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QUAERITUR: Can I have my pet blessed?

From a reader: Is having a pet blessed a odd ball thing? I would feel odd about bringing my dog into a church. She is a good dog but still. I have no problem at all with blessing pets or … Read More

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QUAERITUR: SSPX and fulfilling Sunday Mass obligation

From a reader: I have heard from a solid priest-friend that attending an SSPX Mass is perfectly permissible for a Catholic in good standing, and such a one can even there receive communion. Today I was to go to an EF Mass … Read More

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Diocese of Madison, WI, to stop regular Holy Communion under both kinds. The indult ran out in 2005.

On the site of the parish of the Cathedral of Madison in Wisconsin, where His Excellency Most Rev. Robert Morlino is, by the grace of God, the ordinary, there is a pdf of the parish bulletin in which it is … Read More

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London Rosary Procession

Yesterday’s Rosary procession from Westminster Cathedral to the Brompton Oratory produced lots of prayers, or course, and lots of nice photos as well.  Here is a link to a flicker collection.

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The Perfect Priest

Our friends over at Rorate have a good post about priests, perception of priests, and the old Catch 22 they sometimes face. It made me think of something an old chestnut of a chain letter which I have posted here … Read More

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QUAERITUR: How to get people to stop doing Novus Ordo things in a TLM?

From a reader: In my parish there is offered both the TLM or EF and the NO. Sometimes parishioners who almost exclusively attend the NO come to the TLM (which is a great thing, praise God and Vivat Papa!) . However, often these … Read More

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Cleaning the bronze thing

The enormous bronze and brass thing menacing the stage of the Paul VI Audience Hall in Vatican City is going to be cleaned, etc. I have a different solution. [wp_youtube]PcR85Ojhx6M[/wp_youtube]

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