quote a reply that defends the blasphemy?

  85. C. says:

    @jmvbxx: Today is the external solemnity of the Feast of the Sacred Heart of Jesus. If you look up the origins of this feast, and the indulgenced devotions attached to it, perhaps you’ll realize that you are, in fact, supposed to care.

  86. jmvbxx says:

    I would recommend writing a polite, respectful letter and then praying for the souls of those who do not yet believe.

    @C .. don’t look for hidden meaning in my words. This ad not coming close to true sadness on a global scale is not a defense of the ad. It is simply a personal opinion.

  87. jmvbxx says:

    @C .. What calendar do you follow? Today is the 11th Sunday in ordinary time. Where I live, yesterday was the Immaculate Heart of the Virgin Mary and Friday was the Sacred Heart of Jesus.

    Ok, so if we can agree that we should care. How would you suggest one express this caring?

  88. Clinton says:

    If the people at the ad agency that created this commercial and the Hyundai execs who signed off on it are all of the opinion that there
    is nothing here that a Catholic would find blasphemous, then they should be fired because they are too stupid to be left in a position to
    make such calls. Were I CEO of Hyundai, I’d be worried about what such idiots would pull next. Perhaps that commercial mocking a
    Muslim wedding ‘southernpriest’ mentioned earlier…

  89. Hoanyeon says:

    What’s more depressing is that the average Catholic won’t recognize that this commercial is parodying Catholic liturgical functions (e.g., communion while kneeling and on the tongue), because WE ourselves no longer do them. Instead of pointing fingers, we have ourselves too to blame.

  90. jmvbxx says:

    @Hoanyeon .. it’s not depressing but rather an opportunity. Go and get involved in your community or your parish. Start a blog etc etc etc ..

    It’s so easy to make sweeping comments about how sad that current state of affairs is and much more difficult to actually do something about it.

  91. JonM says:

    @ jmvbxx,

    Four words answer ‘why we should care:’

    Pope Saint Felix III.

    He taught something and it behooves us to learn what he taught. And put it into practical application.

  92. jmvbxx says:

    @JonM .. Thanks so much! I’ll read up on him.

  93. Hoanyeon says:

    @jmvbxx I do have a blog. Click my name.

  94. I agree with Father Zuhlsdorf on this one: the ad is blasphemous.

    I will be writing to Hyundai, and encouraging others to do so.

    There will be a model letter at Chronicles from the Front later this morning.

  95. Andrew says:

    Here is the text of my letter I sent to the Company:

    “I have watched your commercial that presents a parody of Catholic religion with skillful detail, including a tabernacle with a soccer ball and another soccer ball surrounded by a crown of thorns.

    You should know that this commercial is deeply offensive to myself and to many Christians worldwide. It is not amuzing because it is an attempt to deride that which is most holy in to us.

    It is curious that you would have chosen to offend Christians this way, when a similar offense to members of other religions, Muslims for example, might provoke very serious consequences on your part.

    I trust that you will promptly discontinue this offensive campaign and apologize for your reckless mistake.”

  96. The sample letter I promised can be found here.

  97. Mr Flapatap says:

    Can’t wait to see their next commercial showing a sporty Hyundai speeding and drifting around the Kaaba in Mecca with the caption “we bring the FAST to the Hajj”.

  98. Geremia says:

    To all the people who said something like “I was impressed they used Latin,” you should say, “I am impressed that Latin is a sacred language even to those who blaspheme.”

    Also, thanks, Chris Altieri, for the sample letter. I faxed it to them at 714-593-3500? and 714-965-5070 and even at the number given above (800-633-5151), but I’m not sure that one (or any of them) actually accept faxes. 714-965-5070 seemed to do well, but I think it is a dealer, not the headquarters, but hopefully it’ll get to John Krafcik.

  99. Supertradmum says:

    The ad was not on Sunday. Maybe our letters and E-mails are working.

    It is blasphemy and I pray for those here on this page who cannot see this for more sensitivity to God and the Mass. The horrible mock Eucharist was OTT.

