PODCAzT 111: 4th Eucharistic Prayer; don Camillo (Part IX)

Herein we compare the lame-duck ICEL version of the 4th Eucharistic Prayer now still in use with the new, approved and corrected translation which we will soon be able to hear in our Churches.  I use the Latin original, and the lame–duck ICEL version and the new, correction version as found in the website of the USCCB.

The new translation of the Roman Missal will help the whole Catholic Church, whether people want to attend the newer form of Holy Mass or not.  When the tide rises all the boats rise with it.  Therefore, the implementation of the new translation is of paramount importance for the whole Church.

In the reading of the two versions of the Eucharistic Prayer, I try to keep my personality out of the way and not impose too much on the text.  I just want you to hear the text.  Besides, far too many priests try to read with meaning… it’s like water-boarding the faithful, but with syrup instead of water.

Peter Seewald


And since we learned in Light of the World, the new b00k-length interview of Pope Benedict, that the Holy Father watches movies made from the vignettes in the famous don Camillo books, we can hear another story from The Little World of don Camillo, the fictional not-quite-saint don Camillo Tarocci, (+ A.D. … ?), tough guy and parish priest.

Some time ago, I began a to read stories from The Little World of Don Camillo by Giovanni Guareschi.  There is a Don Camillo tag you can use to find the others easily.

Today we hear the story:

The Procession

UPDATE:  Here is a video of this vignette from the first (I think) don Camillo movie.  You can see that the substance is there, but there are variations.

You can pretend you are sitting with the Holy Father in the Apostolic Palace watching it … perhaps with popcorn.

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  1. Jim of Bowie says:

    I went to the USCCB, Committee on Devine Worship site to get the text to follow along. It appears that the Order of Mass has been removed, at least from where I found it before. Does this mean that the final version of the Order of Mass is now under Vatican review also?

  2. yatzer says:

    Don Camillo stories were some of my favorite books when I was a teenager. I’m glad they are still around, and someone else likes them also. I’d like to read them again as an adult from a somewhat different view than when a teen.

  3. Geoffrey says:

    I just happened to read the new English version of EP IV today. I cannot wait for these texts to be used… however I do have one nagging fear… many priests barely read from the Missal as it is… will they read these new beautiful texts word for word? Oremus…

  4. Henry Edwards says:

    Father Z: You mention that because EP IV has its own Preface, it should not be used on any feast day that has its own preface. Would this be so also for EP II? If so, would it not exclude a priest from using EP II virtually always?

  5. Henry Edwards says:

    Gregory: many priests barely read from the Missal as it is

    I’m not sure what you mean by this. I have attended Masses celebrated by priests of all sorts in lots of places, probably from one end of whatever spectrum to the other, and have seen in person many of the liturgical abuses one hears about. But I don’t recall hearing a priest substitute his own words in the Eucharistic Prayer. I’d think this beyond the pale, about as bad as it could get, much worse that wearing the wrong vestments, using the wrong kind chalice, using wrong gestures, etc. Are you suggesting that you’ve actually seen this happen?

  6. Henry: Even though the 2nd Eucharistic Prayer has its own preface, the rubrics say that another preface can be used. I could be used on a Sunday, but that just seems wrong. It would be better on a weekday… though I won’t use it.

    2nd Eucharistic Prayer… Just Say No.

    Just My Opinion.

  7. Marthe Lepine says:

    Don Camillo stories were also among my favorites when I was a teen, and I think I still have a couple of the books. Maybe I could lend them to Yazer – but they are in the French translation! You can check the Inside Catholic site, there was a blog about them a while ago, but I do not remember the actual title of the blog. However, there was a reply to my question about the availability of the movies that Yazer might find useful.

  8. Norah says:

    I’m giving the Don Camillo DVD to a friend for Christmas. I remember watching the movie on SBS (foreign language channel) in Australia.

  9. St. Louis IX says:


  10. Louis says:

    Thanks for Fr Z. My daughter and will enjoy the new Don Camillo. When we were cooking last week she asked me if there were any new ones. Maybe we will try to replicate your your Monday dinner.

  11. Magpie says:

    Brilliant father – thank you so much! I shall enjoy listening to this over the weekend! :-)

  12. EegahInc says:

    I had never heard of the Don Camillo stories until they were mentioned in the press releases for Light Of The World. After reading of the Pope’s entertainment habits, I found the first two movies on Netflix (in their original language and subtitled) and they turned out to be excellent. Now, whenever I recommend them to a friend, I’ll be able to say, “You gotta watch this, the Pope turned me on to them.” Looking forward to listening to some of the original book in the podcast. Thanks, Fr. Z.

  13. Geoffrey says:

    “Are you suggesting that you’ve actually seen this happen?”

    I am not sure who Gregory is… ;-)

    …but yes, I have seen this happen in my diocese. Some priests memorize the texts and rarely look at the Missal, which causes them to make mistakes. I have seen EP II and EP III combined. Also, I recall one older Franciscan not look at a Missal even once. He (tried) to recite the ordinary from memory. And yes, he made up the presidential prayers.

  14. irishgirl says:

    Your PodCazt was very interesting, Father Z.
    What a difference between the words of the ‘lame duck’ Eucharistic Prayers and the ones of the new translations! As your friend Father Peter Stravinskas says, ‘Words matter!’ [did I tell you that I met him in October, when he came to give a couple of talks on the new translation?]
    I also liked the Don Camillo video clip. How many films were made from the stories? I can see why the Holy Father likes to watch them!

  15. Magpie says:

    Father, could you tell us the which music recordings you used for this podcazt? Many thanks, I do appreciate your musical taste and would like to obtain the recordings for myself.

  16. Frank H says:

    Henry, my former pastor had some consistent “modifications” he made to the Eucharistic Prayers. Especially grating was at the consecration of the wine he said something like “…shed for you and for all people…”

    He also, at the preparation of the gifts, combined the offering of the bread and wine into one prayer and gesture, “…we have received the bread and wine we offer… which will become the food of everlasting life.” Aarghhh!

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