A glimpse into planning for liturgy!

A friend of mine who works in the ad biz (that’s advertisement business for people who live to close to the Vortex) to give me a glimpse into his world.

"But wait, friend!", quoth I.  "This reminds me of something.  What could it be?

Yes, this harks to what we were taught in our über-liberal seminary liturgy colloquium and liturgy preparation planning sessions about how to, yes, plan and prepare liturgy (always pronounced with the italics). 

It could be that this process of blue-skying together lends itself well to planning liturgy. 

I wonder if this is what meetings of the Consilium were like when they presented their liturgy plans to Paul VI?


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  1. Anybody who leaves off “the” makes me immediately queasy, (as in “Eucharist”, instead of “THE Eucharist”; “Church”, instead of “THE Church”; and of course, “LITURGY”, instead of “the liturgy”).
    And these people are supposed to be the “best educated” and “brilliant”…
    Thanks for a great laugh, Fr.Z!

  2. One of those TNCs says:

    Hilarious! As my engineer husband would say, “It’s time to shoot the engineer and start production.” Except in this case, you need to NOT start production, but shoot the engineer, anyway! I loved it.

  3. eiggam says:

    So the video is “For Internal Use Only” and someone posts it on You Tube. Good old Corporate America. Explains why our parish has about 10 people supporting parish operations in the office and the parish down the road has about 40 to do the same job…

  4. Henry Edwards says:

    Reminds me of the November parish liturgy committee meeting when the worship coordinator said “The purpose of this meeting is to bat around some possibilities and see if we can come up with a common theme to tie together our Sunday liturgies in Advent this year.”

  5. thereseb says:

    “I wonder if this is what meetings of the Consilium were like when they presented their liturgy plans to Paul VI?”

    No – I think that occasion was more like the presentation of “New Coke” to the CEO of Coca Cola in the 1980s.

    (“Our research shows that Brand Catholic is currently the market leader in the Religion sector with an appeal to core-customers across all ages and socio-economic groupings – and the Pope is a helluva USP. However, our research, based on blind tastings featuring lapsed catholics and atheist baby-boomers, shows that there is an untapped market of potential customers who prefer the simpler, less complex and less demanding taste of the protestant vernacular liturgy. We feel it’s important to improve our visual impact by maintaining eye-contact with our core customers from the altar – and the formula definitely needs diluting with some new-age packaging to soften its image and give it that all-important popular appeal. We are confident that such strong brand-loyalty exists among our core-customers, that we will gain new customers with our new formulation, while older ones will continue to make their buying decisions based on brand-attachment.”)

    The above clip is more like the haggling going on over the New Liturgy – and unless we are vigilant – we will end up with pink/blue interactive missals the size of a Toyota Auris. In 2213.

  6. Well, I’ve “lobbed a bomb” on the NCReporter comments’ section re: Dr. Kennedy.
    Under a pseudonym…of course.
    Thanks for the heads up, Fr. Z.
    Those folks need to hear the truth, whether they like or not; it could be the most charitable thing, our prayers and penances being first.

  7. threej says:

    WOW, its like 3 hours of Pastoral Council… all plugged into 4 minutes!

  8. greg the beachcomber says:

    This is my job EXACTLY! The only thing missing was, “can you reverse the type, and make everything bold?”

  9. Paul says:

    So similar to what I do for a living, it made me dizzy.

  10. Ef-lover says:


  11. Andy Milam says:

    Fr. Z.,

    You know, I work in the financial planning world. There are laws against blue skying with regard to our money. Why don’t we have liturgical laws against blue skying?

    BTW, the whole VORTEX run is hilarious!!! Flippin’ hilarious!!!

  12. Tom in NY says:

    On one hand, the Authorised Version, developed by a committee, and supported by the British Crown, worked out ok. On the other hand, the video shows why committee jobs have a bad name. I’m still not quite sure whether commercial or non-profit meetings are worse.
    Salutationes omnibus.

  13. Jason says:

    The video is a silly and ignorant caricature. Any corporation staffed by such buffoons would be out of business in short order. That’s part of the beauty of the free market (which we are in a decades long effort to destroy).

    That kind of non-productive, self-perpetuating waste and unjustified support of incompetents is seen only in government and other bureaucracies and socialist systems. It’s also seen in private companies who have been deemed “too big to fail” and subsequently propped up by socialist governments in charge of tax money and in need to curry favor with socialist unions.

    I’m an MBA and spent many years as an executive in the textile manufacturing sector.

    The vast majority of corporate leaders and their associates are hard working, productive, creative, don’t give me something for nothing types. But the left has used the misbehavior and greed of a few to successfully paint the entire system with a broad brush in order to destroy it. Think for just a moment why.

    As Catholics who love our priests, we above all should be on to the games of the insidious who seek to use the awful behavior of a few, to paint with a broad brush the whole in order to destroy.

  14. Tom in NY says:

    Etiam, cinema iucundissima est.Forum principium scholae gestionis probat ut fortis identitas clientes alliceant et teneant.In coitione memorandum est.
    Salutationes omnbius.

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