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UPDATE: The voting is pretty close! __ ORIGINAL POSTING: Dec 7, 2010 @ 21:19 I picked this up from the estimable Serviam. Voting for the 2010 CINO [“Catholic In Name Only”] Awards is underway HERE. He made the choice pretty … Read More

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S. Ioannis Didaci Cuahtlatoatzin

From the estimable Vultus Christi: Yes, that would be the much loved Saint Juan Diego of Guadalupe as he is designated in the new Solesmes Antiphonale Monasticum for December 9th. Here is the official Collect for his feast with my … Read More

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“Catholics Come Home”

A reader alerted me to an initiative undertaken in the Archdiocese of Atlanta and the Diocese of Savanah. Here is an excerpt from the Atlanta Journal-Constitution: The archdiocese, in partnership with the Catholic Diocese of Savannah, is embarking on an … Read More

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The Feeder Feed: Z-CAM edition

I just thought to share this screenshot from the Z-CAM. This Nuthatch decided to hang out and blink into the webcam for a while. Fun. They are eating like fiends, since it is growing colder and snowy. I have some … Read More

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WDTPRS: Comparison of versions of today’s Collect.

I posted this in 2007, and herein revise. Here is the Collect for Thursday of the 2nd Week of Advent in the 2002MR: COLLECT: Excita, Domine, corda nostra ad praeparandas Unigeniti tui vias, ut, per eius adventum, purificatis tibi mentibus … Read More

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Stupid hateful destruction of a celebrated Christian pilgrimage site

I believe that time in the public stocks might not be adequate for the party or parties responsible. From CMR: This is truly despicable and sad. Vandals have destroyed one of the most celebrated Christian pilgrimage sites in Britain and … Read More

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The numbers game: attendance at TLMs

A friend of mine has made an argument that if the numbers of TLMs and people attending them may not be growing quickly, it is nonetheless growing.  At the same the number of people going to the Ordinary Form, and … Read More

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Thoughts about the “Benedictine arrangement”

At NLM there are photos of a “Benedictine arrangement” of an altar in Bogota. The “Benedictine arrangement” is, of course, the placement of the Crucifix with candles at a versus populum Mass such that the Crucifix becomes the common focus, … Read More

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An ironic exercise in contrasts

I am at the moment putting together an article for The Wanderer where the original WDTPRS work was and is done. I wanted to share this tidbit: When Moses came from his meetings with God his face was transformed and … Read More

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QUAERITUR: strange things for a First Confession

From a reader: My son recently made his first Confession as part of a Reconciliation service for his entire grade. While they did have individual confessions, there were parts that seemed illicit and possibly invalid. 1. No one was given … Read More

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