The Saintly Patrons of Rome


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  1. irishgirl says:

    One of the best portrayals of Sts. Peter and Paul as Patrons of Rome is the altarpiece over the tomb of St. Leo the Great in St. Peter’s Basilica. It depicts the meeting of Pope Leo with Attila the Hun outside of Rome. I think the Holy Father is pointing upward, where Peter and Paul are swooping down in Attila’s direction with a drawn sword in hand….and Attila is ready to ‘get outta there’!
    I loved that-the ‘Church MILITANT’ at its best!

  2. Mundabor says:

    A festivity today in Rome.

    In Italy, every city has a feast day on the day of his patron saint. This is a relatively recent innovation (Eighties, if memory serves).

    I find it beautiful.


  3. Ceile De says:

    A special day today indeed in Rome: also the 60th anniversary of Pope Benedict’s ordination as a priest and the day 40 metropolitan archbishopes received their pallia from him at a Mass at St Peter’s followed by Angelus, all of which my wife and I and others from Los Angeles and other US and other archdioceses were privileged to attend. A great day to hear Our Lord say in the Gospel “Tu es Petrus” at a Mass celebrated by Pope Benedict over the tomb of St Peter where the pallia were kept prior to the ceremony.

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