A pair of pair of cuff links

As I was looking for more information on the so-called “Augustinian biretta” (which seems to be a lot taller than a Roman biretta), on Dieter Philippi’s site I ran across papal cuff links worn by Benedict XVI.

“Hmmm…”, quoth I.  “They look familiar.”

I received these as an ordination gift from a Roman acquaintance.

Great minds, and all that.


And while you are contemplating that, why not enjoy a steaming WDTPRS mug of Mystic Monk Coffee?

That’s right, lifting that eye-catching mug, filled with that nose-catching infusion, is sure to raise your spirits and even allow your own cufflinks to shine.

I’ll bet the Wyoming Carmelites love Pope Benedict and admire his cuff links… even though they don’t really need cuff links of their own, come to think of it.   That’s because their sleeves are rolled up as they build their new monastery and roast that coffee!

Never mind about the cuff links.

Try the monthly subscription to their coffee of the month!

Mystic Monk!

It’s restorative!  It’s roborative!

It’s swell!

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  1. lucy says:

    Stellar. We gifted one of our favorite priests with a set of Irish cross cufflinks for Christmas. I love how the FSSP mostly all wear cufflinks. So…..spiffy.

  2. Fr-Bill says:

    Cuff links and clerical clothing cause doubts in me. I am a third order Franciscan and am faced often with wearing cuff links on the shirt beneath my habit. But what shall I do, as Franciscans need to embrace simplicity, and cuff links seem not to be not so simple? I am glad to see that Benedict XVI has a pair to wear.

  3. Banjo pickin girl says:

    Fr-Bill, The answer is: simple cufflinks! Not engraved and filligreed but of a simple design. The ones in the picture are simple enough. The stones are not faceted or diamond-looking. Or you could use two paperclips twisted around (not really). I have a Benedictine friend I call Fr. Frenchcuffs. He laughs. Cufflinks are thought of as snooty nowadays but that is just because plastic buttons have become so common. Not to worry. There are far more important things to worry about than if our sleeves meet the poverty test. Our hearts, for example. And wallets.

  4. I knew someone would fret about cuff links. I knew it.

    And yes, they are “faceted”. Another shot.

    And my stones are red, while it looks as if the Holy Father’s are amethysts.

  5. medievalist says:

    Cufflinks…the only way a gentleman should fasten his cuffs. I prefer simple silver links, but confess to the fun working watches and RAF Spitfires also.

  6. fieldsparrow says:

    Not about cufflinks (which, for the record, I really like), but about coffee. I’ve been dithering back and forth on what to order from Mystic Monk Coffee. I’m pretty much new to this coffee business and am wondering if perhaps the monthly coffee club is the way to go, just to try different things… but I don’t have a grinder. Fr. Z or any of the commenters, any special favorites to recommend?

  7. AnAmericanMother says:

    Since when is being a gentleman inconsistent with being a priest or religious?

    Cufflinks are always appropriate for a gentleman.

  8. Animadversor says:

    As you suspect, Father Bill, Franciscans really shouldn’t wear cuff links, except maybe the little knots usually made of silk, though perhaps of undyed hemp for mendicants.

    And Father Z, perhaps the monks could come up with a blend called “Robur et Auxilium”; I think that’s what I shall call my morning cups[s].

  9. Will Elliott says:

    Fr. Bill, I have another solution for you. Wear a layman’s plastic-buttoned, barrel-cuffed dress shirt with the collar tucked-down inside the shirt. One of my favorite Marianists (may he rest in peace) wore thrift-store dress shirts, with the collar folded under, under his rabat/shirtfront. Most of the time, they weren’t solid white shirts — they were just something clean and that fit that he could wear with a shirtfront and black suit.

  10. irishgirl says:

    Oooo, those cuff links are very cool! How did the photographer get that close to the Holy Father’s sleeve? And made of ameythists, too! Even more cool!
    I think that cuff links make a man look more classy!

  11. Tina in Ashburn says:

    The cuff links are nice Father. Appreciation for such things is important, and apparently is in short-supply by the typical American clergyman. It is significant for the health of beautiful liturgy and religious art for a priest to love beauty and understand culture.

    I think perhaps folks think that every religious takes a vow of poverty, like the Franciscans. But it is not so. You gotta have a real vocation for that kind of vow, tho’ admittedly it can make life simpler. I knew a priest, may he RIP, who was able to retire onto the farm his mother passed to him. Otherwise I don’t know what he would have done as this Diocese at that time had no retirement home for religious.

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