The Feeder Feed: Z-CAM edition

I just thought to share this screenshot from the Z-CAM.

This Nuthatch decided to hang out and blink into the webcam for a while.


They are eating like fiends, since it is growing colder and snowy.

I have some Advent tunes on the stream and also the Rosary in Latin.

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  1. GirlCanChant says:

    Okay, Father, you’ve made up for making me cranky with the Inwood. ;-)

    Birds are just about the only thing I miss about the suburbs. Here we just have sparrows and pigeons (and the occasional red-tailed hawk, for variety).

  2. benedetta says:

    I noticed a type of bird feeder which might be of interest. It is covered with edibles for the birds and once the exterior is consumed there is a permanent bird house structure underneath. Noticed these in the Orvis gifts catalog. They seem a little on the pricey side but I guess after all you are getting a birdhouse after the birds strip away their seeds and goodies.

  3. mrsmontoya says:

    Fr. Z, I watched the sunrise at Sabine Ranch today (4-5 am my time), it was beautiful. I saw the first visitor to the feeders. Thank you for this wonderful gift.

    It appears to be snowing now, I hope you are keeping warm, perhaps enjoying a cup of … Mystic Monk Coffee!

    My donation will go to the birds, though.

    Happy Advent!

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