New options for watching Papal Masses LIVE

I received good news this morning.

For Christmas, Vatican Radio’s website is offering its users a new service. It will allow users to stream liturgical celebrations presided over by the Holy Father through audio/video, live and in high definition: The Vigil Mass on Friday, December 24 starting at 22.00; the Christmas Message with the “Urbi et Orbi” blessing on December 25 starting at 12:00; and the marking of the World Day of Peace on January 1 at 10.00.

Audio will be available in the following languages: Italian, English, French, German, Spanish and Portuguese. For the vigil on December 24 commentary in Chinese will be available, and for the celebration on January 1 Arabic will also be available. [How about NO LANGUAGE?]

Access to the player is very simple: Go to our homepage at and click on “Audio Video Player” on the top-left.

It is great that they are updating!   Usually in the Vatican they update their technology every 75 years, whether it needs it or not.

A view of their new viewer:

Many people who like to watch the Papal Masses on TV or over the internet have often lamented that they would like a raw feed without the voice over commentary.  Sadly, because the commentary is from the Vatican RADIO, there is sometimes too much chatter for a stream with video.

We whiners and complainers need to keep pushing for a stream without voice over commentary.


Eucharistic Celebration
at 10.00 pm

From St. Peter’s Basilica, Eucharistic Celebration presided over by Pope Benedict XVI

Live Broadcast from 09.50 p.m.

– in French for Western Africa on kHz 7.365, 9.755 SW, for the Rome area on MHz 93,3 FM and via Internet on Channel 1

-in Chinese for Asia on kHz 6.025, 7.410 SW, for the Rome area on MHz 103,8 FM and via Internet on Channel 2

-in German for Central-Western Europe on kHz 5.885 SW, for the Rome area on kHz 1.611 MW and via Internet on Channel 3

-in Spanish for Central America on kHz 7.335 SW, for the Rome area on kHz 1.260 MW and via Internet on Channel 4

-in Italian for Italy on kHz 4.005 SW and kHz 1.530 MW, for the Rome area on kHz 585 MW, MHz 105,0 FM, for Europe linked up with RAI and via internet on Channel 5

-in Portuguese for Africa on kHz 11.630 SW and via Internet on Channel 6

-in English via Internet on Channel 7

-International Sound via Internet on Channel 8


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  1. Supertradmum says:

    And to clarify, does not one get a Papal Blessing if one is watching the live feeds, but not with the taped feeds?

  2. pelerin says:

    I thoroughly agree with Fr Z – to watch without any commentary is by far the best. Surely the majority of people watching will know what is going on without the need for a commentary and then it can be watched as if one were present.

    Wishing a Happy and Holy Christmas to you Father and continued thanks for all you do to maintain your blog.

  3. Geoffrey says:

    “We whiners and complainers need to keep pushing for a stream without voice over commentary.”

    Who can we complain to? I’ve emailed Vatican Radio more than once when they’ve had a commentator who was NEVER quiet. So what if it’s music? Maybe we want to listen. All I’d really want translated is the homily.

    We need a “Catholic C-SPAN”… nothing but raw feed.

  4. Geoffrey:
    You’re exactly right about the commentators not stopping, even for music. During Pope Benedict’s visit to Spain the choir sang a breathtakingly beautiful rendition of my favorite song–Mozart’s Ave Verum Corpus–during the distribution of Holy Communion. At least, it SEEMED to sound beautiful but it was kind of hard to hear above the commentator who, with microphone fully turned up, was yacking non-stop about the homily, which we already heard. I’m sure I’m not the only one who has had such frustrating experiences.

  5. irishgirl says:

    I agree with Geoffrey-we need a ‘Catholic C-Span’. No constant yapping from commentators who don’t know when to shut it [their mouths, that is]!
    If there has to be an audio translation, then let it be just for the homily.
    OK, end of ‘little rant’….Merry Christmas to you, Father Z! Safe travels in NYC! [yeah, I know I already said this on another blog entry]

  6. anna 6 says:

    I would love to see the Holy Father’s homily in subtitles….but other than that NO commentary.
    What really bugs me is when they have silence after the homily and Communion and the commentators talk about why the silence is observed…during the silence!!!

    A blessed Christmas to you Fr. Z…with gratitude for all that you do!

  7. Father G says:

    I am watching the Mass live and there does indeed exist an option to not have voice over commentary.

    Just select “audio” not the “audio_eng” or other language options.
    Viola! No voice over commentary during the periods of silence!!

    I’m loving it!!!

  8. chonak says:

    Even the commentary (on EWTN) has improved: there’s less unnecessary talk (still some, but less).

    I think the choice and performance of music has also improved under the new choir director, too.

  9. Cavaliere says:

    Was just listening to the end of the Mass in the car on Relevant Radio. Seriously, do we need someone to tell us, “and the people respond, Amen”.

  10. Supertradmum says:

    I had the Mass and then the picture switched to St. Peter’s Square. Now, I cannot find the Mass feed again. I can get the radio just fine. I have a new computer. Any suggestions?

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