Reason #5648562 for Summorum Pontificum

Yes, I think we do need a New Evangelization.

Don’t watch any of what follows on a full stomach.  Especially the part with the priest.

I found this through the blog Fides et Forma.

Sts. Peter and Paul parish in Oleggio near Nola in Italy.  Here is a video of some “instruction” for an apparently ongoing course for “Outpouring of the Holy Spirit”, Corso Effusione dello Spirito 2011.

Here is an introduction to the liturgical situation there.  You can manage a few minutes of pain… it’s Lent.


It’s like … how to describe this experience … like a power drill with a large bit straight to the side of your head.

Please note that often liberals accuse traditionalists of being interested in things they label as “effeminate”.

And for those who don’t understand Italian… what is said and sung here will make you wish you didn’t understand Italian.

And now… 103 minutes of pure agony.

You might have to skip around, but the priest is involved in the beginning.  It’ll just seem longer than it really is to get to that point.

Nah… that’s not effeminate.

But remember!   We should be really concerned about the traditional form of the Roman Rite and the dangers Summorum Pontificum presents to unity of the Church and the Spirit of the Council!

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  1. Tom Smith says:

    Have a look at this video that compares side by side the OF and EF….contains all the reasons you need to appreiate summorum pont.

    Far from attracting people to Our Lord, this puerile crap drives people away

    First step in the new evangelisation would be to ban this nonsense

  2. ejcmartin says:

    At first I thought the talk of liturgical dance was a bit of a joke, I had never myself witnessed it. (Thankfully) However last year as I was preparing to visit a large US city I was attempting to find a place to go to Mass near where I would be staying. Doing a little research via websites I came across one parish with a Director of Liturgical Dance. I felt the pain of the drill a couple of thousand miles away.

  3. skull kid says:

    It’s very effeminate Father, but it is to meet pastoral need. It is very nuanced. You obviously missed the nuance. Don’t you know, they put chemicals in the water to make the fish effeminate, and then the people drink the water?


  4. MarnieBarcelona says:

    I should really stay away from this type of videos. I’m still trying to recover from the Barney mass in Orange County, California after many years. Sad and heart breaking.

  5. FrCharles says:

    Are those the Fantanas?

  6. Joan M says:

    I thought that they were practicing semaphore signals!! ;-)

  7. Legisperitus says:

    I guess the removal of the scarf to reveal the clerical collar is supposed to be some sort of dramatic moment??

  8. Clinton says:

    Somebody planned this mess– they actually intended it to come out like this. My
    question is: for whom? I can’t think of a time in my life where I would have thought
    that this sort of thing was anything but embarrassing for all concerned.

    Could that be the intention of the person(s) planning these sort of liturgies– to make the
    Church appear ridiculous?

  9. Sad, but I can’t look at the beautiful old church and wonder about the generations of faitful priests who served God conscientiously at that altar (the one in the background!). Those good priest would be rolling in the graves if they could witness this desecration of the Holy of Holies.

  10. Centristian says:

    Ah, yes, the solemn TDM (Terrible Dancing Mass), with its requisite 750 candles burning on the altar. I apologize, I won’t have time to watch the entire second video. I assume the gentleman with the scarf (isn’t he the dad from “Family Ties”?) is the celebrant…or choreographer, as the case may be. Either way, I don’t think Mary Murphy will be putting him on the hot tamale train any time soon. Pack your bags, Reverend; your journey ends here. Auf wiedersehen.

    As to the first video featuring the “liturgical” dancers (all correctly vested in alb and shredded chiffon dalmatic, incidentally, in keeping with the instructions of the GIRM…the “General Instruction on Ridiculous Masses”), their worst crime is their choreography. They’re all out of sync, and, even if they weren’t, I don’t perceive an actual routine in this…action. It’s easy enough to state the obvious and say that this doesn’t belong in church but I am left wondering…where does it belong? I can’t imagine ever paying admission to watch this. Is it anything, in fact, apart from some (really, really) bored women twirling about, aimlessly? This is something girls do when they’re intoxicated, between the bar stool and the parking lot.

    I wonder what a solemn pontifical TDM is like. Vimpae, I would imagine, could be twirled about to magical effect.

    “Please note that often liberals accuse traditionalists of being interested in things they label as ‘effeminate’.”

    Hector the Projector does tend to level that strange objection at traditionally-minded (and vested) Catholic clergy, you’re right. It’s strange in that I wonder that the far Left of the Church should find anything effeminate objectionable in any case, that they would even think to use the term in the pejorative to begin with. One would imagine they would postively lay claim to the label, in fact, rather than try to stick it on traditional Catholics.

    Thanks for sharing these clips. They demonstrate that there actually is a worse video on YouTube than the “Friday, Friday” song.

