Angry! Disgusted! ARRRRRRRCH – – GAAH .. *cough – II

The stupidest jinned up commercial “holiday” of the year is just around the corner.  And you men are required by commercial advertisers to be as stupid as the advertisers think you should think women are.  And don’t forget guilty if you don’t buy Teddy Bears or diamonds.

Do you recall my tirade last year?  Against “Vermont Teddy Bears”?

I must admit these commercials really make me see red and think black thoughts.

I quote:

These moronic commercials portray women as total idiots.

They deepen the distortion of a feast day of the Church!

I mean… how stupid do they think women are?

I’m just askin’

“She’ll think you’ve planned it for weeks!”  Smarmy ********

Yah… and she hasn’t seen the commercial… maybe while sitting next to you on the couch.

This year they have played down the “give her this and you’ll get laid because she doesn’t have a brain in her head” message, which was the sole message in previous years.  They are now playing to the … well… it’s still the “women are really stupid” angle but it’s mainly about her enjoying time being warm and, apparently, mostly alone.  I guess they caught on to how stupid the men who bought this stuff are for having bought it because they thought women were stupid.

If any of you readers buy this stuff, you need psychological help.  Then you will perhaps need a new membership to a Catholic singles service.

Here’s Father Z’s best advise.

Give your woman chapel veils .  If she refuses to wear them at church, lock her in the back of the cave.

Err… um… see what happens?  I became stupider just writing about this stuff.

The chapel veil is still a good idea.  Especially if you tell her how beautiful she is when she wears it.



Buy them lots of Mystic Monk Coffee and WDTPRS coffee mugs.  Especially romantic would be the upcoming Unreconstructed Ossified Manualist coffee mug… though I admit it isn’t quite ready for mass production yet.  I mean… it is ready, but I haven’t actually seen one yet.

So, do the most romantic thing possible when you get her that Unreconstructed Ossified Manualist mug: Give her an IOU for the mug!  Better yet, the Unreconstructed Ossified Manualist Teddy Bear.

Look at it as anti-commercial Teddy Bear.

Remember in Star Trek how there’s anti-matter?  What happens when they meet?  FFFKCHPLOOOY! Get one of those and she’ll know immediately that you don’t think she is stupid or a total idiot when it comes to these commercial holidays.  And a nice note along the lines of:

“I wanted to get you this thing, but it isn’t ready yet.  So, it’ll be here soon.  Fr. Z says its great, and it says something that means… I’m not quite sure what it means … so I’m sure you know that I don’t think you’re stupid.  But… if your feeling romantic… I’m just sayin’ ….”

Then you could have a discussion about either Star Trek or about what “unreconstructed” means… or both.  Or whether unreconstructed was ever used on Star Trek. Or whether Fr. Z has used the word “unreconstructed” on his blog.

What gal could resist that?

A WDTPRS mug is worth its weight in diamonds for its “potential”.  Get it?  Potential?  After all: Nihil enim movetur nisi secundum quod est in potentia ad illud ad quod movetur. Heh heh…

Notice, men and women alike, that I didn’t put the usual Mystic Monk logo in this post?

I know how smart you are!  I am affirming you.

Of course I expect to see a spike in coffee and mug sales because of this affirmation.  Because you can’t be manipulated.

Mystic Monk Coffee!

It’s smart!

About Fr. John Zuhlsdorf

Fr. Z is the guy who runs this blog. o{]:¬)
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  1. I guess I must just block out most commercials. I don’t notice most of the ones you are talking about, at least not as any specific to Valentine’s Day, but I didn’t watch many of the Super Bowl ones either.

    But I’m a little confused what the commercials have to do with buying chapel veils or coffee. I mean, if she wants them, then, yes, they are a fine gift. If she doesn’t though, just who are you buying it for? Are you placing your own Valentine’s Day ads or is this just a big joke that went over my head? [BINGO.]

