Browser issues with new blog template

I am getting reports that IE does not display at all or does not display correctly.Follow Fr. Z on Twitter

Firefox works.

Opera seems to work.

Safari on Windows seems not to load.


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  1. greg the beachcomber says:

    Safari on Mac (OS X 10.6.4 – Snow Leopard) is a no-go. I get the following error message:

    Safari can’t open the page.
    Safari can’t open the page “” because the server unexpectedly dropped the connection. This sometimes occurs when the server is busy. Wait for a few minutes, and then try again.

  2. Ossus says:

    Looks great in Chrome.

  3. Vincenzo says:

    Another thing: the embedded Ustream just spontaneously starts playing at random, without any input from me. Firefox 3.6. This was happening with the embedded video within posts in the past too.

    [I need a fix for that, don’t it.]

  4. Vincenzo says:

    I just tried Chrome:

    “This webpage is not available.

    The webpage at might be temporarily down or it may have moved permanently to a new web address.”

  5. Vincenzo: Chrome worked for me.

  6. Paulus says:

    iPad Safari is fine

  7. pfreddys says:

    I use IE8 and everything seem to load fine except the camera feed in cut off in half on the right.

  8. revs96 says:

    chrome works and safari on windows works for me.

  9. Paul H. says:

    Does not work in Chrome.

  10. Disabled batcache for the moment – going to do more digging into the code.

  11. Paul H. says:

    Oops… now it does work… maybe just a Chrome glitch?

  12. Vincenzo says:

    Chrome is now working for me and looks like Firefox's rendering of the site.

  13. pbewig says:

    Chrome works for me on both Windows and Linux

  14. andycoan says:

    I was getting nothing at all ("Internet Explorer cannot display…") in IE 8 a moment ago, but everything seems to be working poperly now…

  15. PS says:

    Looks good on both Chrome and IE to me (both windows and linux). Will check on safari for ipad later.
    And nice job on the new site. Nice and web 2.0-ey.

  16. andycoan says:

    Haha. Perhaps I mant 'properly,' perhaps 'Popishly'? Or both, maybe? :)

  17. Agnes says:

    Nifty noodles! Looks good on Firefox.

  18. Eoin Suibhne says:

    I'm on Mac OS 10.6.4 Snow Leopard.  All is well.

  19. Vincenzo says:

    I've tested all three browsers now – Firefox, Chrome, MSIE –  the Ustream embedded video in the sidebar starts playing at random.  Sometimes 10 minutes after I load the blog  – I never know when it will happen.
    With MSIE however, the Ustream video isn't sized properly.  It's full size video and you can see only half of it.  Firefox and Chrome you can see the full width.
    Right now I can't "preview" my comments – Firefox.

  20. TomB says:

    I'm running same as Greg with no problems (Snow Leopard/Safari, latest editions).

  21. Allan S. says:

    The side bars do not display, but instead are all pushed to the bottom after the posts.  The right side bar is then a separate right hand justified column.  The tag cloud, calendar, awards etc. are simply mashed together centered below the right side bar text.  So the scrolling length of the page is about 20% posts, followed by 60% right side bar, followed by 10% other links, side bar text.
    I use IE6, sp3.  Many people require corporate permissions to update browsers and for various reasons must use old versions.

  22. tzard says:

    If anyone reports problems with IE, it might be useful to know which IE they're using.
    Works fine for IE 8 and Chrome for me.
    Others I see have reported problems opening the page – I've encountered occasional problems (like immediately before you turned off thread replying) – I attributed it to your rebooting the server or the process.

  23. PostCatholic says:

    It looks like problems with rendering the box model in IE 7 and earlier.  It's sometimes helpful to have a separate CSS sheet for IE6 and IE7 with some hacks. In IE8 and IE9 your blog renders fine.

  24. momravet says:

    Works fine using IE Ver 8 Browser.

  25. djbm85 says:

    Looks good in Chrome and Firefox 3.6.6, however the RSS feed just gives a snippet of the original post. I'm not much a fan of this type of feed as it takes more time to go to the site, especially on my connection which is slow due to many users. I much prefer to read the entire post from the Feed Reader itself (Google).

    Other than that, it looks great, and I like how it is shaping up!

  26. THREEHEARTS says:

    You will not be able to satisfy all aspects of the internet. Stop trying so hard. I have both IE8 and Firefox. Both work well for your blog. Your presentation is good a little pompous at times but your message is very readable. Let me give you some examples. I watch the BBC news and I can get all their advertising dancing like maniacs but I cannot get the news clips, blowed if I can find why this is. I watch the NHL and can get clips that p[lay on some team webs and often cannot get the right hand side of the screen to show clips some days (most days) yet I get the same clip play on a different subjective item later. It is amazing never the less on CBC. Msn, Cnn, and others of this ilk every advertisement is front and center and technically correct. If you want a strange one your ABC (spelling) in your comment box does not work for me. This all started with some of the updates three months ago. Adobe, Firefox and a microsoft security clashed and I have never had it GOOD since.

  27. Animadversor says:

    On Windows 7 64-bit:

    Firefox 3.6.10: OK
    Chrome 6.0.472.63: OK
    Safari 5.0.2 (7533.18.5): OK
    IE 9 beta 32-bit:: top banner shifted way to right
    IE 9 beta 64-bit:: top banner shifted way to right
    Opera 10.62 Build 3500: OK

  28. Robert_H says:

    Am using IE 6 at work. Comment preview not working. Ditto the remarks about the Ustream loading at random and the video being half cut off. Ditto also about the RSS feed – I prefer to read the entire post on G.Reader.
    I just did a double-take when I looked below the comment box at which plugin is providing the visual editor. 

