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Pray for Egypt and the safety of Egyptian Christians

It looks like Pres. Mubarak is not stepping down.  I suspect some of the crowds may go bananas.  Pray for Egypt and especially the safety of fellow Christians in this time of uncertainty.

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QUAERITUR: Is it a sin not to pray every day?

Regarding the new iPhone app to help make a good confession (which I thoroughly reviewed here) a reader asks: I read a couple bloggers didn’t like that the app includes that it is a sin not to pray everyday.  They … Read More

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New President of Ave Maria University

My friends at Ave Maria Radio sent me a note that today it will be announced that there is a new President and CEO of Ave Maria University, Mr. Jim Towey. There will be interviews on Al Kresta’s show this … Read More

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Propose rather than impose

An alert reader informed me about a post on the blog of Msgr. Charles Pope in Washington D.C.  I had the pleasure of meeting him last year at the time of the great Pontifical Mass in the National Shrine of … Read More

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Will newsies NEVER report on the iPhone confession app correctly?

First, there was a whole string of headlines suggesting that the new iPhone app meant to help people make a good confession was actually a substitute for going to confession.  My review here. Now that a statement was made by … Read More

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We have heard from this tyke before. My four year old is at again. (I’m not sure if he has a future in advertising or in a monastery). During a fresh snowfall on the weekend my son suggested that we … Read More

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