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Feed the birds!

There is a sale on feed going on at the bird store right now.   I want to go to the store in a couple days and stock up while the prices are lower. Will you help?  I feed the birds … Read More

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Catholic League reacts to bogus claims about iPhone app for confession help

I reviewed the iPhone confession app here. The Catholic League has a not about downright stupid or perhaps even malicious news reports about the new iPhone app designed to help people make a good confession.  The app is obvious NOT … Read More

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WDTPRS POLL: Should women wear head-coverings in church?

I ask fellow bloggers, liberal or conservative, traditional or progressivist, to help get the word out about this poll so we can have as large a sampling as possible. You don’t have to be registered to be able to vote. … Read More

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REVIEW: The new iPhone app for confession – useful but flawed

About a million people have written to me about the new “confession” app for the iPhone.  Well… not a million, but a lot. I am all for anything that gets people to go to confession.  But let’s be clear about … Read More

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QUAERITUR: folded chasuble

From a reader: Yesterday, a 75-year old monsignor asked me if I’d ever seen a chasuble folded in front.   I replied, No, only in the back. At TLM ordinations. He said he’d seen chasubles folded on the front once, back … Read More

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