  29. irishgirl says:

    I use Safari, and at first it said that it 'couldn't access the server'.  Now it does, though it's still a little slow in loading.
    I have Firefox as a backup, but I've been getting 'crash' messages when I use that.
    Technology-it can be such a pain…..sigh…..

  30. markomalley says:

    Just checked it on IE 8.0.6 and it works fine. Likewise with Chrome 6.0.472.62. OK with Seamonkey 2.0.1, Of course, Firefox is good too.

  31. Charles E Flynn says:

    Works in Macintosh-only German browser, iCab:

  32. wmeyer says:

    IE8 does fine, but cuts off the video player on the right. Also, there's some oddity when I write a comment: the first character typed in the edit box is lost.

  33. RDMaines says:

    With Google reader the whole post isn't  shown.  This is what I see … Continue reading

  34. Vincenzo says:

    My IE looks good now (exception ustream appearance).

  35. dakota says:

    On Linux (Kubuntu 10.04):
    Chromium (6.0.472.53) – OK
    Chrome (6.0.472.59 beta) – OK
    Firefox (3.6.10) – OK
    Konqueror (4.4.5) – OK

  36. IMBlessed says:

    So far I have an improved experience at Safari on the I pod touch, Google Chrome on Lubuntu works fine, Firefox on Windows, and Safari on windows appear to be also working fine. I haventt tried Ice Ape on Antix yet.

  37. Charivari Rob says:

    Similar to Vincenzo – Ustream started playing music with no input from me. Firefox 3.6.10

  38. Will D. says:

    I’m looking at it in the IE9 beta, and it displays correctly, apart from the header image being shifted well off to the right (it starts right above the right-hand column). Glancing at the source code, it appears that IE9 believes it to be part of the same css blob as the “slavishly literal” description.
    It’s possible that with earlier versions of IE, with their — shall we say, eccentric? — approaches to web standards may be expecting the template to do something completely different and failing to render it properly, or even at all.

  39. Jordanes says:

    In IE8 and Firefox, I can see no problems, but Safari won’t load your weblog at all.

  40. The Cobbler says:

    IE8 seems to do it fine.

    However, it now appears (in the banner) that you are levitating the Bible. (Or is that a missal? Yes, I know I ought to know.) Is that a power granted by large doses of Mystic Monk Coffeee, or what?

    [Mystic Monk Coffee! It’s swell!]

  41. Vetdoctor says:

    Android mobile phone…can’t get out of mobile word press. If the are any pictures with the posts I’m not seeing them or even a bank spot.

  42. cregduff says:

    Looking good Father,
    Testing from Syracuse, NY.
    OS X 10.6.4 Macbook Pro from Safari 5 works fine
    IPhone 4.1 , Safari fine
    Blackberry 9700 v5.0.0.405 on AT&T looks fine (same as iPhone)

  43. frjim4321 says:

    IE8 is very fine.

    Palm Treo is not good . . . would not load earlier today and now loads but the font is very small again.

    The blog appeared on the Treo extremely well yesterday, so I wonder if Mobile is no longer ACTIVE or if the settings were changed.

    Fr. Jim

  44. frjim4321 says:

    Just noticed at the top of the page only one half of the webcam is showing and the right half of the webcam image is outside the edge of the screen.

  45. Martial Artist says:

    MSIE 8 is now working just fine for me. I found that with the previous new commbox, if I clicked the left-facing arrow, it hid the text editing tools and gave the focus (i.e. placed the cursor) in the commbox. Once the cursor was active in the commbox, I could then make the text editing icons visible and still enter a comment. Problems solved.

    Pax et bonum,
    Keith Töpfer

  46. greg the beachcomber says:

    Safari on Mac working for me now, too. Ain’t technology great?

  47. It’s workin’ for me in IE version 8… so far.

    As an aside, I like the theme Fr. Z. Love the new header!

  48. Hans says:

    It looks fine on Camino & SeaMonkey.

    On what you say???

  49. MikeM says:

    It’s been running great on my Mac with Safari. It loads nice and quickly, too.

  50. TC says:

    Works fine on Firefox Portable & Chrome Portable; is the Ustream a bug or a feature?

  51. CPKS says:

    Working great for me on all browsers, including Safari on my Android phone. The ustream shook me rigid the first time it started up without warning! (I don’t use IE.)

  52. Fr Matthew says:

    It’s working for me, in Chrome and Safari. I too was unnerved by the sudden music when Ustream started up unbidden. The mobile version loads well on my Android phone too.

  53. Titus says:

    So it is this page playing the music? It’s very nice, but somewhat surprising. Are we going to get full-post feed back, perchance?

  54. Thanks for the share button!

  55. Will D. says:

    The ustream thing’s habit of randomly starting is very annoying.

  56. GoZagsGo says:

    Chrome seems to handle it well as others have said, except it takes quite a long time to load when connecting from Google Reader… Anyone else have that problem? The “Continue Reading” thing is sort of annoying, but I assume that is a wordpress thing to drive traffic to the actual post/site…? Also, for some users with Chrome, since the most recent update I’ve had to clear my cache in order for frequently visited sites to load properly or at all (facebook for example), so maybe that would help?
    p.s. who even used IE anymore :P

  57. Hans says:

    p.s. who even used IE anymore :P

    Well, they don’t even make it anymore for Macs, so that’s not even something I think about. Not that I’d used it for years before they announced they had stopped.

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