Good news?

I sure hope you have some good news to share!

For my part… well… I am on the right side of the grass.

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  1. Father Bartoloma says:

    It’s my last day in Rome! I finished the work for my J.C.L. and I’ll be back in the USA again soon.

  2. doodler says:

    Celebrated my first Mass of Thansgiving as a Catholic Priest on Trinity Sunday after ordination into the Personal Ordinariate of Our Lady of Walsingham. A Solemn Mass in Shrewsbury Cathedral (UK), ‘Missa de angelis’ etc.. Followed by good food and friendship! What more can a fellow ask? [Congratulations!]

  3. Benedict says:

    Here are the Men who have been accepted for the 2011 Novitiate Class for the Dominican Province of St. Joseph:
    Q & A about the Dominican Rite in the Province of St. Joseph:


  4. Banjo pickin girl says:

    I walked without my crutch all day yesterday and have not had any hard muscle spasms for a few days. The medicine is working. I am so happy. I have been very scared that this pain was permanent. I have been having doubts about that Royal Road of the Cross thing. I have been having doubts about everything. But this little break makes me see better as well as feel better.

  5. q7swallows says:

    We had a double hitter sacrament day: our youngest 2 children made their First Confessions today.

    And — [the timing on this one is impeccable] a dear EF priest in a nearby diocese had (suspended) faculties restored. Deo gratias! It DOES happen!

  6. Biedrik says:

    My blog has been getting more readers than ever, and I’m soon going to be going on a retreat for seminarians organized by my diocese.

  7. Ellen says:

    Our wonderful priest has been giving a series of sermons on the new Roman Missal translation that really explain things well. Also, I got simple rosary book for my kindle.

  8. Andreas says:

    We recently had a consecreation of our new altar, ambo and Baptism font. It was a beautiful ceremony, presided over by the Bishop of Innsbruck (although Pinswang is quite some distance from Innsbruck, the diocese covers a very large part of the Tirol), our local Priests from Pinswang and Vils and several visiting Deacons. Our St. Ulrichs Church was filled.

  9. mormormax says:

    Three of my grandchildren were confirmed in the EF yesterday and I was blessed to be sponsor for one. What a day of joy! At the potluck between Mass and confirmation a family member who normally attends the NO commented that the Holy Spirit was in the room. When asked to explain why he felt that way, he said you only had to look around the hall and see all the joy everywhere. Thanks be to God!

  10. APX says:

    I got my full time field studies placement, and there’s no Sunday shift, which means I won’t have to give up my EF high Mass. September can’t get here soon enough.

  11. benedetta says:

    It doesn’t compare to the other commenters’ good news and it’s a small thing but I discovered that unbeknownst to me my son has established something with grandparents called Pasta Club. The guidelines seem to be these. For Pasta Club, celebration of pasta will not be limited to only Italian varieties. When you attend your first meeting you are to tell your favorite pasta and why. Many different topics will be considered for example the science of pasta cooking when the heated water hits the pasta what is the process. Travel opportunities concerning pasta tasting may be discussed in future. When you go camping, you are to bring with you the large kettle to be placed over a fire and cook and eat your pasta there. This has been known to occur though not in recent years. It is a tradition due for a revival. Also if you are a member of Pasta Club in good standing you should eat pasta at least twice a week and it need not be for supper only.

  12. mvhcpa says:

    Father Z, as a friend of mine wrote in a song “Every day above ground is a good one.”

    I have a temp job now after a year and a half not working, as well as a few more interviews than in recent times.

  13. Gregg the Obscure says:

    A friend of mine who returned to active alcoholism earlier this year has been on the wagon for two months now and is showing some real improvement.

  14. Liz says:

    Our darling little (soon to be legally adopted) baby was born on Friday. I’m practically having to set a timer for the kids all to hold her. I keep saying, “she’s so cute.” We haven’t had a newborn around our parts for over 11 years so this is quite a thrill. My eldest daughter called yesterday (from Ars!) to find out about her new little sister. Eldest will be home soon. Then we can all be home together for a couple of minutes! God is so good!

  15. deaconjeff says:

    Today is the Second Anniversary of my Ordination as a Permanent Deacon.
    Prayerful, thankful, grateful, filled with humility and Grace for being able to serve.
    I pray for all those discerning a Vocation.
    Deo Gratias

  16. AnAmericanMother says:

    One of the young men of our parish celebrated his first Mass yesterday.
    It was splendid — all his classmates and friends from seminary appeared in force in support — many fine young priests we had never met before, as well as a likely-looking crop of seminarians. Excellent and moving homily – Mass beautifully celebrated, with lots of incense, and bells, chant, and LATIN – the ordinary, all motets, and just about anything that COULD be in Latin, was (including a few things we didn’t expect, but we were ready!) The choir put forth its best efforts even though we’re a bit reduced for summer – a little Mozart, a little Durufle, a little Lotti – and everything went off well.
    The attitude of these young men towards the proper celebration of the Mass is very encouraging and promises good things to come.

