A few quick and crazy notes for readers

The new blog software is more exacting about selecting comments for the moderation queue.  Don’t freak out if your comments sometimes wind up in moderation.  Then again, something I flag people for moderation.

There is crazy finch traffic at the feeders today.  You can watch in insanity on the Z-CamThey come and go, but when they come, rather swarm, it is amazing.  BTW… Ustream imposes really stupid and annoying commercials over which I have no control.  They charge huge fees to have a feed without their commercials.


Thanks to TLC for my copy of the Holy Father’s book interview.  Also, thanks to MW for the book of homilies for the Extraordinary Form.  Some of my friends wrote a few of them.  Also, DL sent a book on Shakespeare and also, as did MK, the amusing novel Hadrian VII which I haven’t read for years.  These were on my amazon wish list.

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