    Personally, I don’t expect much on Valentine’s Day. I’m 8 months pregnant. We have a 5 year old, a 3 year old and a 1 1/2 year old. We don’t have much money to spend on flowers much less anything like diamonds or teddy bears. Personally I think if anyone buys anything, it should be something she/he wants and needs. It could be just need some extra attention, some time to herself/himself, or something small just to make them feel special. In my case, it was a much-needed car seat and stroller for the new baby. But, you know, home with the kids all day, changing diapers, teaching them how to read, doing laundry, cleaning toilets … getting something like flowers can be a very valuable token of appreciation that some people don’t often get. Life is busy. I kindof appreciate opportunities like Valentine’s Day to remind us to stop and say to each other what we usually take for granted.

  2. AnnAsher says:

    Chapel veils for St Valentine’s day! Wonderful idea!
    Those teddy bears and the blasted pajama grimes make me angry!

  3. Margaret says:

    No, please, not a veil. Really. Chocolate, sure. Dinner out, lovely. Staying home to mind the kids so I can get out of the house entirely on my own, fantastic. But the veil thing really needs to be voluntary. DH buying me one would make it feel a lot less voluntary. [No. No. I’m telling your husband to get you a veil. Wear it and you get chocolates. But… if you buy Mystic Monk Coffee, you don’t have to wear the veil. Unless you want to. o{];¬) ]

    Even a woman as reluctant as I am to spend money on clothes for myself beyond the absolute necessities WOULD come up with the money for a headcovering if she really felt the urge to do so.

  4. Jayna says:

    I’m going on a pub crawl for Valentine’s Day. And possibly to another pub that gives you a free pint if you rip up a picture of your ex.

    Not to say that I don’t like diamonds, though. I do. Preferably on an engagement ring.

  5. Jayna: Wow. You just moved this into a whole new thing.

  6. jeffmcl says:

    Don’t get me started. An email I sent to Borders 2/14/07:

    I happened upon Borders San Francisco’s “Valentines” Day display today. Coming off the escalator, one is confronted by a rack of books, ostensibly in honor of this holiday, which I would remind you is named after a Catholic saint. Offering books of a religious nature is more than I would expect from Border’s, especially in a city like San Francisco, but this display really hit a new low. Right there in full view of children were books like “The Ultimate Guide to Fellatio.” I realize all sense of common decency is quickly vanishing from society, but I would still expect that a large corporation such as yours would have more common sense and good taste. If you choose to stock so-called “Erotica” (=porn) then at least you could keep it in an appropriately secluded portion of your store.

    The banal Valentines cards are one thing. Turning a saint’s day into a sex-fest is appalling.

  7. AnnM says:

    If my husband got me a chapel veil he’d be heading for Catholic Singles before you could say “Mystic Monk” :)

  8. Can I get a Hoodie Footie chapel veil…???

  9. PghCath says:

    Dear Lord, thank you for giving me a wife that doesn’t care much about Valentine’s Day.

  10. Girgadis says:

    I didn’t get a chapel veil for Christmas, but I did get a copy of “Latin Demystified” as well as Lidia’s latest cookbook. One of these days, I may shock the WDTPRS community and translate something from Latin into English. Until then…. I would like to get the hubby another bag of Mystic Monk Dark Roast because he enjoyed the bag I gave him for Christmas so much. [You are not far from the kingdom.] Only problem is that we don’t have a grinder, and he makes his rocket fuel, er um, coffee, in an espresso machine. He compensates by using a bit more coffee, but it would be nice to have it in a smaller grind. Any chance the monks could be persuaded to do this? Just asking, as I will buy the coffee regardless.

  11. ndmom says:

    “If my husband got me a chapel veil he’d be heading for Catholic Singles before you could say “Mystic Monk” :)”

    Amen, sister.

  12. KAS says:

    Well, I personally would LOVE some Mystic Monk coffee for Valentine’s day. I also love chocolate.

    But I married a man who refuses to celebrate holidays of any sort. He says that if he treats me better on valentines day than he does every day then he is not treating me right all the other days of the year. As I am a rather spoiled woman I am not complaining!

    I’ll buy my own chocolate. ;-) [You are wonderful. Try some Mystic Monk chocolate covered coffee beans.]