  17. Steve says:

    Archbishop Listecki of Milwaukee confirmed 51 teenagers/young adults at a Solemn High Mass on Saturday, June 18, 2011, at St. Stanislaus Parish and Oratory. It was beautiful.

  18. Tina in Ashburn says:

    How wonderful to read the good news from and about clergy.

    Bad news is relative. I have a friend who listens to a police scanner all day – when I asked him why, he says “so I am reminded that others are having a way worse day than me!” LOL.

    We are getting a break on our mortgage with the dip in mortgage rates, at least for the next six months anyway.

    After losing half of the sight in my right eye [burst a vein in the retina] my vision is no worse THANK GOD. Getting glasses to strengthen my remaining vision.

    My husband lost his job but it was a good thing because it was such a horrible one . It happened to coincide with his last day of a novena to St Joseph as he was asking for a better jobe haha. Being without a job was stressful but he got one relatively quickly [compared to those we hear going for months or years with no luck]. Now it looks like the new employer is trying to fit him in to a better position. We are hoping!!!! We then might be able to cover our bills again.

    Anybody here devoted to St Philomena? If not, start talking to her now. She is AWESOME. Quick. The Cure d’Ars steadfastly attributed her with all the miracles he wrought. I can see why.

  19. Tominellay says:

    …planning now for a trip next month to Lourdes and Laus…

  20. MJ says:

    A friend of mine announced that she’s joining the Poor Clares – so happy for her! :)

  21. Ygnacia says:

    It is a bright, beautiful California day, after so much unseasonable rain – everything looks fresh and green. A light, cool breeze is blowing, I can hear red-winged black bird’s warble. With the exception of that friendly warble, all is silent, calm. God is good to me.

  22. digdigby says:

    Communion yesterday after a good confession. An Italian Jesuit traveled 300 miles across Alaskan winter wastes at 40 below zero to bring it to me and arrived back in civilization half dead of cold and starvation. Though that was a hundred years ago and he journeyed to a dying old Eskimo woman it is the same indivisible body of Christ. We are one in Christ. REALLY. That’s good news!

  23. Cazienza says:

    Had a job interview today – position offered and accepted :) Deo gratias!!

  24. I rejoice in all the good news reported here, but especially i rejoice for that rare encounter with Christ that Banjo pickin girl reports. Doxa Theou!

  25. Charivari Rob says:

    My day was brightened yesterday by a surprise encounter with the always gracious Bishop Guy Sansaricq (Auxiliary Bishop of Brooklyn).

  26. Banjo pickin girl says:

    Father Gregory, Just when this suffering becomes a little too much like a solitary on the job training thing Jesus comes along and there He is and the sun comes out and pain doesn’t matter and the not caring of people doesn’t matter. With Christ there is everything. When He is with us nothing else matters. I feel like writing a poetry book or something. Maybe I will…

  27. Theodore says:

    My mother was hospitalized late Saturday evening. The workup has shown no significant problem and she should be going back home in the next day or two.

    Truly God hears (and answers) our prayers.

  28. marthawrites says:

    Lots of good news: yesterday as well as being Fathers’ Day was also our 46th wedding anniversary. We’ve just returned from a two week trip to Rome where we saw the pope up close and had bags of small gifts blessed, Venice, and Lisbon/ Fatima. We plan our own pilgrimages and this one included the four major basilicas in Rome as well as other favorite churches in that city, probably for the last time. Tomorrow we head to NYC to see a couple of Tony award-winning musicals, exhibits at the Frick and the Morgan and eat great steak at The Palm. Our flowers and veggies are finally in the ground; the rest of the summer we can devote to connecting with children and grandchildren. God is VERY good.

  29. lux_perpetua says:

    ok so this is some round-about good news:

    i went home for Papa Day to my parents house. so, instead of going to a TLM we went to their giant suburban parish with the call-and-response gloria, the random titles for Jesus inserted into the Lamb of God, you know, the whole shebang. all of this is done to the accompaniment of a sickeningly maudlin midi orchestral arrangement of oboe, flute, and what sounds like a flugal horn.

    the whole time i’m praying “dear Jesus, I love you. spare me the pain of a “communion meditation hymn.” over and over. So we receive our lord, and right as the choir director presses play on what promised to be a raucous gospel number about the holy Spirit, the Deacon begins to give a post-communion announcment about some fund raiser or other. sheepishly, and after much shushing, the choir director presses stop, the deacon finnishes his announcement, and the final blessing is given. now if that’s not proof of the power of the Trinity, i don’t know what is.

