Chinese Lunch

Near where I stay in Manhattan there is a very dependable Chinese restaurant.

Since today is so nice, I am taking a break from writing and enjoying a stroll and lunch starting with Hot Sour Soup.

And blazing hot Hunan Chicken.

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  1. wanda says:

    Now I’m sure you are feeling better. Enjoy your lunch and the beautiful weather!

  2. HighMass says:

    Father Enjoy! How close are you to “Little Italy” or what is left of it???

  3. PghCath says:

    Fr. – On the off chance you’re not acquainted with them, I heartily recommend the many excellent fried dumpling establishments around and below Canal Street. I lived in NYC for three years, and I miss two things most: the learned sermons of Fr. Joseph Koterski, SJ, the prospect of five enormous pork and chive dumplings for $1.50.

  4. PghCath says:

    That should be, “and the prospect. . .”

  5. Tom in NY says:

    Hee Seung Fung is at 46 Bowery, near the foot of the Manhattan Bridge – notable for dim sum, as are other establishments in Chinatown. My own memories of the Upper East Side do not include Chinese restaurants, but Central European. That included Hungarian places (near 2nd Ave and 79th), German restaurants on 86th St E., and the East Side branch of H&H Bagels (in the Middle European tradition) on 2nd Ave near 81st St. Temporibus antiquis – annis MCMLXXV fuit.
    Salutationes omnibus

  6. Hot and sour soup and Hunan chicken will probably ward off any other ailments, as well as being very yummy!

  7. Chumly says:

    Sammy’s Noodles on Sixth Ave near 8th St. is great.

  8. HighMass: Not too close to what’s left of Little Italy. I am closer to the disconcerting Chelsea. I am staying at St. Vincent de Paul’s rectory where a good friend of mine is pastor.

  9. HighMass says:

    Thanks Father, e boun devertimento in questo viaggio

    Missa Canta

  10. catholicmidwest says:

    Ok,Fr. Z,
    Your chinese food doesn’t usually look too good, but this one looks yummy. I prefer egg drop soup, though.

  11. Esther says:


    I initially misread “Hunan chicken” as “Human chicken.” o_O

  12. DominiSumus says:

    Looks yummy. Sometimes I think I could live on hunan chicken.

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