  13. MissOH says:

    Keep the teddy bears and diamonds. Really, all of the jewelry I want I already have. I nice dinner out is always lovely. A chapel veil and mystic monk coffee, personally I would love it (especially the coffee since I really do have enough chapel veils (I kind of like to coordinate and I will leave it at that).

  14. A chapel veil could incorporate jewelry. Like those nice jeweled headdresses and snoods in Italian art — a few seed pearls here, a few precious stones there…. Now _that_ would attract attention. And if you wanna look like the Virgin Mary in a picture…. :)

    Anyway, the point guys should absorb is that critical or “hint” gifts probably won’t go over well on Valentine’s Day. A few days after, as a casual gift, maybe. [Such as the upcoming Unreconstructed Ossified Manualist mug.] If your beloved already likes chapel veils, that’s different.

  15. arotron theou says:

    I did not buy my lady wife her chapel veil. I merely kept taking her to the sorts of solidly Catholic bookstores that have chapel veils in stock, until she decided, quite on her own and without any prodding from me, she might just get one or two. I do, however, feel that most pleasant patriarchal and manly glow, when I buy her Mystic Monk Coffee. (It’s three gifts in one!)

  16. teaguytom says:

    I’ve seen the PajamaGram and VermontTeddyBear commercials over and over. UGH! It actually benefits all Catholic to have the EF and the 1962 Calender back in the mainstream. St Valentine is still listed on the Universal Calender that year. ; ) Maybe it would help us add SAINT back into the day. I will be buying my girlfriend flowers. No they are NOT “TelePORNA.”

  17. OurLadysRabbit says:

    Well…as for me I would love a Teddy Bear for Valentines day. I have a partiality for small fluffy things. But for guys to expect a woman to compromise herself over a stuffed animal is egotistic on the part of the guys as well as ridiculous.

  18. elaurier says:

    I haven’t seen the commercials either, but 2/14 is our wedding anniversary and to us it’s a very, very special day. Coffee, chocolate, delmonico steaks, “Wicked”, a walk in the bosque, looking at our wedding album….they are all on the agenda! I look forward to my Valentine Anniversary even more than to Christmas, Easter, the four day Thanksgiving weekend, etc.

  19. APX says:

    Try some Mystic Monk chocolate covered coffee beans.

    I tried to order some last week, but they’re sold out until next winter.

    I didn’t know what Vermont Teddy Bears were so I watched the ads on YouTube. This year’s ad isn’t up, but last year’s was. Wow…just…wow.

    Maybe if we start pushing the “Put the Saint Back into St. Valentine’s Day” enough the secular world will get offended like they do with anything else that remotely mentions religion and it will go away. That’s wishful thinking, though.

    I will likely be spending my Valentne’s Day with a bottle of the best ice wine my student budget can afford and writing an essay on victims of prostitution. Happy Valentine’s Day!

  20. Peggy R says:

    As both my husband and I have B-Days this month, we do go out to dinner and a movie sometime between Valentines and the end of the month. I tell him to save his money. I’m not big on jewelry; I have the essentials. I didn’t care for Valentine’s Day much as a single woman. It doesn’t mean that much to me now either. It was kind of important as newlyweds;, but marriage is for family, not an immature and self-reflective love.

    I would not have a problem w/my huz buying a veil for Valentine’s Day; I wish he were more tradition-minded than he is. I have been thinking of an upright carpet cleaner, however.

    About the pajama-gram, he actually bought me the hoodie-footie for Christmas. Not a sexy gift at all. My first thoughts were of Ralphie. My little one calls me Mommy Bunny when I wear it in the evening. It is VERY WARM. I removed the footies as they were too warm. It is very practical.

  21. JaneC says:

    Our parish is hosting two semi-romantic events this weekend. There is a retreat for married couples on Saturday, and on Sunday there is a brunch for couples who have been married for 50 years or more. I think those are the types of celebrations St. Valentine would approve of.

    On Monday night I have a date to make brownies with my husband. No Mystic Monk coffee with our brownies, unfortunately, as we are still working through some coffee we were given for Christmas. Mystic Monk is on the shopping list for next month, though!