  30. tmitchell says:

    I start my summer job on Thursday! I’ll still be within walking distance of a Church, deo gratias. Light of the World is a fantastic read, and as soon as I finish that, I’m on to Deus Caritas Est.

    Also, please pray for a priest with cancer. He’s not doing particularly well, but his sense of humor is as good as ever. St Peregrine, St Joseph, and St. Patrick, pray for him.

    Things are rough, but God is good!

  31. Today, is the first day in about a month that I’m not muttering threats against someone under my breath and not contemplating kicking someone in the nether regions and considering that a mild form of retaliation. I’m not sure I’m carrying the Cross with anything approaching grace or dignity so much as dragging it thru the mud. You are not kidding, Father, Satan is active these days.

    Father: I’m actively praying for you. I’m worried about you. Yes, even given what I just said above (lol) I can still pray!

  32. JenB says:

    My husband and I are expecting our third child!

  33. AnAmericanMother says:

    Father Z: Mass offered today for your intentions. Praying for you, and praying hard! And yes, I’m worried about you too.

  34. CJC says:

    My sister and her long-time boyfriend were recently engaged in Lourdes where they return to volunteer every year!

  35. momoften says:

    Sons home and happy from Colloquium. Daughter had good Doctor appointment. Children K-8 had excellent retreat from Dominicans of Mary, Mother of the Eucharist last week and older girls a separate retreat in evening. These young sisters are truly inspiring. Yesterday went to a special Mass with the Trinitarians of Mary (yet, another group of AWESOME sisters) and a potluck. My family and I are blessed to have opportunities/people and religious to draw us closer to God for which we are thankful. We are not having a slow paced summer yet, but there have been so many awesome opportunities the kids are just soaking them up…..and yet…Sunday #12 receives First Holy Communion on Corpus Christi at the EF . God is good…..and I am thankful.

  36. Former Altar Boy says:

    All-Latin-all-the-time St. Anne Church in San Diego will get a THIRD priest (FSSP) this week to help serve this rapidly growing parish.
    And, over 20 children will make their First Holy Communion on Corpus Christi Sunday.

  37. EWTN Rocks says:

    It was a beautiful sunny day today and as I walked outside I began to reflect on my life and how fortunate I am and in so many ways. Thanks to the goodness of family and new friends, I don’t think I have laughed or cried as much as the past 30 days! Why is this good news? After two years, my soul has begun to heal and I have drawn closer to God. Deo gratias!!

  38. Instructed and baptized 22 Chinese people at Easter time. Help them with first Confessions in the past few weeks.

    Baptized another 10 people at Pentecost. Still giving instructions to a number of non-Catholic Chinese.

    Will start my new assignment in July, and will start celebrating Chinese Mass in Coquitlam on July 17.

    Have been praying for you, Fr. Z, since I read your request for prayers. May God bless you!

  39. MikeM says:

    It was my birthday yesterday, and while circumstances made the day kind of a mess, the series of calamities meant that I spent some good quality time (in the car) with my brother, who I haven’t seen much lately.

    I got an A on the midterm paper for the summer course I’m taking.

    Fr. Z, I remember that awhile back you mentioned that you were trying to get into country music. If you haven’t heard it yet, “I’m Alive” by Kenny Chesney (with Dave Matthews) is a good song that’s pretty much all about those days when the best news you can come up with is that you’re still on the right side of the grass. Here’s the YouTube video if you’re interested: .

  40. Torpedo1 says:

    After 6 weeks of almost no sleep and constant, debilitating pain, my Beloved, the man I hope to marry as soon as God sees fit, is at last feeling some relief. He is sleeping much better and the Physical Therapy is working. Thank God and all of his saints. I have learned so much in carrying this cross with him. Banjo Pickin Girl, all I can say is, I empathize completely.

  41. Banjo pickin girl says:

    Torpedo, He’s lucky to have you. I am alone and have insomnia too which puts me at risk. I tried to talk to my priest about it and about final perseverance as I am a convert and don’t know anything but he is “too busy.” So I am just concentrating on reading the Imitation of Christ and the Bible. Jesus will help me, He promises He will, even when his priests don’t care.

  42. JoyfulMom7 says:

    My good news – I just spent last week in Pittsburgh at the Sacred Music Colloquium with my oldest son who is also a Catholic church musician. Seven Days of Musical Heaven!!!!! Also, I recently sang for an ordination in my Diocese. Of the approximately 25 or so seminarians present, almost all of them received communion of the tongue. I was greatly encouraged to see this!

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