Handmissal for the NEW, CORRECTED translation available!

There is a new edition of the Daily Roman Missal available for pre-order.  This new, third edition has the new, corrected ICEL translation which will go into effect at the beginning of Advent 2011.  Only 5 months away!

I have also recommended that people have their very own hand-missal.  It is useful for review and for preparation for Holy Mass.  Hand-missals also have lots of useful fundamental catechetical material.

These are the two I have reviewed for the Extraordinary Form, both very beautiful and useful.

  • Angelus Press here.  Buy it by clicking here.
  • Baronius Press here.  But it by clicking here.

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  1. BaedaBenedictus says:

    Great! Can’t wait to order it.

    Father, looking forward to when the Continuity Project/Marshall Plan has advanced to the point where they are printing Novus Ordo handmissals with the corrected vernacular translations and Latin text side-by-side on the page. It’s not a matter of if, but when. We live in hopeful times!

  2. RichR says:

    Latin and English? This looks like the Scepter Press DRM, but the Amazon site says the author is the NCCB.

    Regardless, I think that people will have a better appreciation for the new translation when they can actually see it next to the editio typica tertia Latin. The next logical question will be, “Since we have these Latin English hand missals, why not try a Latin OF Mass?”

    I see many parish advantages to a Latin OF Mass:

    1) The pastor doesn’t need to learn all new rubrics.
    2) The pastor can use the same homily.
    3) The faithful who want more continuity with previous forms can get that without buying new missals.
    4) If a priest wants to do altar rails, altar boys only, no communion in the hand, no sign of peace, no marty haugen music, use incense, etc……. the Latin OF Mass is the perfect venue to try it because most participants will be open to more traditional liturgical actions.
    5) Vatican II said that the people should know the ordinary parts of the Mass that pertain to them.
    6) All those disaffected parishioners from neighboring parishes that want more traditional worship will flock to these parishes.


  3. Alex S. says:

    An image would be nice. Does anyone know of a N.O. hand missal that does have the Latin? I thought Scepter offered one, but I can’t find it on their website anymore.

  4. frdanbecker says:

    #4 Unfortunately, priests in the US must allow communion in the hand in the OF. [This entry is NOT about Communion in the hand!]
    #6 Seems a bit optimistic. Also, be prepared for the exodus of parishioners who don’t dig Latin.

  5. Dr. K says:

    “Unfortunately, priests in the US must allow communion in the hand in the OF.”

    Not if there exists the danger of profanation (could be interpreted loosely) or if Communion is administered by intinction.

    [This entry is NOT about Communion in the hand!]

  6. David2 says:

    Frdanbecker, I thought a Priest always had the right to decline to give Communion in the hand, if he is concerned that there is a danger of profanation – and in fact ought to do so – RS – “If there
    is a risk of profanation, then Holy Communion should not be given in the hand to the

    [This entry is NOT about Communion in the hand!]

  7. Mike says:

    Fathe Z.,
    Thanks for the post about hand missals. You may not know that the links for the reviews of the Angelus Press and Baronius Press missals are inoperative links. I’d like to read the reviews when you have a moment to post new hyperlinks. Thanks!

  8. Young Canadian RC Male says:

    Hey Father, is this for the laity to use every sunday/every day of the 3 year cycle? (which one is it?) because I think 89 USD seems a steal if this is the version for priests. Some clarification please. Also this is on Amazon and what are us Canadians to do? Indigo.Chapters is our international book store and it doesn’t have anything yet.

  9. frdanbecker says:

    @DrK & DavidK,
    Intinction aside, a priest in the US who refused to give communion in the hand in the OF (other than an isolated event to prevent blatant profanation) would be called to the Bishop’s office the next day. If the priest did not back down, he would be suspended.

    Intinction is not the solution, either. It is not appealing to most people and is difficult logistically for large congregations. It seems to me that the only solution is EF-only, but the EF is allowed only once per Sunday per parish (with few exceptions).

    [This entry is NOT about Communion in the hand!]

