Blog Registration Matters & Tips

Blame the registration process and moderation queue on Eve.  It’s her fault.

Some flaky and some incomplete blog registrations have been coming in.  I don’t automatically approve every registration for commenting ability here.

In the registration process, I ask people to include some information about themselves in the place provided.  Why?  That field helps me determine whether or not people are sincere or they are scuzzy trolls or reprobate spammers deserving of the red-hot fires of eternal roasting Hell with its incessant screams of piercing agony and hate-filled regret.

Personal information doesn’t have to be long or detailed.  However, if you write:

  • “I don’t care to share any”: RESULT: I don’t care to approve your registration.
  • “I want learn many thing”: RESULT: You can haz chezburgr too, but I won’t approve you.
  • “N/A”: RESULT: No/Approval
  • “Not much to say.” RESULT: Not much to approve.
  • “single” RESULT: Then, by all means, stay alone and unapproved!
  • “Blog reader.”   RESULT: Go read one, but I won’t approve you here.
  • jsdklfjklsdgl;adjlkasjflk RESULT: o4hrfdhnbidfjhoiprjy!
  • “professional time traveler” RESULT: Then you don’t have time to comment here.
  • “-“: RESULT: X

I think you get the idea.

Were I to turn off the registration and allow any comments from anyone, my already high traffic would become stratospheric.  But the combox would be impossible and this blog would thereafter rapidly disgust me.  I would either close it down or… turn the registration and moderation on again.  It is the only way to preserve some civility.  It is hard enough as it is.



… this month’s Coffee of the Month from the Carmelites in Wyoming is “Sumatran Mandheling Grade 1”!

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