Some random thoughts: a few great moments in the Star Trek movie

Star Trek

Star Trek

Tonight I unwound a bit with something totally unlike everything else I did today: I watched some of the latest Star Trek movie.

It was a real re-imagining of the whole thing.  Some people hated it.  I thought it was a great time!

Some fun moments in the new Star Trek movie:

  1. The tiny sad nod by Lt. Kirk when his wife says that he should be there.
  2. The music when you see the little trial of shuttles escaping the scene of battle.
  3. The whole scene between Spock and his mother. It begins with him no where in sight.
  4. Uhura interested in this guy in the bar in spite of herself.
  5. Captain Pike asking, “R’you alright son?”
  6. The little toy ship.
  7. The angle of the shot on Spock’s face when they beam back from the planet, minus one person.  He looks just like a little boy again.
  8. “I don’t know.  But I like him!”
  9. The glimpse of the number on the side of the ship being built.
  10. “Out of the chair.
  11. Kirk hitting on the nurse even when incredibly ill.
  12. Gene Roddenbury style chick crew uniforms with ghasty 60’s original Star Trek hairdos.
  13. A planet imploding.
  14. “Kirk to Enterprise” for the first time.
  15. Spock has green bruises.
  16. The shape of the Romulan boot.
  17. Really cool ice-planet critters.
  18. “Damn it man, I’m a doctor, not a physicist!”
  19. “Not this time.”
  20. The tribble.
  21. “Ё моё!”
  22. Jumping without a chute (as Pike suggested in the bar).
  23. 20th century forklifts and florescent lights.
  24. Classic body language: Spock standing and straightening his uniform.  McCoy’s hand thrust for emphasis.  Sulu turning in his chair.  Chekov slouching.  Kirk’s head bobble as he enters the bridge.
  25. “Fencing”.  And seeing the sword later.
  26. Lot’s of light flares through the lens.
  27. At the start everyone outranks Kirk.
  28. The musical motif when a Kirk takes over: walz.
  29. “Green-blooded hobgoblin!”
  30. “Preferably not.”

Just a few.

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  1. kab63 says:

    This was our first Blu Ray purchase last Christmas. For Trekkie geeks like us the movie really delivered, and seeing it in this format was especially stunning.

  2. mdillon says:

    Right now it is a “freebee” on Netflix’s…I loved it (esp. the self-sacrifice aspects)!

  3. kat says:

    LOL Father. My husband and I are Trekkie’s, and we own this one too. I had mixed feelings about it. It was done well, but I didn’t like the alternate universe thing making things different. Really strange. But all in all it was okay.

    My favorite movie is still Star Trek IV. I just love them going back to the 80’s, and their “colorful metaphors”; and when Spock knocks out the guy with the boom box on the bus and everyone applauds. Our favorite lines from from that: “I knew you were from outer space.” ” Kirk: No, I’m from Iowa, I only work in outer space.” “Everyone remember where we parked!”

    My husband loves in Star Trek III when Dr. McCoy, keeping Spock’s katra in him, tries to knock someone out using Spock’s vulcan method, and just can’t accomplish the goal!

  4. Fr Matthew says:

    I really liked the new Star Trek movie – but I haven’t seen any others since Star Trek V, due to the rules of my religious community life. Now that I’m in transition to diocesan life, I have a lot of catching up to do (I missed, what, 5 Star Trek movies? I already caught up with the Star Wars prequels…). Every cloud, even a personal and institutional crisis like I’ve experienced since early last year, has a silver lining… and one little corner of that silver lining is to see fun scifi flicks that I missed!

  5. The last one I watched was Star Trek IV. I know some tried and true trekkie fans disliked that one the most. Well, it was my favorite.

    “Ok, everyone remember where we parked” (after getting out a cloaked clingon ship in the park)

    “Spock! Give it your best guess” as the needed to bolt around the sun and things were a little too imprecise for Spock.

    Scotty: “There be whales!”

  6. OK – I did my test – combox works for me!

  7. Alice says:

    My favorite of the movies is Star Trek the Motion Picture because the soundtrack is a masterpiece. The soundtrack in the latest movie was unmemorable, but I was pleasantly surprised at how well the younger actors seemed to know their characters.

  8. Alice: The soundtrack in the latest movie was unmemorable

    I rather liked the soundtrack in the new movie!

  9. Andy Lucy says:

    Kirk: “It’s logic, Spock, I thought you’d like that.”

    Spock: “No, not really. Not this time.”

  10. patrick_f says:

    Scotty’s “Pet” was a little odd,other then that the movie was incredible, especially Bones’s back story

  11. patrick_f says:

    Star Trek IV , scotty with the Computer

    “Hello Computer” Bones “Oh proferssor ”

    Scotty holds the mouse like a Microphone “Hello Computer!”

