Lighter fare

I just had to repost this.


And buy some Mystic Monk Coffee while you are laughing.

C’mon. Cliiiiick it. You know you want some.

I promise I’m not teasing.

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  1. Mike says:

    Never fails.

  2. James Joseph says:

    I’ve had the Mystic Monk “Breakfast Blend” sitting in fridge all sealed up and not-ground. I ordered 9-months ago. It is phenomenal!

    Flabbergasted. Why didn’t I drink it sooner?

  3. pm125 says:

    So bad. Poor puppy.

  4. thicke says:

    It never gets old, does it?

  5. thicke: Nope. Pretty funny every time.

  6. jdscotus says:

    Thank you for posting this. My wife and I love this! Nope, not kidding.

  7. GrogSmash says:

    I saw this for the 1st time a couple months ago. Whenever I’m in a grouchy mood, I click on this and can’t help but chuckle! Good post Padre!

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