    Also, some families do boycott all companies who give regularly to Planned Parenthood. One can get a list online. We never go to the many fast-food restaurants which support PP, such as Sonic and Taco Bell, or buy from stores or buy products, such as Ben and Jerry’s who support abortion. I have been boycotting such companies since 1994 and one can easily find out the PP supported investments and portfolios, as well as foundations as well. We must all do our part.

    I think the fact that some Catholics cannot see this outrage as blasphemous is because of the aberrations of the new Mass and the novelties over the years which has softened respect and the dignity and sacredness of the Holy Eucharist.

  100. chironomo says:

    Yes, it’s blasphemous….

    But could someone please point out how this is different from so many other “churches” out there? Aren’t most “churches” (by that I mean non-Catholic) “blasphemous” in the same way… mocking Catholic practice while following the whims and wishes of the followers?

    Hyundai may be guilty of bad taste in using this, but they didn’t create it…a bunch of soccer fans in Brazil did. I also find it interesting that they parody “old” Catholic practices rather than the reformed. A professor of mine in Grad school once pointed out that it’s impossible to parody rock music because it is already a parody of music itself. Same thing goes with trying to parody the OF Mass I guess…..

  101. ghlad says:

    I saw this commercial during a World Cup game, and I was wondering if it would get called out.

    I think they are not guilty of blasphemy. They clearly show reality: a Eucharistic procession full of respect and beauty. Then they show the shot of the old man staring at the procession, and then the rest of the commercial, in my mind, flashes back to the church proceedings going on in the mind of the congregant, who is imagining the soccerball replacing everything. Which would be something along the lines of the commercial encouraging daydreaming and lack of focus, but I didn’t get the impression that it was blaspheming Our Lord.

    Everything aside, the Eucharist and our fundamentals of faith are not appropriate subject matters for marketing purposes, so there’s no argument from me that its somehow just fine, but I wanted to vocalize my opinion on the matter that I didn’t think the commercial was shockingly bad, just that it was equally as bad as most of the other commercials that use sex and provocative elements to sell a product.

  102. Supertradmum says:


    Making fun of God, the Second Person of the Blessed Trinity, in a mock Eucharist of pizza, and having a procession with a ball under the crown of thrones is worse than sexualized, provocative ads simply because blasphemy is against God, not His creatures. The sexual ads are bad and crass, even tempting, but this ad is an afront to the Almighty Himself. Christ is vulnerable in the Holy Eucharist and these people, either the team, those who built the church or the Hyudai company are all guilty of mocking God, the Vulnerable One. See how easy it is for us to mistaken content and intent, as you seemlingly are doing. The intention was to mock. The content mirrored this intent. Using Catholic symbols of any kind in a rock concert, or in an ad is the ultimate in bad taste, plus in this case, a very grave sin….

  103. Mike says:

    I just called and the lady on the line was polite and apologetic and took my name. Sounds as if she’s had some practice…

  104. MichaelJ says:

    I mean no disrespect to the ladies, who seem to be doing an admirable job, but where are all of the Catholic MEN?

    Has 40 years of banal, happy-clappy liturgy really resulted in turning so many Catholic men into spineless wusses, that we cannot bring ourselves to even be mildly concerned with blasphemy?

    I imagine that I will be taken to task by some in an attempt to recover their manhood, but guess what. If you continue to be “impressed by the use of latin”, or think that it’s not blasphemy because it was created by non-Catholics, or council me not to be bothered because there are worse things – you’re still a wimp.

  105. wanda says:

    You tell ’em, Michaelj, well said!

  106. TrueLiturgy says:

    Just an FYI, CNA is reporting that the Catholic League will not be issuing a statement on this issue since the commercial is representing an actual “church” in Argentina.

    Maybe we can just try and get the “church” to close. Read the wikipedia article! This place is messed up!

  107. Now that I think about it, the Latin wasn’t impresskive, they didn’t use the correct response…we don’t reply to the Agnus Dei with ora pro nobis, but miserere nobis.

