The Feeder Feed: new old birds

I am seeing a few old friends at the feeder right now.   It is getting cold out there, so birds who are usually off look elsewhere are coming around.  Also, I now have a heated bird bath!   And they drink!  There isn’t a lot of snow at the moment, but it has been well under freezing for a long time.  Birds need water sources.

First, high drama.  This woodpecker and a dove are not getting along.  GO WOODPECKER!

The woodpecker won.

I don’t seem to be able to draw in many Cardinals, despite the fact that there is good cover here and the food they like.  But this fellow comes fairly regularly.

Another view of its tuft.

TwitterPine Siskins have returned.

Mr. Nuthatch is living up to its name.

But here is a different nuthatch… Red-breasted Nuthatch!  I see this loner rarely.  But today he has been around pretty often.  Must be hungry…. of a newcomer, perhaps.

And my favorite Chickadees are abundant and firmly in control.

Thanks to all of you who have made a donation to help feed the birds.  They eat from donations.

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