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I like Catholic bloggers who work and play well with other bloggers.  Some don’t, you know.  Some bloggers think that others bloggers are competition.  I think we can all help each other out, instead of being petty.

I believe in a kind of “Reverse” Gresham’s Law when it comes to the internet and blogosphere in particular: good information will eventually drive bad information out of circulation.  Furthermore, a strong, useful, beneficial, erudite, active, interconnected, Catholic blogosphere will raise the level of discourse, militate against those who would drag it down into the gutter, and confound the claims of those who bleat against it.

Enough of my rant.

Here are three who have lately caught my eye.

For your consideration.

  • Lisa Graas. She is a pro-life Catholic mom of four, convert, Kentuckian, and contributor at David Horowitz’s NewsRealBlog.  She also retweets my stuff! Retweet my stuff and I take notice!
  • Te Deum Blog is by Diane Korzeniewski.  She belongs to Assumption Grotto parish in Detroit and often posts about their excellent liturgical and musical doings.   She is therefore helping to promote excellence in liturgical worship, which as we know is the tip of the spear for revitalizing our Catholic identity.
  • Michael Yon online magazine.  He is a former Green Beret who has been reporting from Iraq and Afghanistan since December 2004.  No other reporter has spent as much time with combat troops in these two wars.  Incredible photos.

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