  108. JonM says:

    Yo, it does not matter if this is an hommage to a real group or just the immagination of a PR firm.

    Do you think that the satanic black mass rites in pop music videos are less blasphemous because the performers are satanists?

    This nonsense I am seeing on how there is a ‘good side’ in that ‘they used Latin really well!’ is embarassing to any supporter of the TLM and makes us look like what the love to call us: a bunch of Pharisees obsessed with the Law and not the Grace of God. The devil quoted Scripture to Christ, so ’nuff said.

    Father is absolutely correct; this commercial is ipso facto a horrific blasphamy against God.

    @Michael, Wanda, et. al.

    Here is the email I sent:

    Dear Hyundai,

    My name is [my name] and I am President of [a company] of [a city]. Though I do not command the influence of Tony Hayward, I am involved in the civil community of the [region].

    I am also a convert to the Catholic Church.

    After attending two Masses today (one in the modern rite, the other in the traditional form), I was notified of your soccer commercial. Instantly I recognized the imitation of the Tridentine Mass in the spot.

    In fact, your commercial shows a really thorough understanding of the Mass; in an era when maybe .5% of the population has any idea what the TLM is, Hyundai really, really knows how I pray!

    You forgot something at the end though: ‘Buy Hyundai, lest you dash your foot upon a stone!’

    Usually, when I see a troublesome ad spot or policy, I complain and threaten action.

    Your company has made things easy for me this time however: No matter how wet an apology tomorrow, no matter what cash donation to some parish, I will not only never buy a Hyundai or let family do so, I am going to tell every customer and client NEVER to buy from you, rent your cars, or buy Matchbox Hyundai miniatures (I collect Matchbox models.)

    To the person reading this (who I know is not at all culpable for this situation and is only working a job and about whom I have absolutely no angry feelings), please remember that 80 years on Earth is a short time compared to the eternal.

    Respectfully and in Christ,

    [My Name]

    [A company]
    President & CTO

  109. Stu says:

    I’m sure others just got this email.


    Hello and thank you for your feedback regarding Hyundai advertising.

    Hyundai Motor America would like to thank you and other consumers for sharing concerns about a new ad titled “Wedding” which aired during the opening games of the FIFA World Cup broadcast last week. We take comments of this nature very seriously. Because of feedback like yours, we have removed the ad from all Hyundai communications and stopped airing it.

    We credit the passionate World Cup viewers and Hyundai owners for raising this issue to us. The unexpected response created by the ad, which combined both soccer and religious motifs to speak to the passion of international soccer fans, prompted us to take a more critical and informed look at the spot. Though unintentional, we now see it was insensitive. We appreciate your feedback and hope you will accept our sincere apologies.

    With appreciation,

    Hyundai Motor America

  110. wanda says:

    I just received an email from Hyundai, in response to my letter. They are STOPPING the commercial. I can’t duplicate the letter here, but I’m sure many of you here will be getting a similar note soon. They APOLOGIZED and realize the ad was INSENSITIVE. I wrote back and thanked them for the prompt action and for their quick response to my letter.

    PROPS Hyundai! I feel a lot better about them right now.

    Thank you Father Z. for bringing this to our attention. Thank you to all who jumped on the case! See what you can do?

  111. DT says:

    I have not received an e-mail response yet. Many thanks to Stu and Wanda for sharing the good news on Hyundai’s swift response.

  112. DT says:

    E-mail response received from Hyundai. I believe this will also qualify for Fr Z’s request for good news. :)

  113. New Sister says:

    “insensitive”? It was BLASPHEMOUS. They need to do more before I’ll believe their “apology”.

  114. Hyundai pulls television ad after Catholic uproar.
    Responding to “enough of an outcry” from Catholic individuals and blogs, Korean car maker Hyundai announced on Monday that it has pulled a World Cup-themed television ad that ran during the USA-England soccer match on Saturday featuring a “church” in Argentina mocking Catholic sacraments.

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