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Mornië utúlië

I’m banging my head against something I am trying to write about the Vetus Ordo Epistle for Sunday’s Mass, the 4th Sunday of Advent.  It happens.  A losing battle against the clock?  No, I always get there. So, while keeping … Read More

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Miscellaneous observations

A few interesting stories… First, call about a long distance call.  HERE   In 1977 Voyager 1 was sent to the outer edge of the solar system.   In November, NASA wanted try to extend the probe’s life by doing a course … Read More

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Searching for Bobby Fischer’s search for the Catholic Church

My boyhood summers – when there was still such a thing as boyhood – were in large part spent in Montana and N. Wyoming, running like a brown animal, riding bare-back, swimming, biking, and going to minor league ballgames with … Read More

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This and That. It’s Friday after a bad week!

A few things all stuck together in no particular order. First, there’s this quote, which I saw recently somewhere. In a time of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act. – George Orwell Yesterday I saw this on … Read More

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A Sunday afternoon riff on salty bread and Chinese noodles

I am enjoying a break in my evening for a bit of frivolous entertainment. I was going to watch Bladerunner, but opted for something considerably lighter. However, in a moment of post-modern self-conscious connection-making I’ll make a connection between this … Read More

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“Thus I promise, this I swear, so help me God and these holy Gospels of God.”

For some work I am doing today I had occasion to re-read the old Oath Against Modernism. In 1910 St. Pope Pius X issued Motu Proprio a document called Sacrorum Antistitum in which he provided the Church with an °Oath … Read More

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Random Thoughts

It has been a while but here are some random thoughts: Were I in the Navy I would wear my hat athwartships. Oil and gas are cheaper than a car payment. Ad astra per aspera. French cooking is great.  Then … Read More

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TSA thoughts and vitriol

I had a chance this morning to see some of Fox News Sunday.  One of the guests was Rep. James E. Clyburn (D-SC) I took particular note of one of his statements. Complaining about going through airports, which they have … Read More

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About reported problems with the corrected English translation

You can’t imagine how many emails I have had regarding changes being made by (theoretically) the Congregation for Divine Worship to the new, corrected translation. That translation had been sent to Rome and had received an approval. But, because Adam … Read More

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Some random thoughts: a few great moments in the Star Trek movie

Tonight I unwound a bit with something totally unlike everything else I did today: I watched some of the latest Star Trek movie. It was a real re-imagining of the whole thing.  Some people hated it.  I thought it was … Read More

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