Advent hymns dissected

For your opportune knowledge:

077 08-12-16 An Advent hymn dissected “Vox clara”, with digressions
076 08-12-07 An Advent hymn dissected “Verbum supernum prodiens“, with digressions
075 08-12-04 An Advent hymn dissected “Conditor alme siderum“; Fr. Z digresses far afield

And also… for those priests who must sing the old Mass on Sunday.

010 07-11-26 1st Sunday of Advent

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  1. JARay says:

    Why do none of these links work?

  2. Why can’t you ask nicely? o{];¬)

  3. JaneC says:

    Thanks for the links. I think I only listened to part of the discussion of “Conditor alme siderum” the first time around. I was glad to listen to the whole thing this time. The next time I direct a choir in the Latin version of the hymn, I will be sure to tell them what they’re really singing when they pronounce “Conditor” incorrectly (and they will)! We will be singing it Vespers tonight, but we will be singing in English; it is old-school Vespers, but given our particular group, it just makes sense to do it in English.

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