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QUAERITUR: advice to a new Catholic mother?

From a new mother: What advice is there for a new mother? I have no examples in my life, I became Catholic on my own. But since I’ve had my baby, all of my previous devotions I had adapted into … Read More

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The black helicopters have arrived

This may be my last post. Can anyone tell me what the heck this is?

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A jewel of a comment from a priest. Must read.

Under another entry, my old friend Fr. Sotelo made a good observation: Perhaps it is now time for the bishops to sit down and write the Charter for the Protection of the Blessed Sacrament, so that He is no longer … Read More

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Can. 915 – Lunge, parry, riposte – Dr. Peters, Bp. Hubbard and Gov. Cuomo (D. Albany), Dr. Peters

The great canonist Ed Peters, on his blog In the Light of the Law, let’s us know about an exchange over an issue of canon law he has had with the Diocese of Albany, NY. Dr. Peters, a referendarius (consultant) … Read More

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“a te numquam separari permittas”

I just completed an article for The Wanderer.  In this week’s offering I delved into the first of the priest’s possible preparatory prayers before Holy Communion during Mass. In this preparatory prayer we find the phrase “a te numquam separari … Read More

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WINONA, MN: Annual SSPX seminarian/priest hockey game

The SSPX seminary for the USA is found in the southern part of my native Minnesota, … hockey is just plain normal. A thoughtful reader alerted me to this story from the Winona Daily News for your “Just Too Cool” … Read More

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QUAERITUR: Can I go to another parish for a “big” confession?

From a reader: I was recently listening to one of your podcaZts about St. Augustine, and became convinced of my need to make a good confession. A quick questions: I would prefer not to confess at my own parish if … Read More

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Bp. Morlino’s (D. Madison) full statement available

As promised, the statement from the Bishop of Madison, WI,  H.E. Most Rev. Robert Morlino, is now available in toto on the website of the diocesan newspaper, the Catholic Herald (of Madison, of course). I had a few previews of … Read More

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A Mystic Monk shot… with a .308!

An alert reader let me know that H.E. Most Rev. Paul Etienne, Bishop of Cheyenne, WY, went to visit the Carmelite men near Cody, WY.  There are photos on His Excellency’s blog. “But Father! But Father!”, some of you are … Read More

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