Our Sun has a flare for the dramatic

I learned of this via Spaceweather.com:


Solar flares.

You can see the material crashing back into the sun.

Want another view?


Apparently this wasn’t pointed directly at the Earth but we are getting some of the blast.  There will probably be auroras on 8-9 June.


The annual Arietid meteor shower peaks this week on June 7th and 8th. The Arietids are unusual because they are daytime meteors; the shower is most intense after sunrise. People who wake up early might notice a small number of Arietids during the dark hours before dawn. The real action, however, occurs in broad daylight. Tune into the meteor radar for echoes.

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  1. s i says:

    Sun Spots – that’s what regulates our climate. Search YouTube for The Great Global Warming Swindle uploaded by abbyguy. About 00:22:40/1:15:57 they start with the graphs and explanation. About 00:28:00 begins to address the Sun spots. Interesting stuff.

  2. transparent2one says:

    Everytime I see things like this, from outerspace to the little birds you post, I am in awe of the greatness of our God. Thank you and thank God for the ability to see His creation like this.

  3. cwhitty says:

    How awesome and terrible is the Lord!

  4. Andrew says:

    To think that this huge burning body makes life on Earth possible! If the heat increased significantly, we’d be in trouble. If it decreased, we’d be in trouble. Year after year, through millennia, this object stays at the right temperature, at the right distance. What a marvel. Without it, we couldn’t see, we couldn’t eat, we couldn’t keep warm, we’d be done in a couple of days. What is it and why is it burning and why doesn’t it consume itself and cool off? And how did it start? And why is it round? And what is gravity, anyway? And was is radiation? What is electro-magnetic activity? And what are subatomic particles? And what is matter? And who am I? Why am I thinking? Will I be here tomorrow? And who cares? And why is there anything at all? Why isn’t there just nothing? And off course, if there was nothing, then there woudn’t be nothing, because nothing is nothing. So there cannot be nothing. Sorry! Too much coffee. Or not? xlkjasdfasf! ;lkj! ???

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