  22. Rob Cartusciello says:

    My wife & I bet on the Super Bowl. The winner picks the main ingredient for Valentines Day dinner (i.e. Surf & Turf or (this year) duck) and the loser cooks & cleans up. I was 0-2 going into this year, and finally won.

    My wife requires a card. Chocolate & candy are a no no.

  23. EWTN Rocks says:

    Fr. Z, I’m pretty sure a WDTPRS mug would not make me feel warm and fuzzy inside, [?!? You are wrong.] but Mystic Monk Coffee and chocolate would probably do the trick. I have to say that an “I love you” goes a long way too…note I said “love” not “luv” (but that was another post)!

  24. Tony Layne says:

    “He says that if he treats me better on valentines day than he does every day then he is not treating me right all the other days of the year.” KAS, your hubby sounds like a man after my own heart.

  25. Tina in Ashburn says:

    And all this time I was led to believe this was a traditional blog. Valentine’s Day?!? I’m goin allll the way back and observing the original Lupercalia.

    Valentine’s Day. harrumph,

  26. NobisQuoQue says:

    Being single, I hate this time of year and can’t wait for the holiday to be over. Guess we single Catholics can join our sufferings to those of the martyr St. Valentine. Maybe drinking some Mystic Monk coffee will help, too….

  27. Tina: Lupercalia? Really? Think about it.

  28. jules1 says:

    The problem with Valentine’s Day. …is that guys seem to be soooooo unimaginative. Going out of your way to make a nice dinner is always a winner. Yes you may be tired by the end of the evening , and you may ‘miss’ the rest of the night— wink ;wink…lol…. but trust me in the morning your WIFE will find you more attractive!!!

  29. ghp95134 says:


    If you could convince the Mystic Monks to package their coffees in Keurig K-cups …. I would buy from them! I just sent them the suggestion, but if their greatest champion (id est …. YOU) made the suggestion, perhaps they’d do it.

    –Guy Power

  30. Guy: Or ESE! They must do this.

  31. Agnes says:

    “Give your woman chapel veils . If she refuses to wear them at church, lock her in the back of the cave.
    Err… um… see what happens? ”

    Father John T. Zuhlsdorf, I am shocked. This is why God made you a priest and not a marriage therapist. Have some more Mystic Monk Coffee and get back to the sanctuary where you belong!

    Good heavens! Black lace in the pews!

  32. APX says:

    ghp95134 says:
    If you could convince the Mystic Monks to package their coffees in Keurig K-cups …. I would buy from them!

    I don’t know if you know, but you can get a reusable filter so you can brew your own coffee in it. Click HERE.

  33. Torpedo1 says:

    My Sweetheart and I are going to celibrate by not going out. Neither of us can aford it right now anyway, and I found a great chicken recipe I’m excited to try. I’m also making him traditional southern banana pudding. He really misses it and hasn’t had it in a long time. I once asked him if the pudding could be made with banana flavored pudding instead of vanilla? He looked at me and just shook his head. My present to him will be making him a nice dinner. I love cooking for him and he loves that I can cook. I like to think, that I’m preparing myself to make a good home for him should God grant us the gift of marriage. All I asked for for Valentines day was a card, and flowers if he could aford them. I explained that I didn’t really want them for myself, I thought they’d make the house nicer. I’m getting really, really sick of winter. I’d rather get pink, peach or white flowers as opposed to red, more spring-like.
    but that’ll be what we do, and I’m very excited to have a nice evening together. that’s all I need. I think those pajama-grams are offensive because I feel like the guy who gets them for his wife is saying he wants her to be just like those women in those commercials, some sort of pin-up… ick.

  34. michelelyl says:

    My parish schedules the ‘Volunteer Appreciation Dinner’ on the weekend around or near Valentine’s Day. I think, that it is quite fitting to honor the saint :)

  35. bookworm says:

    I come from a long line of very practical-minded women who never made a big deal out of Valentine’s Day. In fact I don’t even make a big deal out of Mother’s Day, my birthday (I almost forgot it myself this year because I was very busy at work), or our anniversary. Expecting or demanding gifts on ANY occasion just seems kind of childish and tacky to me. A gift has to be freely given, not extorted.

