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Creepy homosexual demonstration at Chicago’s Holy Name Cathedral

Really creepy people.  It is very creepy to disrupt legitimate worship services. They are cowards, too.  You can bet they wouldn’t do this at a mosque. And to think that Rahm Emanuel will soon be mayor there. From LifeSite News: … Read More

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QUAERITUR: How old can an altar “boy” be?

From a reader: Is there an upper age limit to serve as an altar “boy” at a TLM? I am a 35 year old father who converted at about age 30.  I’m encouraging my six year old son to consider … Read More

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VERY COOL! Out-of-print books scanned and online

With an enthusiastic biretta tip    o{]:¬)    to His Hermeneuticalness, I share this very cool information for your consideration. Splendid collection of scanned books Don Paco of the Ite ad Thomam blog, has scanned hundreds of volumes for the Ite ad … Read More

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WDTPRS Sexagesima Sunday

In the traditional Roman calendar this Sunday is called Sexagesima, Latin for the “Sixtieth” day before Easter.  This number is more symbolic than arithmetical. Last week was the first of these pre-Lenten Sundays, Septuagesima or “Seventieth.  The pre-Lenten Sundays prepare … Read More

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