  12. Charivari Rob says:

    I think they did an excellent job with casting and characterization, and the new twists on some of the characters (mostly).

    The sword bit was brilliant.

    I am grateful for the decision being made to go away from the “submarine war movie” motif of many of the previous movies – wherein the protocol for battle stations is to turn off 90% of the lights in the ship’s control center. It made up for the bridge looking like the Apple store at the mall.

    I liked the recurring sequence of everyone taking shots at Kirk, with him ending up on the wrong end of the same clinch each time. It would have been fun if they could’ve worked it into the last fight that he “discovers” the classic old useless-looking Shatner fight choreography (double shoulder chop – or – run/jump/kick/fallonhisrump) and have it save his life.

    That being said…

    1. That lens/light flare – somebody told me it was supposedly some creative/artistic touch. Huh. It made a digitally-mastered film that had been in the theaters a week look like a scratchy 15-year old reel.

    2. The awful use/misuse of Scotty – No balance between meaningful contribution and comic relief (as they managed with Chekov). By the way – Transparent 36″ water pipes snaking their way through the engine room?

    3. The whole “Riverside” California/Iowa fiasco – they couldn’t reconcile the prior Kirk backstory of being from Iowa with having scenes in this movie take place in California? Maybe a line or two of expository dialogue?

  13. Dr. Eric says:

    I was impressed with the idea that the movie showed the future in a more believable aspect. Everything was more like the way it is today, with more gadgets. This is in sharp contrast to the way that the people in the 30s believed that we would all be wearing jumpsuits and flying spaceships around everywhere here in the 21st century. When, really, life isn’t all that different from the 30s, we just have more gadgets.

  14. kradcliffe says:

    I think my favorite line was Scotty’s: “I like this ship! It’s exciting!”

  15. kradcliffe says:

    Also, I loved seeing the young, still-looking-for-himself Spock meeting the old, mellowed Spock Prime. And I absolutely loved the scene where Spock Prime meets Kirk. The Bromance (a portmanteau I’ve always hated until just now) of their relationship is wonderful.

  16. kradcliffe says:

    “By the way – Transparent 36? water pipes snaking their way through the engine room?”

    I’m reminded of the scene in Galaxy Quest where Tim Allen and Sigourney Weaver have to navigate the big, scary clanging parts of the ship, which only exist as a plot device on the TV show.

  17. Navarricano says:

    I loved the film, and I also thought that the soundtrack was great.

    I thought that all of the actors did a fantastic job overall, although I would agree with Charivari Rob that Scotty was played a bit too comically throughout the entire film. The actor portraying McCoy was spot on, imo. Great job

    At the risk of being a Star Trek geek … my only, mostly insignificant problem with the the film came fromsome of the things they did with Spock and Sarek. Yes, I get that they were trying to show how the younger, mixed -race Spock was still coming to terms with how to control his emotions and all, but really, liplocking with Uhura on the transporter pad in front of Kirk and the transporter chief?! Completely out of character.

    And Sarek is fully Vulcan, not half human. A mature Vulcan would not openly declare that he married his wife for emotional reasons (“I married your mother because I loved her”). Other than that, the rest of the scenes with the Vulcans were fantastic, very well scripted and acted.

  18. I loved it a lot more than my family, because I was forced to be a Trekkie by my two older brothers as a child. We clearplayed it so I missed some of the dialogue, apparently. A Clearplay DVD player allows a person to cut either scenes of a sexual nature, foul language or gratuitous violence. There are controls to allow you to decide how much or little of those things you want in your movie. We let the kids watch “The Dark Knight” that way. It was funny! Whole scenes were cut out! We would see the Joker standing over a guy on the floor (the kids never knew what happened). I’ll have to watch Star Trek sans clearplay.

  19. irishgirl says:

    I’ve never watched any of the ‘Star Trek’ films. I only remember the TV series of the 1960s.

  20. momravet says:

    Enjoyed the JJ Abrams rework of “Star Trek”. One of my favorite scenes is when Kirk, Sr. realizes that he must sacrifice himself in order that his crew and soon to be born son can escape. Love the music that strengthens this act. The foks that cast the movie did a great job – the actors selected were believable in their roles. Another enjoyable aspect was the absence of the “political message of the day” to the audience. After seeing the engine room sequence (pipes), wonder if the Enterprise has to put in to take on water like ships from earlier navies did.

  21. momravet says:

    For “foks” read “folks”. Sorry.

  22. Microtouch says:

    I grew up with the original series. I liked them much better as I got older, even with the lousy special effects. I liked watching them become close friends. The scene when the Greek gods wanted them to bow down and worship them as gods and Kirk said that they were happy with the one the have now set me to laughing. I also liked a similar scene in the movie when Kirk asked “What does God need with a starship?” All in all, great fun. The newer series were ok to downright lousy. In my humble opinion.

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