  36. Lisa says:

    Valentine’s Day is my birthday. So we celebrate my birthday on the 14th, and Valentine’s day on the 15th, when my husband can get chocolates in heart-shaped packages and red roses 50% off. Hah. And he enjoys the chocolates as much as I do.
    And for the 14th, we used to go out, but the restaurants are so crowded, and we now have 3 little kids that I want to spend time with, so he bought a nice french wine, and will make a nice dinner to go with it (I will probably help). Cooking with my husband is a rare treat (he doesn’t enjoy cooking nearly as much as I do), so it’s a perfect gift.

  37. Philangelus says:

    For Valentine’s Day, we normally order pizza. I may give him an iTunes gift card.
    I’d rather have laceweight yarn than a lace chapel veil. How about this: I’ll wear the veil if he prays the Saint Michael chaplet and the rosary every single day.

  38. ckdexterhaven says:

    All of the jewelry commercials are embarrassing. Come on, ladies, have some dignity! Jonah Goldberg wrote a great piece a couple of years back about the ridiculous “Every kiss begins with K” ad campaign.

    I got my husband a book by Fulton Sheen, and I’m going to make Chocolate Cupcakes with Flaming Strawberries for him. recipe here:

  39. Malateste says:

    The stupidest jinned up commercial “holiday” of the year is just around the corner. And you men are required by commercial advertisers to be as stupid as the advertisers think you should think women are. And don’t forget guilty if you don’t buy Teddy Bears or diamonds.

    I know… how infuriating that they’d mandate an external observance that should be an entirely voluntary gesture of respect and love? How silly to think that mere material formalities could say anything real about internal spiritual…err, emotional attitude, right?

    How dare they dictate to men the precise form that their expressions of love should take! And what a fool a woman would be to make a big deal about a silly object when what really matters is how internally devouted the guy is!

    Can’t wait to get that chapel veil from my sweetie. Fingers crossed that they make them obligatory sometime soon.

  40. cblanch says:

    My husband and I don’t like feeling pressured to celebrate our love on specific days of the year. If we happen to get a sitter on Valentines’s Day or our anniversary, we most likely end up at the grocery store at some point to sneak in a little childless shopping. After splitting up for efficientcy, we pick out a card for the other, meet back up in the store, exchange cards and then put them back. Next, we laugh for hours about how we beat the system and saved $10. (I get plenty of flowers and cards/notes from my husband throughout the year when it means something to us.)

    By the way, my husband hasn’t “crossed the Tiber” yet, so I’d be THRILLED to get a chapel veil from him!

  41. wait, didn’t anybody see the commercial in which the Vermont Teddy Bear is wearing a hoodie-footie? Even my eleven year old thought that was stupid.

  42. PghCath says:

    ckdexterhaven: I am definitely going to try that cupcake recipe! What a presentation!

  43. Since any gift comes out of my household budget, I would have to forgo eating for a week to pay for that box of chocolates and vase of roses. I would rather have enough milk in the fridge for all the children to drink thank you very much. We spend our Valentine’s day doing school, reading a book about the Saint, and asking him to pray for us before meals and during evening prayers. Much more productive than a fancy dinner out and paying $10/hr for a babysitter who will allow the kids to stay up way past their bedtime, snuffing out any opportunity to “get romantic” that evening.

  44. Seraphic Spouse says:

    We may mock the ads and snarl at the crass sexualization, but we take lightly the feelings of many women (single or married) on Valentine’s Day at our peril. Don’t underestimate how many single women will beat themselves up at the end of the day that a “secret admirer” never materialized and how many women will be secretly hurt because their boyfriend or husband “forgot” or “knows” that they are “above all that crap, honey.” Nobody likes feeling left out, and on Valentine’s Day, too many people feel left out.

    The solution? Single women send other single women cards and chocolate and make plans with each other that night, and men walk up to the plate and make some gesture, no matter how small, to symbolically show their wives that they care as much or more as they did when they were courting.

