Prayers please

May I please ask your prayers for a concern?


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Fr. Z is the guy who runs this blog. o{]:¬)
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  1. Flambeaux says:


  2. Andy Milam says:

    You have my evening rosary.

  3. jdscotus says:

    Yes, most definitely.

  4. Mary Ann says:

    Memorare being said now.

  5. Mike says:

    Of course!

  6. KAS says:

    Prayer here too!

  7. Tim Ferguson says:

    you got ’em

  8. Fr Matthew says:

    Of course! I’ll ask the Blessed Mother to intercede for you, and offer my Vespers for your intention.

  9. Maria says:

    My prayers have been offered up.

    With sincere Love in Christ,

  10. cothrige says:

    Absolutely. Consider it done.

  11. hawkeye says:

    Mass and Adoration tomorrow will be for your intentions. The celebrant is also an avid follower of your blog, so I’m sure he will keep you in his prayers as well at Mass.

  12. Random Friar says:

    Always there for a brother priest who needs prayer!

  13. Polycarp says:


  14. AngelineOH says:

    As you are always in my prayers, I will also ask intercession for your special intention.

  15. Martial Artist says:


    Keith Töpfer

  16. EoinOBolguidhir says:

    Yes. And bless you, Father, for your good work.

  17. benedetta says:

    I will also pray for your intentions.

  18. wanda says:

    Will do, Fr. Z.

  19. Jack Hughes says:

    Will offer up the suffering due to my illness; may I also ask for prayers that I will be cured soon (currently it looks as if I cannot hold down solids).

  20. LouiseA says:

    Yes, 3 Hail Marys.

  21. Shadow says:

    Goes without saying.

  22. xsosdid says:

    Sure Father! And for you, Jack Hughes!

  23. fwbear says:

    Whatever you need, Father.

  24. AnAmericanMother says:

    Absolutely – and for you as well Jack Hughes.

  25. LaxMom25 says:

    Your concern is our prayer. We Love You.

  26. says:

    Done. A decade of the rosary now.

  27. JoyfulMom7 says:

    Prayers for your special intention, Father.

  28. Caroline says:

    Lifting up your need in my rosary intentions, Father.

  29. Praying. (And for you also, Jack. It doesn’t sound like you’re feeling better yet. Rest, take your meds, and get well soon.)

  30. cyejbv says:

    Yes absolutely. I will ask for your protection through Saint Michael, as well as the intercession of my patron Saint Faustina as well as Our Blessed Mother through the rosary for your intention Father Z!
    And for you as well brother Jack Hughes :)

  31. Offered an Ave for your intentions Father.

  32. Trisagion says:

    It is done.

  33. DebbieInCT says:

    prayers offered, Fr., and will continue….. and also for Mr. Jack Hughes

  34. gloriainexcelsis says:

    Always, Father.

  35. irishgirl says:

    Just sent up a Hail Mary for you, Fr. Z-you are always in my daily Rosary intentions.
    I also prayed for you, Jack Hughes-I hope you are feeling better.

  36. Paul says:

    Prayers of correct discernment, and for a friend whose 12 year old sister died of cancer a few days ago. I am very grateful for your prayers, and will definitely pray for you, Fr!

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