  10. Lucas says:

    Fr, The one you linked is the altar missal from Catholic Book Publishing. Midwest Theological Forum and Scepter will be coming out with their Daily Roman Missals sometime this summer. These are the missals that have English and Latin. They are expecting to have leather and hardcover when they are first released. I think the prices are going to be a bit more than last time, starting at $75 and going up to $100 for the full leather version.

  11. MissOH says:

    I am looking forward to the Midwest Theological Forum/Scepter version. When I purchased their Catholic prayer book, which includes the ordinary of the OF mass with Latin on one side and English on the other, it opened this converts eyes and led me down the path to eventually become attached to the EF mass. Even with the very limited knowledge I had of Latin, I could tell what I saw on the English page was not always matching what was in the Latin.

  12. I have seen no information on hand missals from any of the publishing companies mentioned above, so I wonder where the information is coming from, not even the one to be published by CBPC (which you linked to Father). I just hope the CBPC changes their layout for the missals. The St. Joseph Missals are ugly.

    A friend of mine uses the MTF Missal now, which has the Latin and English side by side, and another uses the Scepter version. They think they are great!

  13. Young Canadian RC Male says:

    Sorry, but could ANYONE please answer my questions above? If this is THE missal with every day of the week in it for the laity to use could someone please let me know? I am thinking of popping up the 100+ Dollars CDN (after taxes and shipping) for this. That way I don’t have to use the questionable missals produced by Living with Christ from Novalis publishing in my pews.

  14. jasoncpetty says:

    The vernacular Novus Ordo killed the hand-missal market. (I only find them useful for instigating fury in finding out ‘what the prayer really says’–literally, in English, since the priests often change them.) Don’t forget about the Solesmes Gregorian Missal (which is Sundays-and-major-feasts-and-Requiems-only), but has the Latin-English (ICEL, sadly) AND the proper and ordinary chants.

  15. Lioba says:

    Does anyone know if a new edition of the Liturgy of the Hours using the corrected translation will be coming out? Also, does the new translation include the psalms (I hope)?

    Fr. Z, I am praying for you and for all our priests and bishops. Thanks for all you do.

    Lioba (Obl. OSB)

  16. I’m trying to figure out if this entry is about communion in the hand. Anyone?

  17. Young Canadian RC Male says:

    acricketchirps: No this is not about the CITH issue. This is about a missal for the new translation of the Novus Ordo mass, the Roman Missal 3rd ed. I think this is the missal that the congregation/laity/people in the pews can use with at least all the Sunday and major feast day readings, however no one on here has clarified whether this is the Laity’s missal or the Priest’s 3rd edition Roman Missal.

  18. Margaret says:

    For clarity’s sake, the “Daily Roman Missal” is the English-Latin side-by-side edition, which you may find listed as published by Scepter ~or~ MTF ~or~ even OSV. All the same book. It appears their edition of the new translation comes out in September. Guess I know what I’m getting my DH for his brithday… :)

    And for those who aren’t familiar with this edition, it comes with tons of wonderful extras– loads of older prayers for before and after Mass, how to make a good confession, devotions to Our Lady, etc. Really good stuff.

  19. Kathy C says:

    The MTFS Roman Missals are horrendously expensive, so I think they’re the priest’s version. The Classic version is $350, and the Regal is $500! I’ve been searching for months for a hand missal. Baronius Press says they’ll come out with one, but not this year. Loreto Publications doesn’t plan to have one, and neither does Liturgical Press. Jasoncpetty probably has it right. Why would a company invest in developing and printing a quality missal that will get very few purchasers. That’s depressing. But at least Baronius plans to have one!

  20. Centristian says:

    I’ve never owned a Missal to use at Mass celebrated in the ordinary form (there hasn’t seemed a point), however I really would like to purchase a personal edition of the new and improved English language edition of the Roman Missal whenever they become widely available through the various publishers. I’m particularly intrigued by the idea of a Latin-English edition.