  45. Jbuntin says:

    I told my husband when we were just dating to Never buy me flowers or chocolate. If he wanted to bring me something I would really love, bring me a watermelon! Really!

    I hate recieving gifts on days that presume you have to buy someone a gift. I also hate buying gifts for people when I’m expected to.

  46. Liz says:

    I think it just gets worse every year. The pressure on the men seems so intense. (I don’t think the men care so much as the women. The advertisers play on women’s emotion…you only care about me if you buy X, Y, and Z.) Yesterday, at Walmart I was looking at all of “stuff” and I wondered who could it all be for. Their can’t be that many people. On the other hand, I will probably make my husband some sprecial dessert and I will give the kiddies a little chocolate treats. Husband usually gets me a little something like one rose or even special fruit (but I like the idea of waiting for 50 % off!) The kids will make hearts for the window and maybe we will read about the saint. Still it has become a stupid holiday. The kids and I were discussing whether they would ever try to drop saint from St. Patrick’s. Hmmm…

  47. Rich says:

    Phil Hendrie used to do killer Vermont Teddy Bear commercials on his radio show.

  48. JulieC says:

    I’ll pass on the veil, too, but a Trader Joe’s dark chocolate bar with hazelnuts would do nicely.

  49. Eric says:

    Feb 14th. Pitchers and catchers report.
    What could be more romantic than that?

  50. SimonDodd says:

    I wonder how many of those who resent being required to externalize the feelings in their heart on someone else’s schedule also voted to impose the chapel veil as mandatory. Above, Jbuntin said “I hate receiving gifts on days that presume you have to buy someone a gift,” and that seems to be a widespread sentiment. It seems not devoid of force in the case of the mandatory mantilla.

    I’m a little puzzled, by the by. What should a female reader infer: Wearing a mantilla is modest, and that she looks “beautiful … when she wears it.” Isn’t there a disconnect? What’s the message here?

  51. irishgirl says:

    Being single-and never having had a boyfriend in my life-I can’t stand Valentine’s Day. It ‘sucks’ for me anyway because it was the day 11 years ago when my first dog was put to sleep.
    Never got flowers, never got candy. A few times my mother gave me a card to try to cheer me up.
    It’s also ‘World Marriage Day’-‘sucks’ even more. Sat through enough Masses honoring the ‘long-wedded’ folks to last me a lifetime! No fun sitting in a pew alone!
    OK, end of rant….sigh….

  52. Banjo pickin girl says:

    SimonDodd, reminds me of the blog where somebody said he loves it when women wear mantillas because it “makes them look fetching.”

    But then I am not fetching, on St. Valentine’s day or any other day. Look up “frump” in the dictionary, there is a picture of me (with my banjo).

    Bring on the chocolate, though. It is always in “good taste.”

  53. Random Friar says:

    This secularized holiday and all its inane advertising makes me soooo glad I’m celibate.

    Although, I have to admit, I do love paying 70% less for chocolate February 15th!

  54. Martial Artist says:

    I was blessed by God beyond anything I might have hoped for in the wife to whom He led me. She makes mantillas (initially in Dominican colors). She doesn’t care for diamonds. And, she was positively delighted when I asked her if she would like a one-year subscription to Magnificat for St. Valentine’s day. How could a miserable sinner like me, who also took six decades floundering about as a protestant to realize that he belonged in the Catholic Church, ever receive such a blessing from God? (And I am not being “tongue in cheek.”)

    Pax et bonum,
    Keith Töpfer

  55. I would love to get a chapel veil anytime from my husband. I’d like a new Missal, too! I don’t need chocolates nor diamonds. How impractical is that? OK, the chocolates have anitoxidants and are delicious, but I don’t need no stinkin’ chocolates. My husband has begun to read your blog and is already interested in contributing to the feeding of birds and buying Mystic Monk. Since he has gotten me to drink coffee in the past year, I can’t wait until he orders some! If he waits too long, I will have to take matters into my own hands!

