ALERT! I asked for good news, but…Christmas collection stolen, orphans suffer

From a reader:

I know you’re looking for good news, but this item just crossed my deck. Fr. William Felix, a good man and a holy priest, has had the entire Christmas collection stolen from his parish, St. Charles Borromeo in Chippewa Falls. A good portion of that collection was directed toward an orphanage in Peru sponsored by priests from the diocese of La Crosse. In the news article, Fr. Felix rightly brings up the fact that the thiefs will have to answer to the Divine Judge for their actions, and also calls on the parish to forgive them. In my experience, Fr. Felix is one of the finest confessors, and a man fully rooted in the Church. …

If you could send out a clarion call to help St. Charles replace, at least the money destined for the orphanage in Peru, I’m sure Fr. Felix would be very grateful. The parish is St. Charles Borromeo, and their address is: 810 Pearl Street, Chippewa Falls, WI 54729-1797   (715) 723-4088

One of the priests of the community at that parish is a frequent contributor in the combox here, although this alert did not come from him.

They don’t have, as far as I can tell, a way to give money online easily.   But I bet that your check sent by snail-mail would be welcome.  It would be tax-deductible.  You could call them.


A reader sends:

I just found the website for the orphanage – Casa Hogar Juan Pablo II – which has a handy little paypal-tab on it.

People can give directly to the orphanage, but perhaps they could still send a note to Fr. Felix that they’re doing so in the name of St. Charles.

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  1. Titus says:

    Important N.B.: Donations made to a foreign entity, like an orphanage in Peru, are not tax deductible for purposes of the United States federal income tax. Donations made to an American entity, like a church in Wisconsin, are tax deductible even if the church plans to give them away overseas.

    Tax deductions, of course, are not paramount concerns in such matters. But if you’re an American, and if you’re being meticulous about your finances, and if you itemize deductions (and if you do so and want to avoid being audited), you should remember not to list overseas donations as deductions. Just a little free advice to help those being generous.

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