  11. digdigby says:

    The dance moves are all precisely from the beginning level (i.e. second grade or so) of an average American suburban dance school recital – been there, I know. We’ve been taught for forty years to ‘celebrate diversity’. Isn’t it about time to ‘celebrate same’?

  12. Joe in Canada says:

    Well, yes, and all, but neither of these is the Mass. I wonder if they are worse than anything you could experience at World Youth Day or an International Eucharistic Congress (I have never been to either). Liturgical dance during Mass is much worse. The ‘symbolism’ of a large round loaf of brown bread is just incoherent, but it’s not necessarily the piety of the people that gets diminished by that.

  13. Nathan says:

    It’s very much my temptation to look at the video as a liturgical theater critic (and yes, it is painful from that perspective). I think it might be more useful, though, to try and understand the ideas that underlie such an approach to worshipping God.

    The section that Fides et Forma quoted from this parish website was, interestingly, an informal attempt at defining who Christ is, and used that (ok, I read it through Babelfish) to justify a party-like approach to liturgy. Christ, according to this, didn’t follow liturgy, didn’t perform ceremonies, but rather sought to bring all of us into some kind of “wedding reception/party” where our mutual “love” led us all to a good time. (Yes, that’s a very bad paraphrase, but I think the point)

    If we don’t know (or don’t want to know) who Christ is, and we don’t see His mission on earth as completely connected to the Cross, this kind of hootenanny approach to worship is easy to justify, given the culture we live in.

    Could it be that the liturgical silliness is a symptom of a much more problematic Christology? If we don’t know Him, how can we love and serve Him and (to go back to the First Communion Catechism) be happy with Him forever in heaven?

    Think it would help for these poor folks to spend a little while reading and reflecting on the Holy Father’s two volumes on Our Blessed Lord?

    In Christ,

  14. shane says:

    They really should attach a health warning to this kind of stuff for potential viewers. It’s almost certainly worse for you than smoking.

  15. anna 6 says:

    What was that? Please tell me that this “liturgical situation” wasn’t Eucharistic Adoration!

    Knowing very little Italian, I notice il buon parroco uses the word “bambino” very often…however I never actually saw any youthful people there…only grown-ups acting like children.

    …and now I understand why Italian men don’t go to Mass.

  16. Titus says:

    I can’t think of a time in my life where I would have thought that this sort of thing was anything but embarrassing for all concerned.

    This is really my thought, too. You can’t seriously take this and say, “well, it’s not by the book, but you can tell someone thought it would be a good idea.” If we got 100 people to sit in a room for 100 years and think about the topic, I completely fail to see how this sort of thing would emerge as a suggestion of how to conduct a Catholic ritual. It’s just flabbergasting, that’s all.

  17. amenamen says:

    She’s not with the program. Why are we not reaching her?

    There is a woman wearing an orange scarf, on the left, in the back row, who does not seem to be paying attention. She is not facing the camera half the time. And she even disappears behing the pillar at times (see, for example, at 04:23 and at 05:23, and at 07:11, and at 10:31). Is there something we can do to help her? Or is she just looking for the fire escape?

  18. Henry Edwards says:

    Nathan: Could it be that the liturgical silliness is a symptom of a much more problematic Christology?

    You really think this could be the explanation? Seriously?

  19. Denis says:

    Maybe they just really, really like bread.

  20. benedetta says:

    This is in Italia? The horror. Morirei di vergogna!

  21. Rose in NE says:

    I work at a Catholic grade school. In Kindergarten the children are taught hand actions to some of the prayers as an aid to help them remember the prayers. However, by the time they are in the second grade we no longer allow the actions since they are old enough to know the prayers without the actions. It seems to me that the adults in these videos are old enough to know better.

  22. templariidvm says:

    As “interesting” as that is, I will say one thing positive! At least they didn’t throw in a nun in a leotard! I am STILL trying to wipe that sight out of my brain after nearly 40 years!!!

  23. Capt. Morgan says:

    This performance smacks of the same stuff you see from the Charismatic Protestants. Same feel good touchy feely crap that the inspiration Network shows. Singing and dancing all the way to perdition.

    How long will this go on? How much damage has this done? How many Souls have we lost?
    Please God, Restore the Church.

  24. Glen M says:

    Now I know why some Fundamentalists accuse us as being pagans. It breaks my heart to see such mockery in a beautiful old church. They should have been prancing around some rock or tree. This video should be used as evidence proving we are in a crisis and need an ecumenical council…in about ten years (if you know what I mean).

  25. templariidvm says:

    A couple more random thoughts . . .
    – If they got some of the dancers from Dancing with The Stars, would it be better or worse??
    – Would I REALLY want to get out of bed in the morning for that?
    – So THAT’S where Phil Donohue has been hiding!!