  56. ghp95134 says:

    APX “…I don’t know if you know, but you can get a reusable filter so you can brew your own coffee in it. Click HERE./

    Yes, I have one … I just don’t have the time to keep cleaning it (and we keep it in the lab) — I explained that to the Mystic Monks. I NEEEEEED Mystic Monk coffee in a K-Cup!!!!


  57. amrc says:

    The best Valentine’s gift that I received from my husband was The Book of My Life by St. Theresa of Avila. (Think of that Valentine from God: His flaming cupid’s dart into the recesses of her heart!) This “affirmed” both my “intelligence” and “spirituality.” This text, and the Magnificat, were the two publications I brought into the hospital at the delivery of one of my children (I don’t remember which one!) (Been there, done that, with The Art of Breastfeeding, What to Expect When You’re Expecting) I remember, the morning after the birth, coming to a passage where Teresa described the glorified resurrected body. The morning sunlight was streaming into the maternity room, my beautiful new baby was sleeping rose pink in the bassinet, and I was battered, stretched, torn, stitched, sore, flabbing, exhausted but radiantly happy. My “crucifixion” was over; the resurrection was in my arms. And I was enraptured contemplating the new glorified body we would all be given some day.

    The consummation of “Valentine’s Day” was a new baby daughter.

    The consummation of God’s ultimate Valentine, where He came in the flesh and “nursed” us from His pierced body, will be our own glorified resurrected bodies in Heaven, to share the melting, burning bliss that Santa Teresa only hinted at. HEARTS OF JESUS & MARY, UNITE US FOREVER!!!!

  58. MichaelJ says:

    Are you truly suggesting that a woman cannot be beautiful without being immodest? By pointing out the “disconnect” in those who think that a woman can simultaneously be beautiful and modest, that is precicely what you are doing although I suspect that it is not your intent.

  59. Eric says:

    Note to Suz. from Oklah’s husband.

    That was what I think is termed a “hint.”

  60. QMJ says:

    I loathe Valentine’s Day. Fortunately, my wife does too (God bless her). I teach at an elementary school. While I won’t be able to avoid it completely (the kids will pass out their Valentine’s cards) there will be no party and I will be teaching them about love as demonstrated by Sts. Cyril and Methodius whose feast it is that day.

  61. MikeM says:

    I’m single, but the several times I’ve been dating someone on Valentines Day, something always spoiled my plans. There was a big snow storm one year, another my car stopped working out of the blue… I don’t feel like it’s been that much of a loss. I can give a card or go out for dinner on other days of the year just the same as that one.

  62. Jayna says:

    A whole new thing, Fr. Z? Not quite sure what to make of that.

  63. AnAmericanMother says:

    I would adore a chapel veil from hubby on St. Valentine’s Day. But I already have two (one a beautiful Spanish mantilla), and that’s not counting the little round lace cap I used to wear as a young Piskie. We don’t take the day very seriously though — a cute/silly card is a family tradition plus something edible.

    We do avoid going out to dinner on that evening, because EVERYBODY in Atlanta seems to. We’ll go some other night.

  64. I’ve always thought the idea of having a “valentine” and doing something special together on Valentine’s Day was very sweet. I mean, I agree that our society has made it into something vulgar and materialistic and generally disgusting these days–just as it’s done with everything else related to human sexuality and relationships. But to me, a “valentine” is somebody you are especially dedicated to, and vice versa–a true love, a courter, a fiance, a spouse. It represents a very pure relationship. Definitely something that should be celebrated in these days when dedication and purity are so rare.

    Well, maybe I’m just a romantic. :)

    But as a single woman who doesn’t have a “valentine”… it’s sort of a sad, lonely day, and it’s hard not to let that get me down. But I try to focus on it as the feast day of the Martyr, St. Valentine–not to mention Sts. Cyril and Methodius!

  65. nanetteclaret says:

    irishgirl –

    It’s time for a serious Novena to St. Joseph! I can attest that he helps with our petitions, since he heard my petition for a husband, I was introduced to mr. claret shortly thereafter, and we will celebrate 13 years of marriage next month. I think St. Joseph truly has a soft spot in his heart for “damsels in distress.” He certainly took good care of Our Lady.

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