Lutheran Airlines

As a former Luderan from Minnesohta and someone who travels a lot, I found this pretty amusing.

Find this on Dauckster.Posterous or click below.

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  1. Joe in Canada says:

    very funny! I lived in Manitoba and while there are (I think) more Mennonites than Lutherans there, we got a lot of television from North Dakota.

  2. pm125 says:


  3. AnAmericanMother says:

    Sounds just exactly like a family friend who was a Lutheran minister from Minnesoh-ta. Kinda scary, in fact. Maybe Lutheran Airlines is where he wound up?

  4. Tony Layne says:

    Oh yah, dat’s pretty funny! In a fairly long telecom career, I’ve spoken to many people from Minnesohta; the Swedes of Gothenburg, Kansas, have nothing on them (though I’ve never heard anything quite as thick as this).

  5. benedetta says:

    He’s got a cool blog going there. Very funny.

  6. Sandy says:

    Glad to hear that a former Lutheran was not offended. The same can be said for my husband when we heard this after our son sent it recently. He (the son) asked if we thought the relatives back in Wisconsin – all Lutherans – would be offended. My husband said no :)

  7. benedetta says:

    I am happy to pray with the Church but if I get to vote then maybe the Lutherans have a good point about substituting “trespass” with “sin” in the Pater Noster? Sin might encompass it better in fact. Or we could all switch to praying “forgive us our debts as we forgive…”? Just a thought.

  8. JeffTL says:

    Benedetta, debts/debtors is in keeping with the rendering in Latin and with our Lord’s parables. But interestingly it is primarily a Presbyterian thing in English — just about everyone else seems to use trespasses, following the Book of Common Prayer if memory serves.

  9. benedetta says:

    JeffTL, that’s very interesting, thanks for that. Trespass seems to have limited meaning. Sin seems about right but that too seems to be divested of meaning often enough, for instance if one is doesn’t have opportunity to grow in learning about the commandments as amplified in the Gospels, the works of mercy, the Church’s teachings, how to examine one’s conscience. But debt/debtor, as you say in light of the parables really does broaden it out and has a certain clarity all at the same time.

  10. TKS says:

    Hilarious!! Yes, my family is from Minnesota and sound just like this. Lutheran and Catholic mix.

  11. contrarian says:

    Love the part about ‘bases and tenors sit in the back’. I got flashbacks at that part.

    And for those of you from places other than the locales spoken of by the narrator: a ‘hotdish’ (one word) is a casserole, not just a dish that is, er, hot. :)

  12. Anne C. says:

    I live in Minnesota now, but was born in ND and lived in SD also. My family members who moved from this area think *I* am the one with the accent! You betcha, by golly . . . Who doesn’t know a hotdish, fer goodnessakes! (I thought it was going to turn out to be a Sven and Ole joke for a while there . . .)

  13. bookworm says:

    I love the part about the food service being potluck… though you never know when someone might try to sneak a hotdish bomb aboard, so the TSA would have to search and possibly sample everything first :-)

  14. eiggam says:

    I grew up in Iowa and Potluck was popular at the Catholic church as well. Jell-O was rendered in many forms with all kinds of things in it. I haven’t seen too many Jell-O salads in Michigan. My favorite potluck entry was a Rice Krispy treat fruitcake at the reception after sisters taking vows in Davenport, Iowa.

    Lutherans should get better PR than what they get on Prairie Home Companion. The Lutherans in my home town are wonderful folks who give great support to the Pro-Life movement.

  15. bookworm says:

    “The Lutherans in my hometown are wonderful folks who give great support to the Pro-Life movement.”

    Are they Missouri or Wisconsin Synod? I understand those denominations are very pro-life, and more conservative in theology and practice than ELCA.

  16. MJ says:


    I laughed so_hard when I read your jello comment…”Jell-O was rendered in many forms with all kinds of things in it.” I know exactly what you mean! Yuk. =P Haven’t seen it in awhile either – thank goodness.

    Anyway. ROFL.

  17. JonPatrick says:

    Now we need one for Catholic Airlines – the only airline with in-flight Bingo! :-)

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