  26. amenamen says:

    I am reminded of an episode from “The Outer Limits” when Eddie Albert was attacked by tumbleweeds, frogs, and evil boulders. It was scary. It looks like one of those boulders got into the church, and it is sitting in a chair. Run! Run!
    look at 31:45

  27. World Youth Day alumnae, perhaps?

  28. JKnott says:

    Where’s the interdict!!?

  29. APX says:

    What was this? It’s obviously not a Mass, and there is a monstrance. Hopefully it’s not some new age attack on the Benediction of the Blessed Sacrament.

  30. jorgepreble says:

    oh come on everyone! it’s for the kids!

  31. markomalley says:

    …never mind…

  32. THREEHEARTS says:

    This appears to be a charismatic mass???? I am told that these people are recognized by the Church. I have never found a canonical statement that confirms this statement. I am told by Rome that there are so many prelates and priests involved that it cannot be stopped. Just like the old days of the Albigensian and the Byzantine Bogomils.
    Satan can only repeat himself he is never original. When you see this sorry mess for which we should all offer penance, atonement and make reparation we should ask just how many of the off base groups in the Church are rooted in this movement. Watching this I should think women priests would be the first on the list

  33. AnAmericanMother says:

    centristian, digdigby,

    I actually have two certificates in dance – one contemporary, one Scottish County Dance.

    These folks just simply can’t dance. Not only are the moves (I refuse to call it choreography) on a “Madame Velveeta’s School of Dance and Baton Twirling” 1st year level, the ‘dancers’ haven’t got the necessary body sense or alignment. Look at the woman just to the right of center when she bends over – she folds at the waist like a mechanical toy.

    Fact is, these folks dance in church because (1) nobody would actually PAY to see them, or even allow them to dance anywhere else; and (2) the pastor can be conned.

    Real shame.

  34. Charles E Flynn says:

    Now we know what is playing on the big screen in Purgatory.

  35. GirlCanChant says:

    When I turned on the 2nd video, Basil got off his wheel and looked around, all confused.

    Even the hamster knows this is bad.

  36. nemo says:

    Yikes! Send in the FSSP!

  37. Tradster says:

    With all due respect and gratitude to the millions of normal, conservative Catholic women, this is why I don’t believe we’ll ever be able to rid the church of the NO liturgy. There are far too many women – laity and the feminunzis – who love this goofy stuff and will fight to their dying breath to retain it.

  38. Marianna says:

    Next time I feel unable to bear the drums and guitars at my local Mass, I’ll realize how fortunate I am by comparison. But I pray the “liturgists” at my church never see this video. It might give them ideas.

  39. Charles E Flynn says:

    People who must endure drums and guitars at mass should receive a partial indulgence.

  40. Nathan says:

    Henry Edwards: You really think this could be the explanation? Seriously?

    I don’t know, Henry. It could be that I was suffering from a mid-aftenoon caffiene deficiency. Or perhaps showing symptoms of post-being-bludgoned-with-the-obvious-stress-syndrome.

    It’s great to exchange with you again in the combox. Please keep ’em straight in Tennessee.

    In Christ,

  41. Genna says:

    It makes you realise St. Paul had a point about women staying silent in church.

  42. Mitchell NY says:

    If Summorum Pontificum resulted in any division in a Parish from this I would believe it was divinely willed. What a disgrace. I would be embarassed to show to to anyone and say “Yes, this is the Church I belong to”. Besides not knowing what to do first I just silently pray this comes to an end. I will continue to go to my Mass according to the 1962 Missal and pretend this isn’t going on outside the walls. IMHO this is why the NO Missal will one day be suppressed or totally re-written. It is connected with so much folly it can hardly be rescued. These people are doing more harm to the Pauline Missal and indirectly their vernacular Mass than they could ever imagine. If a fed up Pope is ever elected this will be the end of it all.

  43. I made it through 2 minutes of the second video (about the point where Father removes his scarf!). I now feel I can shuffle off the remainder of my intended Lenten penance in lieu of having spent the past two minutes subjecting myself to this mindless, senseless, classless nonsense! Ugh!

  44. Central Valley says:

    Was this filed at a Newman Center in California? Perhaps Fresno? Vile!! Paging Fr. Armoth……..

  45. annieoakley says:

    The kneeling dancer at about 1:36 is chewing gum, I think.

  46. PomeroyonthePalouse says:

    I just don’t know. I’m “watching” (maybe listening to is a better word) an episode of the X Files while I’m reading blogs and it’s tough to tell which video is stranger, that on tv or those Fr. posted here

  47. Maltese says:

    That’s bad, but for me the Cardinal Schonborn balloon mass is even worse, inasmuch as a Cardinal was involved:

  48. MissOH says:

    Sheesh, I though the random aimless rainbow women wandering about was bad but the I watched the beginning of the big muppet loaf and Fr. Scarf Huxtable. Any why would you have big loaf o bread near a monstrance anyway- smack- I forgot the people are the focus, not Jesus. Silly me…..

