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Oregon – 25-26 Feb Men’s Conference. Card. Burke, Bp. Vasa, choir of Wyoming Catholic College

For those of you in the area: The Northwest Catholic Men’s Conference will take place in Pendleton, Oregon, on February 25 and 26, featuring His Eminence Cardinal Raymond L. Burke as principal celebrant of Masses on both days.  The Cardinal … Read More

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Peruvian Archbp. during presidential elections: voting for abortion supporter is a mortal sin

From CNA with my emphases and comments: CNA STAFF, Feb 17, 2011 / 03:54 pm (CNA).- Archbishop Javier del Rio Alba of Arequipa, Peru recently clarified that “voting for a candidate who supports abortion is a mortal sin.” [Not much … Read More

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I picked this up from Tom Peter’s page: Two important pro-life votes are expected this evening. Please call your Representative today and urge them to support the Pence amendment and the Fleming amendment to the Continuing Resolution. The Pence amendment … Read More

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Another spin! Hijinx with water!

Someone sent me a link to a video on Youtube with a trick you can do with water! I think every child over the age of 6 should see this video. Great fun!  Especially when mom isn’t at home. Repetita … Read More

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Following the Church sometimes requires a measure of folly, at least as the world sees it

Recently in Kansas City, Kansas, a “white Mass” was celebrated (for medical professionals) and H.E. Most Rev. Robert Vasa, now of Santa Rosa in California, preached a fine sermon. Bp. Vasa has impressed WDTPRS for some time now. The blog … Read More

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Unreconstructed Ossified Manualists unite!

I was recently chatting with a priest friend and the issue of “manual theology” came up. For a long time much of the theological formation of priests came from “manuals” for dogmatic theology and moral theology.  Among the famous manual … Read More

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Septuagesima is upon us

This coming Sunday is Septuagesima in the traditional Roman calendar  It comes late this year because of the vagaries of the moon. In the pre-Conciliar calendar this period before Ash Wednesday is called the Season of Epiphany.   Part of it … Read More

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About PODCAzT 116 on Pius XI’s ‘Mortalium animos’

A couple people asked me to re-post the last PODCAzT (116) about Pius IX’s encyclical about unity and ecumenism called Mortalium animos.  Rather than re-post, here is the link back to the original post. Mortalium animos may be an eye-opener … Read More

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A new spin on an old idea

I usually enjoy the movies made by Zhang Yimou.  He has a quirky film called A Woman, A Gun and a Noodle Shop. Have you ever heard about the contests or display of prowess some pizza makers put on to … Read More

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