My friend Greg Burke, the Rome correspondent for Fox News, has an article about the Pope’s new interview-book and the biggest news to come from it.

Keep in mind, folks, that the whole Condom Conundrum, is energy-consuming frivolity compared to this bombshell.

The German interviewer asked Pope Benedict about the significance of use of the camauro.

The Pope said:

“I was really just trying to fight off the cold.”


Now that’s news!

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  1. Daniel Latinus says:

    They do say that we lose most of our body heat through our head.

    And when you’re the Pope, why not keep warm while looking like a Pope?

  2. Hans says:

    “I was really just trying to fight off the cold.”

    What a shockingly-reactionary thing to do!

  3. Hooray! Papa should be cozy!

  4. traditionalorganist says:

    This is the single most important revelation in my life.

  5. Fr. Basil says:

    There’s a similar headdress sometimes worn by Russian clergy, and may even be fur-trimmed, called a skoufía.

    There are, after all, only so many ways you can get cloth to fit a human head.

  6. Mashenka says:

    Is true, Fr. Basil, is true! We must give the Pope a nice ushanka–winter is upon us!

    I love the photo of the Pope wearing the camauro. They had a photo a few years ago with the Pope wearing one of those red velvet and fur camauros at Christmas-time, and it endeared him as a “Santa” to many children both young and old! He is the only Pope I’ve seen who really wears it well!

    Take good care of him–no one will regret it if they do!

  7. SonofMonica says:

    I love our Pope, but that picture makes him look like Evil Santa (TM).

  8. pseudomodo says:

    A rare but clear example of what theologians call ‘The Mundane Magisterium” at work!

  9. irishgirl says:

    I like the photo of the Holy Father wearing the camauro!
    And I LOVE the answer he gave as the reason for wearing it!
    And he looks good in it as well!

  10. Geoffrey says:

    I love it! Everyone was debating the “deeper meaning” of wearing the camauro, and the Holy Father just thought it practical. I can almost picture him standing in front of an open closet looking at his choices. “What to wear?”

  11. The Cobbler says:

    Best thing I’ve read in days.

  12. The Cobbler says:

    If not weeks. Maybe months, although, I think I was reading Chesterton a month ago, so that could be some pretty steep competition.

  13. Fr. Basil says:

    Santa Claus’s red fur-trimmed hat was probably originally a Russian style skoufia itself.

  14. anna 6 says:

    I dunno…when you have great hair like he does, it’s a shame to cover it up!

  15. Tony Layne says:

    Y’know, if he didn’t wear it the libbies would tar him as “medieval” anyway, so go for it!

  16. Clinton says:

    Perhaps he could continue wearing one, you know, to spark a discussion. And then he
    could use the sedia to spark another discussion. And perhaps eliminate Communion in the
    hand. I believe that would also spark a lively discussion…

    In the end, I’m with ‘some guy on the street’ above–Papa should be cozy.

  17. TNCath says:

    The Pope went on to say that after the criticism he received, he discontinued wearing it again, which is a pity. Not only does it look good on him, it does have practical as well as historical significance.

  18. DPhilippi says:

    I like the papal camauro very much. It is a pitty that the Holy Father only wore it once on 21st of December 2005. Have a look at these pictures showing the 3 models of the camauro.

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