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An initial comment concerning the Instruction about Summorum Pontificum

Many people have written to me asking about the rumors that the upcoming Instruction about Summorum Pontificum and asking if the Instruction will undermine the Holy Father’s provisions.  I wrote about this Instruction here, and there was considerable discussion about … Read More

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QUAERITUR: headcoverings for women also outside church?

From a reader: Father, I read and answered your poll regarding veiling during Mass. I have been thinking and praying about taking it a step further; to wearing a head covering outside of Mass as well. I have not personally … Read More


Lent is around the corner – start planning

This upcoming Sunday is already Septuagesima. Did you realize that Lent begins on 9 March? Do you have a plan for your Lent? Here is a suggestion for part of your Lenten preparation. The second volume of the Holy Father’s … Read More

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QUAERITUR: Parish usher wants to be a JP to officiate at wedding of Catholics

From a reader: I have a good friend who is much older than I. Sadly, he disagrees with a lot of the Church’s stances. Despite that, he hears Mass regularly (every Sunday), and Holy Days of Obligations. He is an … Read More

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