  49. Dancing is not form of expression for the Christian Liturgy!! Pope Benedict

  50. Andy Milam says:

    Father Zuhlsdorf,

    This brings back putrid memories of St. Paul days when Vicky Klima was prancing her way up the main aisles of The Basilica, The Cathedral, and the UST/SPS/SOD Chapel.

    Oy Vey.

  51. frjim4321 says:

    This brings back memories of “Mac,” the spiritual director of the seminary in the late 70’s. Some of the guys asked him if we could have a liturgical dance. He said, “absolutely yes, as long as I get to select the costumes.”

    As you might imagine, we never had the liturgical dance.

    I did not care for the Canto video, and I thought the “spooning” was very uncomfortable to watch. I don’t know what that was supposed to suggest.

    I’ve seen some fitting liturgical movement with regard to processions of gospel books and offerings (both with incense), but there’s a point at which the action departs from being of service to the rite and become a distracting (better, “disturbing”) and self serving subroutine.

  52. DanW says:

    Is this supposed to be some kind of party celebrated Coram Sanctissimo?

  53. moon1234 says:

    Here is your antiodote:

    Always brings tears to my eyes.

  54. Christo et Ecclesiae says:

    Oh my…

    As a charismatic Catholic (and rightly rejecting all things “charismatic” in the Holy Mass!) I can only express how twisted and depressing this is. I’m just glad the Church is getting things slowly back in order when it comes to liturgy.

    Unfortunately there is a confusion of the Charisms of the Spirit, charismatic worship, and what the worship of the liturgy is. The Lord said people will speak in tongues! He said there would be prophecy! BUT HIS MASS IS MOST PERFECT. Those who embrace His Spirit fully will come to realize that.

    This stuff happens because the laity have been deprived of the beauty of the solemnity of the liturgy! Pray, that this shall come to an end!

  55. jflare says:

    Not to put too sharp an edge on it, but..these kinds of things provide classic examples of why I’ve had a terrible time explaining my faith to anyone for the last 20 years. They must surely have called it “Adoration”, it surely must have taken place inside a Catholic Church, but I’ll be darned if I can call this a genuine act of adoring Our Lord.

    Bad enough that the music sounded like it belonged around a campfire. Worse that the Eucharist stood there throughout, but no one paid much heed.

    For all that I can’t agree with SSPX and the like, these kinds of events give the “traditionalist” howl against modernism..all too much creedence!

    Holy Mother Mary!
    Have mercy on us and intercede with your Son, that these people might realize what all they’re really doing! ..And not!!

  56. jflare says:

    PS. I’ve long understood “liturgical dance” to be a no-no in the Mass.
    Aside from that though, I’ve never understood the intent behind it?

    It’s never a folk dance, so they’re not dancing–and we aren’t watching–for fun..
    It’s not a music or dance recital, so they’re not doing this as a performance of anything in particular per se (which actually might be as well, the music, choreography, and dress for music and dance recitals generally need to reflect a finer quality of thought than this), so they’re not doing this for that purpose..
    It’s not part of the Olympics or any similar type of competition, so they’re not doing it for the purpose of any of that kind of artistic expression..
    It’s not part of any particular ballet, so the music and dance don’t fit any particular storyline..
    And most of us don’t understand the gestures the priest uses at Mass very well, so they can’t be trying to imitate him in that respect..

    What the dickens DO they intend?!

  57. Craig says:

    Just think how many of the poor could have been fed with the money spent on costumes, candles and tambourines. They should really get their priorities adjusted.

  58. irishgirl says:

    moon1234-thanks for posting ‘the antidote’!
    Had to be from the movie, ‘The Cardinal’, right?
    I could not watch the video here because I’d have the temptation to yell here in the library, and the image would stick in my head all day. I have enough aggravation already in ‘real life’!
    It was bad enough yesterday watching on a video of some of the 2002 World Youth Day antics in Toronto!

  59. GrogSmash says:

    But Father! But Father! Even though you warned us, could watching ALL of those 2 videos fulfill all of the requirements for Lent? Like a Lent Basic Training? If you can get through them, (without the use of a drill bit,) then you can skip the rest of Lent and go right to Easter right? RIGHT? YIKES!

  60. Tony Layne says:

    Fortunately, for my sake, the second video didn’t come through. The first was bad enough … as AmericanMother says, it was strictly kindergarten-level amateurism even considered apart from the liturgy. Why oh why oh why would anyone want this to be a regular part of the Mass? It’s sad … so very, very sad.

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