    Not having used a Missal at all in many years, at this point, it will seem strange, I suspect, to pick one up again. With the new translations, however, I feel I’d like to follow a Missal for a while, if for no other reason than to compare the actual text to what the celebrants are saying. Not that I intend to become a member of the liturgy police, but I’m curious to see how faithfully the clergy, at least at my parish, will be to the new texts.

    With any luck, Latin will begin to be heard again from the altar one day, giving the personal Missal a more practical purpose.

  21. Nathan says:

    I’ve become accustomed to using Magnificat when I attend Holy Mass in the OF (oddly, as I’ve memorized more of the TLM and put my hand missal down a lot more when I attend Holy Mass in the EF). It is very useful in preparing for Mass, as well as being able to deal with occasionally not understanding a lector or celebrant clearly.

    If I were to put a “wish list” together for what I would like to see in an OF hand missal, I would hope for:
    –easy to find and mark prefaces. Other than in Advent, Lent, and Paschaltime, Magnificat doesen’t seem to print the prefaces that the celebrant uses (especially on saints’ commemorations).
    –votive Masses, especially the votive Mass of the Sacred Heart (often said on First Fridays).
    –devotional reflections for the day, ideally with the same wonderful ties to the Divine Office that the St Andrew’s Daily Missal does for the EF.
    –the traditional offertory prayers (“Suscipe, Sancte Pater,” etc.) for reflection and private use.
    –entrance antiphon, responsorial/gradual, offertory antiphon, communion antiphon from both the sacramentary/lectionary and graduale (with chant notation).

    In Christ,

  22. Kathy C,

    Yes, those MTF-Scepter missals with the fancy prices you mention are big, ornate, multi-color, large print altar missals. You would not like to try to heft one into a pew.

    The MTF-Scepter daily Roman hand missal will (according to private communication) be ready in August or September, and should not be expected to cost over $100 (that, perhaps, for the leather-bound version). Of course, MTF-S has long been the Cadillac of OF hand missals. I myself am not familiar with any Buicks or Pontiacs in this genre.

    I have long used at OF Mass the abbreviated version entitled “Handbook of Prayers”. This handy little liturgical gem contains the Order of Mass (including the four Eucharistic prayers) on Latin-English facing pages. Also in both Latin and English are

    *the 80+ OF prefaces–the preface section is inserted in the Order of Mass just preceding the Roman Canon (EP I)
    *the basic prayers, from the Ave Maria, Pater Noster, Apostle’s Creed, St. Michael prayer, the Anima Christi, Salve Regina and other Marian antiphons to the Stabat Mater, Athanasian creed, the Universal Prayer, the Te Deum
    *some traditional Latin hymns including the Veni Creator Spiritus, Adore te Devote, and (thinking of Corpus Christi and Benediction looming for us) the great Eucharistic hymns O Salutaris Hostia, Pange Lingua, Tantum Ergo
    *the traditional prayers of St. Ambrose and St. Thomas Aquinas for before and after Mass

    Plus lots and lots of the traditional devotional stuff (in case you need to check the 12 fruits of the Holy Spirit, etc.) In short, everything I personally need to worship at OF Mass in the same way I do at EF Mass. (Well, I do ordinarily insert in my OF handbook the Latin-English propers, but I’m afraid that even the 2500+ page MTF-S daily Roman missal will contain these only in the new English translation.)

  23. Speravi says:

    I have Scepter’s current hand missal. The collect, super oblata, and post-communion are given in vernacular only. I have long wished that these three prayers would be Latin-English side by side. Does anyone know if they will make this change?

  24. Speravi: I certainly agree. But as I suggested at the end of my preceding post, I have been told–in response to my question about the Latin-English content of the new edition–that the content and format for the new version will be the same as for the previous version. So I’m afraid that these three proper prayers will remain English only.

  25. Young Canadian RC Male says:

    What translations of Bible passages are used in the MTF-S and the St. Joseph’s missals? Are any of them or others mentioned here NRSV? I’m guessing the one Fr. Z linked to is NAB cause that’s what the USA uses. Unfortunately up here in Canada we use NRSV, not NAB so this might pose an issue with readings.

  26. RobertK says:


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